Sunday, January 28, 2007

100 Bottles of Beer On the Wall

This is my 100th Post!!

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Y'all thought I was well past a hunnert, huh?

Thank you to everyone who has been a source of inspiration, guidance, and even suggestions. I think all of you write in your own way, and everything is colored with your unique personality, and that's what makes your blog important to YOU. Not because we read; not to titillate our interests, but because that came from your heart, and out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.

All of us have gained new bloggers, lost a few, been privy to their tragedies and losses, joys and pain, and hell, even seen some folks resurrected from the dead.

Thanks to the regulars, the formers, the lurkers, and, everyone else in between. Here are links to some of my favorite ones: I mean, truthfully, I like all the posts; if I didn't like them I wouldn't have posted them, but you know what I mean - Kind of like your favorite outfit.

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You know what? Forget the beer, and the Cristal. . .Pass THIS!

Holla At Your Girl. . .

Friday, January 19, 2007

Anatomy of A Firing

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Dear Isaiah. . .

I think you're cute. I really do. I think you're actually quite Sexy. So do other bloggers. My first post on this site was regarding the Men I love. . .And you were one of them. I want to talk about what is going on with you and the little Faggot fiasco that's turning into your swan song of anything and everything regarding the American Broadcasting Company.

First of all, even though I don't watch your little show, it must be such an honor - and equally a laboring task, to be on the number one show on television, considering it's hard enough for us to get a role on anything. . .NOT TO MENTION: long hours, strict schedules, and a black woman at the helm, who has to answer to ABC executives. Television is marketed towards women, which is why certain women (generally Becky's) get so attached to shows like Sex and the City, Friends, and now, Grey's Anatomy. I don't, but that's because I've never been that kind of a chick.

Surely, during these laborious hours, there are heated tensions, just like any work environment. . .And during that time, things are said that needed to be left unsaid. It happens to the best of us. . .

What also happens to the best of us, is, if we pull a Latrell Sprewell on the job, and then call other people faggots, we get punished, up to and including termination, you see. Don't you know that Hollywood rule 101 is to not say anything derogatory about Jews and Homosexuals? Now, Christians, Muslims, fat people, minorities, and anything else in between is fair game. . .But then, it turned into a mini blame fest, with the character going on Ellen (who else) and confirming his sexual orientation. For the record, I do think that by TR Knight going onto Ellen and saying "He called me a faggot, everyone heard it", that he was acting like a bitch and that should have been kept in-house. . .What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, okay? But it all kind of died down, and you were removed from the pages of Enquirer, US and Entertainment Weekly.

But then the Emmys came up. Perhaps you felt like a caged animal. Perhaps you were thinking about that steady salary that will make you and your wife independently wealthy. Perhaps you were thinking that the newscaster was hoo-banging on you. I don't really KNOW what you were thinking, but you denied something that you had previously admitted to. Then you used the word again. That's when TR Knight's BFF on the show, Katherine Heigl said that you should just keep your mouth shut. And now, GLAAD is involved. That's bad. That's like anything happening to a woman and then NOW pokes their face in the middle of it. I kind of wish you would have just sat down to be quiet and not say anything, but now since it's out of the closet, no pun intended, it's on, now.

This is about being responsible. I am unsure if all precautions were taken for you to do this. I also know that the leverage and margin that we have for error is lower than a pregnant ant, and I don't think this was exercised by you. I'm no expert, but I personally believe that worse things are said by directors and producers that would probably sting our ears. I'm no expert, so she probably knows more about this than I do. . .But overall, I think you've done it this time. You've effed up good with Mr. Charlie and Becky. I also don't believe that you give a phuck. I think your PR representative did damage control for you, and you already know that your days are limited. I think you should kiss Sandra Oh goodbye right now. I think you're either going to be replaced by a resident brother, or you're going to catch a communicable disease that's going to wipe you and your deep salary right out the memory of Grey's Anatomy. But I also know that everything has a season, and we are forgiving people; so you'll reinvent yourself, show up in a Spike Lee movie, or get cast in another movie eventually. Just not the ABC movie of the week.

I still think you're sexy. Not Hollywood PC, but sexy, nonetheless.


Bonus: **CLICK HERE** for a Glamorous, Pop-Couture blog post on the same subject. (Ironically written the same day, in the same manner and almost the same time as this post!)

Friday, January 12, 2007

Reinventing the Wheel

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Now that y'all have gotten past the picture, you are now free to read the post. :P

Years ago when I was a teenager, (and I do mean years - as in January Old Skool Joint years ago), I thought I was doing something by working 'security' at the 3rd Annual (YEP, I said it) Soul Train Music Awards. I wasn't doing anything but supposedly guarding Patti Labelle and Dionne Warwick's door (read: Gawking over Bobby Brown and Guy). It was there that I laid eyes on one of the finest men I had ever met, who was also on vacation, was in the Navy, and lived out in Los Angeles, who also happened to be doing 'security' at the awards show. He approached me and I gave him my number.

Our relationship didn't quite pan out to be boyfriend and girlfriend/but after our pillow talk died out, (hehe) we remained good friends.

