Monday, December 10, 2007

Big Love

Smart, Attractive, great guy. Met him on the fly. Nice enough guy.

During the course of the conversation (email/im generally). He asks me have I had the opportunity to read Isaiah, Chapter 3 and 4. Me, being me, I was thinking he wanted to offer his own bootleg Bible commentary/philosophicizin that is generally reserved for my Strongs Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible. I told him I may have read it in a church session or some quiet time, but I couldn't recite it a la John 3:16 or anything.

He insisted on me reading it. I told him I would when I got the chance. The next email/IM asked me had I AGAIN read it, to which I figured he was trying to get a message across, so I did read it. Now, for those that are not into organized religion or anything like that, your opinions are just that - your opinions. That's not the focus of this conversation. The focus of this conversation is actually the exact opposite, in fact. It's a guys views on a particular subject. :) Long story long, he asked me did I GET it. I wasn't sure exactly what he meant by that, so without further adieu, here is the (abridged) conversation.

Brother: Don't you get it. It's about having abundance, and that includes being healthy and happy in a polyamorous relationship.

P: ?

Brother: A real man he can handle it ... Remember its not a sin to have two wives but it is to be a hoe . . .

P: I'm COOL on the whole little "big love" thing, but if it works for you, fine. (At this point, I'm trying to figure out how to not talk to him anymore, but my nosey azz wants to know more). And I can't believe you had the nerve to bring up the KGV in this mess.

Brother: As I had the nerve to bring up KJV Isaiah 3 & 4, I'm wondering if the Sister was bold enough to read it. With more then 40% of the Black Women in America single I think the Black women has a big decision to make and its a tough one. Hoes or Wives? Right now the hoes are winning. Check the states. So now what is a hoe ... that is anyone sleeping around without being married, am I wrong ... It seems like Black women would rather be hoes then a genuine mans second wife. In this whore culture the hoe game starts of early and does not taper down until about 55 look around this is a whore culture ... I can have right now as many hoes as I like but legally only one wife ... this whore culture sets the brother up for sin all day long ... thus the average brother has no sincere relationship with God, filled with lies and deception just for some pussy never gaining a full relationship but just some pussy. See we are Royalty stuck in a whore culture ... you seem attentive is this a whore culture? Did you read Isaiah 3 & 4 KJV

P: Puhleeze. I have not problem attracting or getting black men. A good looking woman can get who she wants when she wants it and it has nothing to do with the education level. Save the speech brother. Wrong chick to philosophicize too.

Brother: Empress, (who the phuck is "Empress") You have not said anything contrary to my point. But Sista, having multiple wives is bibically sound doctrine being a hoe is not. So were you bold enough, Black Women? Isaiah 3 & 4. Dis ant no philosophie iza way 4 life, See.

P: I read both the new and the old testament while ya playing and the new testament talks about being the husband of ONE wife, thankyouverymuch, and even if it didn't say that and whether or not someone is a believer, you just spitting a bunch of B.S.

Brother: O' Black Woman (WTF!!) I just had this thought. Can you read Isaiah 3 & 4 for me on the phone later this evening. This is UNSELFISH LOVE! Jah See and know hoes run from the scripture all day long.

P: Are you a five percenter or something?

Brother: The new testement says no such thing. You can have vain imagination of Jesus suggesting that in scripture but it is not outlawed ... So Christ says the scriptue can not be broken John 10 ... the only laws effected with Jesus are the sacrificial laws ... remember he is the Sacrificial Lamb ... It comes down to hoes or wives and the hoes are winning in this hoe culture ... hoes or wives really is the question. I'm a Bible based Christian Old and New testament. What nigga what! Whats real is real and thats going to always be between you and God and him and whoever else. You have to show and prove, see ... sit down and read Isaiah 3 & 4 it spells out who the hoes are. Sister, men are suffering form what most are, they are dealing with porn all day long it on the net for FREE its in the music, the whore culture is everywhere look around hoes get the most props out here but a wife??? ... the hoe market is wide open from 18 to 60 the women are putting in work rough sex just anything they with it, look on Craigs List. Sex is a god given faculty but people are abusing it like hoes. If you were based in scripture.

P: What the hell are you talking about?

Brother: Sister now that is a very interesting question ... I will build on that with u later but in the mean time read jeremiah 2 and 3 KJV. The laws of righteousness reign supreme over all darkness.


The phucked up part about it is, he does have some points, and he is far from dumb. Nevertheless, not a chance in hell he will be getting a date with the Empress.

Another Tale from the WTF Chronicles.

Your thoughts? You have any tales from the WTF Chronicles?