Friday, January 27, 2006

Getting High On Your Own Supply

To Play or Not to Play: That is the question? There are two schools of thought when it comes to this.

One must firmly believe that this is the best way to get to know your own body and your own needs, and the many different ways you can orgasm. It allows you to explore the unknown, in order to explore the many possibilities that are available to you in your love canal. Getting high on your own supply talks can be used as a solitary form of entertainment (A good friend of mines and I call it extracurricular activities), it can be used in conjunction with your home theatre, making it a blockbuster night, or with your significant other, enhancing and enveloping the experience, coming (no pun intended) full circle into knowing yourself and what you like. Some use it as a trigger to get things jumpin before the festivities begin. This is often, too, the method of choice of people that are opting to remain celibate for any number of reasons (spiritual, professionally, personally, out of force), fill in the blank.

Some would call this being inhibited. Others would call it staying in your comfort zone. Others would say that getting high on your own supply only diminished the role of the person that is there to make it happen, and further complicates any relations you have with them. If you are constantly cooking in your own kitchen and then someone wants to cook for you, whose dinner will you prefer? Will you complain about the meat selections and how they were cooked? Also, there are others who believe their significant other would be intimidated by such acts, believing that they need supplemental pleasures in order to achieve the desired results. There are others that, considers it dirty, inappropriate, and unnecessary (Or at least have been told this either by family or peers) There are others, due to spiritual enlightment as well, believes this causes and drives the desires that should be contained and explored in a marital type of setting, and therefore, don't necessary disagree with the function of getting high on your own supply, but would rather use it in the confines of wedded bliss.

So, in all of that, what are your thoughts? You can post as anonymous if you want (hehe) I can tell you know, I have friends in the Red Pill society, and those in the blue pill society. I, too am a member (I will refrain from mentioning which association I belong to, for neutrality purposes).

Live, from Los Angeles, this is P reporting to you from KPAT-FM, the Pattyopolis Network. Back to you, blogspot.


Jaimie said...

I'm a very liberal minded woman, so whatever anyone wants to do is fine-especially anything that I want to do. Red pill.

That Girl Tam said...

You down with R-E-D? "Yeah you know ME!"

You down with R-E-D? "Yeah you know ME!"

Whose down with R-E-D? "Every LAST lady!!!"

Shooo...can I get a bottle of that shit?? Maybe I can pick some up at COME & GO Market on the corner of Wardlow and Atlantic! HAHAHAHAHAH (inside joke) HAHAHAHAHAHA!!

P said...


Y'all phreaks and nasty. Imma stay away from y'all.

Lāā said...

Cute! I'm just happy to be here!

I figured out how to get on you blog...just kept clicking cancel on the pop-up until it went away.

If I gotta get high on my own supply then I don't need a man. It's not fulfilling enough to me. I need intimacy.

Supa said...

I'm a red and blue pill popper, depending on circumstances and sich-e-a-chuns n shyt....

And re: the posts on my topic today - youse a fool!!

Carmell said...

i'm with laalaa...if i got to do it myself then i don't need a man!

That Girl Tam said...

When you gonna post about SATURDAY???

Jaimie said...

I'm not saying I'm ONLY a Red Pill. I do have a man. Red and Blue together is the best.