Monday, January 23, 2006

Where in the World is My Bluetooth?

Where is the World is My BlueTooth?

In the wireless-data communications world that I currently work in, bluetooth is a necessity. Not only for your professional communicaes (if in fact that is a word), but in your personal life. Wireless accessories are a must have in your personal and professional life, one of them being a bluetooth.

In my ever searching quest to find an employment opportunity that will allow me the lifestyle I can only enjoy now through my Wishlist on Google, I take off days here and there for job interviews that I believe are serious contenders for future employers.

So, one day I was awaiting a phone call from one of the employers. When the call came in and I answered, I realized I couldn't hear them very well. Initially, I believed that the bluetooth was the issue; I soon learned I had turned my volume down. In any case, I changed to handset mode, and snatched the bluetooth out of my ear.

Note to bluetooth users: If you switch to headset mode, that is only for one call. Needless to say, my phone rang again, and when I answered, I couldn't hear the person because the bluetooth had switched back on. So I was reaching around all in the truck while driving, blindly searching for the bluetooth accessory, to no avail. I turned the radio down because I could HEAR the person talking through bluetooth (hello. . .Helloooo!), but I couldn't get to it because I didn't know where it was. I pulled over, finally switched to headset and told them to keep talking, that I was going to put them back on bluetooth mode so that I could find the accessory for the ear.

I looked everywhere. In the ashtray, under the seat, under the matts, in the passenger seat, in my pockets, all the while hearing "Hello, Hellooo!". I had some bags in the car from some Target shopping, so I figured they may be in there. I didn't have time to keep looking. Considering I work for a wireless provider, I would have been able to get another one at a considerable discount.

Later on, I went to church to fold some bulletins. I usually talk on the phone when I do this (that night was no different), however, I was having some "my neck and my back" issues because of trying to cradle the phone and fold chuurch stuff at the same time. So, I hung up the phone.

There in lies the problem. Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego when you need her?

I was looking down ends of my hair, draped casually in front of me, and lo and behold what's nestled between the twins.

My bluetooth.

It was a surreal moment. In slow motion, without sound, I said "there's my bluetooth". Ladies and Gentleman at that time we were approaching the sixth hour that the bluetooth had been nestled within the comfort of my bosom.

Stop laughing.

Also, Iknowwhatyathinkin: Well, the answer is, I's got some cleavage, plus the bluetooth dropped down vertically, so, like I said, it just kind of laid nestled within the comforts of my breasts-ses-sses. I betcha you're thinking I still should have know, but you haven't seen the Ying Yang twins.

I did check to see if it still worked, though. It did.

Don't you love happy endings?

Live from LA, this is P reporting to you from KPAT FM, the Pattyopolis Network.


Supa said...

YOU ARE SICK!!!!!!!!!!!

losing the bluetooth on account of the Ying Yang twins. heard the voice coming from within your boob-age and didn't realize??!?! Oh gosh I'm hyperventilating, goodbye

P said...


I tried, for real, I was looking, and looking, I pulled the car over and everything.

I couldn't find it. My only worry was that after awhile, it uncharges and I thought I wouldn't be able to see the 'blue' light on it.

Well, how could it get light if it was lodged in a tunnel? (TEE HEE).

Me said...

ok THAT was funny!

the breastesses must be plenty

Jaimie said...

What is a "bluetooth"? I keep hearing about it, but I have no idea what in the hell that is.

P said...

I mean, I'm not trying to be graphic or anything, I don't want to get the impression that they'll knock you out with one swing, but the are very round and very heavy and I wear good bras.

Considering I wear such good bras and support, it had no where to go but chill.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

P said...


A bluetooth is a wireless headset. Like the headsets that you use for your phone that have wires?

Well, a bluetooth is something that you can just rest in your ear, you can disconnect calls and answer them with the device. They are very clear-sounding.

The prices rang from 50 to 100 dollars. The difference in price is not really audio; more of comfort. Now there are about three models out. They are not made for a particular BRAND phone; however, your phone does have to be bluetooth compatible.

(Most phones that are not over a year old and/or are camera phones are bluetooth compatible)

D- said...

P, you are hilarious!!! You need to consider comedy as a part time. That was very funny.

Jubb can't live without his Bluetooth. That boy even has more than one.

ddsprncs said...

Ok that is the best bluetooth story, I have heard!

Once I was talking to my friend, I am home; he's on his bluetooth sitting outside a coffe shop, well all of a sudden I lose him. A minute later he calls back and says he had got up and started walking down the street, leaving his phone sitting on the table. How silly!

P said...


that is not the first time I have been told that. . .


I'm telling you, the bluetooth will do that to you. But he straight walked away from the phone. It goes about the span of 50 feet; it says only 30 but I have been in and out of a 7-11 parking lot and it rang in the store while my phone was in the car - It scared me.

So, I feel the brother's pain.

"N" Search of Ecstasy said...

I’m laughing to myself, because I will admit that I have not mastered the bluetooth yet. As a matter of fact I have not mastered my new phone period. I’ve had both for less than a month and I hate reading (this includes my user’s guide that came with both), so I’ve bee just kinda winging it!

I’ll figure it out sooner or later (smile).

Dee said...

I need one baaaddd!!! I just can't/won't come up off the money!!!!! Has the price gone down yet???? $80 for a dam earpiece......hmmmppphhh

African girl, American world said...

ok I see you's got a healthy chest too....too funny! You should carry on a whole convo with someone with it nested right there....

SuniStar said...


That Girl Tam said...

I didn't comment on this story when it was originally posted because I think it's MUCH funnier when she's TELLING the story in person...she had me CRACKIN UP...and ya wonder why I'm always teasing you about them're like a "catch all"...bluetoothes, food, HAHAHAHAHAHA

J. G. said...

Girl you really out did yourself on this one. I couldn't stop laughing my butt off! I can just picture you looking every where for it and hearing the hello.