In 1999, he became disabled and is now in a wheelchair (freak accident playing baseball). It was difficult for me to go see him at first, because I knew him to be one way, and then he was now another. It was another good friend of mines who told me "If you think it's hard for you, think what it must be like for HIM". That prompted me to see him.

We were IM'ing the other night, and I had my picture up. I haven't talked to him in awhile due to work, school, and other scheduling conflicts (men), but I had been thinking about him and wanting to see him. So I reached out to him. He told me that he is now driving. We continued on our little conversation, and he's telling me that my picture is taking his breath away, and that I'm looking good ((insert awkward stare here)). So, me being, me, I decide to turn on my web came (nothing sordid, y'all, just so that he could see me), and so once again, we are just continuing on with light banter, me asking about his kids (he's a single father), his parents, etc. Then the conversation shifts. (This is a condensed version below):

J: "So when are we going to go out?"
P: "Huh?"
J: When are we going to go out. Let's go out.
P: "Oh, whenever, I mean it's cool, sure, we can hang out". (WTF else was I supposed to say?).
J: "Tuck your hair behind your ears".
P: "Ok." (I then do it). "Why, Big, J, you can't see my face or sumpin?"
J: "No, I'm trying to find the spot that I'm going to kiss"

((Insert WTF stare on my face, but trying to play it off because I'm on webcam)).

I wrapped up the conversation w/o really confirming a day and time, and that was that. I don't know why I was embarrassed by what happened, but I was.

Now, I'm not one for discriminating. I remember seeing this fine azz mofo at my school that was just ridiculous looking, and he was in a wheelchair. I was looking at him I ain't gone lie. I think I was intrigued as to what happened that landed him there.

But this, this is different. I don't have those kinds of feelings for him anymore. Not one bit. I didn't feel that way BEFORE the accident; I haven't for a very long time. He wants to go out, but I don't know in what manner, and I don't want to have to karate chop this boy. . .And I certainly don't want him to get the impression that I am turning him down because he is in a chair. But my thoughts have been of what his personal life must be like now, what may be going through his mind (his girlfriend left him about a year after all this went down - I don't know WHAT his dating life has been like sense) - I mean, y'all this man is PHOINE; he certainly had his issues of women beating down his door with a stick. . .And because of him, I've been more cognizant of folks that are in chairs, including the guy that I saw at my school, and I started wondering: How many beautiful girls and guys are in chairs and are overlooked/ignored? Are they date-able, desireable, attractive (sexually), and would I want to hook up with one (the male one). I don't have an answer to that, because I've never been in that position. I wonder what would have happened to me had he had this accident while we were together? As for me, and for him, right now, I'm simply not interested.

These people have beauty contests, marathons, dating services, driving, and hold productive jobs and contribute just as we do. It's not uncommon to see them in very good shape, sometimes even better than us!

So, the twenty thousand dollar question is:

Would you date a disabled person? (Whatever the disability may be). . .Would you give them some? Be honest or anonymous. . .

Monday, January 01, 2007

Video Killed the Child Star

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The days of coming in when the streetlights come on are no more. Waking up bright eyed and bushy tailed has gone by the wayside in favor of glassy eyed and intensified.

Enter the arena of video games. The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. Kiddie orgasms packaged by way of Wii, Playstation and XBox. An ordinary, extraordinary box that has our children captured, and entraptured in an area that doesn't include dodgeball, kickball, double dutching, and hide and go seek (Hell, I would even take hide and go get it at this point)!

Though the number of children have declined in knowing the symbol for Pi, you have an innumerable amount of children who can tell you how to get to the 'next level' of video games, and who can manipulate a console better than Jeff Gordon navigates his race car.

Sure, I know that in my antiquated state of being, my experiences with Frogger, Combat, Centipede, and Pac Man pale in comparison to Grand Theft Auto, Black, Hitman, Blood Money, and John Madden Live. However, even in my Atari induced age, I knew for sure that I still had a healthy balance between staring back and forth with my black joystick with the red button, and going outside for playing a good old fashioned game of Y.E.S. spells yes and you are not it (FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE).

I don't see this with children now (and quiet as it's kept, some adults). Most children, can carry on a full fledged conversation regarding shortcuts, intracies about the game, and then go online for additional features, and waiting for the next version to come out, that which cost their parents the equivalent of one week's gas. It is all that they request on their birthdays, Christmas, Bah/Bat mitzvahs, and general by the way begging while mom and dad peruse through the shopping center. A trip to your local electronics store will bring you privy to children crowded around the nearest game console, and or, jockying for position as to "who got next". Moreover, you have children who will scream like a banshee if the gaming is limited, or worse, revoked as a result of punishment.

With parents (by often times, through no fault of their own) working more and more, traffic getting worse, and hand held heroin like blackberries bringing you both farther and closer to the workforce, what often turned into an extracurricular activity for the children evolve into their main source of entertainment.

Radio Flyer Wagon, where are you?

Here is a good article regarding Video Game Addiction.

What do YOU think about the Video Game Revolution?