Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Lady of Leisure Update

Hello, everyone. I wanted to give you a hello holla and, based on a few comments/emails that I have received, clear up some things:

1. No, I am not finished blogging. I'm off right now due to the sit-she-a-shun that I talked about in the previous post. And I have been taking care of a lot of stuff while I have been off, the most of which is getting some much needed R & R. I WAS EXHAUSTED! The other stuff that I have been doing, well most of which require me to either be: Outside, in the car, inside, or any back and forth combination thereof. It's AMAZING how many things you can take care of when you are not chained in front of a desk all day, sheeooott. . .

2. Um, NO, I am not taking several months off. Much shorter than that y'all got jokes. Though I am a lady of leisure, I am only a faux pas lady of leisure who does, in fact, have bills to pay. What I look like??? I will say this: This time off has given me the clarity and the focus to determine not necessarily what I will be doing in the NEXT job, but what I will be doing, in general, in the next couple of years. I don't feel like a million bucks, yet, but I do feel like a couple of hunnert grand. . .

3. YES, I have been doing things I don't normally do, or have time to do, and I'll just leave it at that. :P I also know that the black chicks that I keep picking for my pictures are laying down looking like they re getting their backs rubbed. Nice, huh.

Peace, I'll be back in two and two.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Best Week Ever

This is my last week at my employer. Due to THIS, I, amongst other field HR employees, are no longer required in the field. I am not the only casualty in this. This was no surprise; I have known about this since May. Since then, I have had two internal offers from the company (one as a Staffing Manager, the other in Operations), to which I respectfully declined. This was not an easy choice.

Why, say you?

Glad you asked.

It was because of my fear of flying. Meaning, I have been at my employer for seven years. It's the longest that I have EVER worked for one person. All jobs that I have taken (present job included), have been predicated on any number of factors (Flexibility with school, finances, transportation, etc). This one included (was a 10k increase in base). With that said, I know that the SAFE choice would have been to remain at my employer. The COMFORTABLE choice would have been to retain my service date, familiar surroundings, and wait till the shit hits the fan (and it will) before they restructure the department AGAIN. I'm not saying that it's going to hit the fan because I'm not here - everybody is replaceable. I am saying it because upper management has predicted it and I have been through enough mergers and acquisitions with this company and know how the scheme of things works. HOWEVER, I cannot operate on SAFE and COMFORTABLE. Safe is how you feel when you are in a man's arms, and comfortable is how you should feel in between 800 thread count sheets.

I know that my journey in this world includes taking risks, and although the previous direction of my life has not allowed me to be a risk-taker, I am in a position where I can take a leap. Moreover, I would be 'what - iffing' myself for years had I decided to say (not to mention jacking my black ass out of severance pay).

This is my future and my life. And I am unsure if in fact, that includes a career in HR. All I know is that the seven year itch is here, and my time is up with this company, both literally and figuratively. I also know that anytime one door is closed another one has opened for me, and I would have to say as a result of taken this position, I was probably the only one who was not visibly upset over what had happened (still). It has also been comforting to know that the General Manager of the company sent me an email telling me that he is always looking for good people (which he is), and I am welcome back in his department if in fact I crash and burn (which I do NOT expect).

Do I expect some bruises and scrapes? Sure, I do, that's a part of flying your own aircraft. But I also expect knowing how to navigate better, how to create unique paths, and how to follow the direction of life.

What does the future have for Miss P? So many things, one of which is a new job that I won't be starting just yet. I want to tell all of you that if I am incognegro for a while, it's because I'm being a lady of leisure. I got some things to do, like: Go to the beach, get a facial, eat bon bons and watch Judge Joe Brown, get a masssage, take a mini vacation, etc, without the burden of doing it all on a Friday evening, Saturday sweating bullets to get back so you can get back to work on Monday. But, like the terminator, I'll be back.

For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

All that I know that starting the week of August 05, 2007, The Best Week Ever, Starts RIGHT NOW!