Monday, January 30, 2006

Weekend Roundup

I really had a good and productive weekend for once. Sometimes, you plan things on the weekend, and some things get done, others issues get sidetracked, and some things do not get accomplished at all. Well, I did everything I wanted to do over the weekend.

On Friday, I got the sweetest message from my sweetie. It said “I am here for you how you need me. I know that you know I love you but my love is different and you know that. We can’t not be in each others lives. I can’t explain how I love you only that you are me and I am you and It’s beyond passion, it’s inescapable. Do you understand that? Do you miss me, love? Have a good day at work." Yah, we stay 100 miles away from each other so it gets kind of complicated. He sent that message because he felt me withdrawing. I've got to stop doing that. Personally at this point I don't know how much longer this is going to last but I'm not going to complain in the interim.

On Saturday morning, I got up and washed my truck. This is a big deal for me. Many people are under the impression that because I am single with no kids, I have all the time in the world. I really don't I can get into that in more detail later, but not now. After that, I picked up Tam so we could go downtown to the Bridal Expo at the Los Angeles Convention Center. We went on the subway. We call this one the blue line but we have many based on the direction/location they take you (blue, green, red, gold) Of course, because I don't normally take public transportation I look like a white woman in the middle of Watts in terms of how unfamiliar everything looked. I didn't even know where to start in terms of getting my ticket. Note to New Yorkers: Nothing against public transportation, It's just not the norm in Southern California. Furthermore, I'm not so bourgeouis where I didn't take it I took it from Junior High all the way through my first year of college.

But anyway, I had to be instructed by Tam to put my ticket back in my wallet I was looking at it like it was a shiny new penny. She told me that the subways went on the honor/merit system (again if this sounds like a no brainer, I DON'T TAKE PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION, so I didn't know), and I just need to keep it and present it on demand if necessary. (Sidebar: Several years ago I had a warrant for my arrest for 'fare evasion on the blue line' - turns out it was my sister who gave my name instead of hers - The same sister mentioned in the previous Family Stone blog).

So, when we get on the subway Tam said I looked like a tourist because I kept my purse on my lap and was craning my neck around looking at everyone. I soon relaxed and we had a good ride. The people on the train are a different breed. You can smell it in the air. I don't mean socioeconomic, I mean like they have just got another subculture going on that we don't know anything about.

As she said, went to CPK because both of us were starving like Marvin (when is the last time you heard THAT).

After that, we arrived (after much fanfare because we weren't sure WHERE the bridal show was at the Big A$$ convention center), we were approached by the Mary Kay lady. I felt like it was Saturday morning, at 8:00 am and the Jehovah's Witness was knocking at the door. Again, as she mentioned, no offense to the side hustle, but it's something about the whole Pre-Paid Legal, Primeamerica, Cookie Lee, Mary Kay thing where you can smell them a mile away.

Okay, okay let me finish, so we went into the expo (Tam paid my way in, I forgot to ask you, but why DID you pay my way in, anyway?). Girl, y'all we were like kids in a candy store. You have to love this kind of stuff to understand why being around all this stuff made me sexually aroused. Oh, my goodness, it was one of those "you had to be there" moments to understand. Just a delicious delicacy of all things bridal. I truly felt loved and wanted. HAHA!

There were a select few folks there that could have stepped up their game a bit. I ain't knocking a hustle, but if you are going to show up to the biggest bridal expo for the year, you are going to have to have more than flyers and looking around like a deer in headlights. It's very competitive and those types of places draw people who mean business with their weddings, and will flock to what is the most aestetically pleasing to them. So smiling and looking is not going to cut it at the bridal show. It's just not.

After we were all stimulated and starry eyed from the expo, we went back to the station and I saw that homeless lady that Tam mentioned in her blog, you know the one that only asks for money from women? I saw her! She was talking (to herself), and I mean, I was almost compelled to join in the conversation she was so animated with her sheeat. She didn't get on our part of the train, though. I was midly disappointed.

Neither of us felt like going home because after the foreplay we wanted a little more titillation so we went to the Fabric barn and felt up some supplies and what not. After that our insatiable appetites landed us at Joann Fabric and up some Fabric. She bought something to make for Justin X, myself, and my mom. I forgot to take pictures (guess I didn't get everything done). Everything came out lovely. Will have pics (I hate the word pics) tomorrow.

Yesterday, I went to church, and then went home, fake cooked and it was good, too. Fake cooked is when I can do something that doesn't take much effort, but doesn't taste processed, or fast food-y. I made orange chicken from Trader Joe's and some rice and green beans.

Sunday evening, Tam and I had a pretty good talk. It was about religion. It was kind of the 'elephant in the room' conversation that we had never talked about. I explained some issues that she concurred with, and she did the same. It was good. It's not something we talk about much because our systems are vastly different, and I think it was an important step in our friendship. But it was a good conversation.

Did I tell you I had a great time on the blue line?


That Girl Tam said...

Dang, it was Chinese New Year and even I didn't eat chinese food...although you KNOW Orange Chicken ain't REAL chinese food!! All we had was the bootleg pizza that some pizza delivery guy was hustlin...$5 for a medium Hawaiian Pizza from some off-name brand pizza joint! And the shit wasn't too bad either...too bad we didn't get their number! HAHAHAHAA Who ever heard that shit before?? A random pizza guy rollin past your driveway talkin bout, "Hey, wanna buy a meduim pizza for $5?" Classic shit right there!! Classic!!!

Well since you had such a good time on the blueline, we gotta try the GOLD line to Pasadena!!! We can stop in China Town for shopping and Dim Sum and head to Pasadena for some PRIME HANGING OUT!!

Supa said...

You are a stone MESS, P!!

re: Fake cooking - I do that a lot, too!!

I hear ya on the public transportation subculture. No stranger to it myself, but that was way back when it was the RTD, and man I have some stories to tell!! But the blue line is cool, isn't it? lmao @ you looking at your ticket like a shiny new penny! :)

Glad ya'll had fun.

And Tam - I hear Pasadena is THE SPOT now! Haven't hung out there in years. Need to go so what's going down. Heard they have a Roscoe's out there?!?!

P said...


Whatchoo know about the Ruff, Tough, and Dangerous?

They have a Roscoe's in Pasadena. That's my dream city! Aah, Aveeno.

I'm obsessed with Pasadena, and that's not a good thing.

Perhaps my parents should not have told me that they were going to move there and instead chose Fresh Faced Lynwood, California home to Vesta Williams and Weird Al Yankovic! Currently home to a countless hispanic community.

Lynwood's other claim to fame is the first Vons was built there.

That's about it.

Supa said...

Lived in Lynwood once. Hated it!

First Vons, hunh? Remember BOYS market?? And Food King? Am I showing my age? LOL

P said...

Aww, sookie why you tawkin about L-Wood. That's my ole stomping grounds.

But that was way back in the day when it was okay. Girl, living in Lynwood is like living in St. Olive or Mulberry. Everybody knows your bidness. Still is like that.

Imma hurt you for bringing up Boys Market and Food King, you are a H.A.M.

That Girl Tam said...

I didn't live in Lynwood, but I remember there used to be a Smith's Food King on the corner of Imperial Hwy and Crenshaw (across from Brolly Hut (is that the name of the umbrella place? - that's what I used to call it). Hey, what about Pioneer Chicken chicken strips and Pup N' Taco's grape slushes? And what yall know about LUCY'S??? P, I know YOU know bout the one on Imperial across from Southwest College...I miss their taquitos and orange Bangs! Speaking of orange bangs, yall remember ORANGE JULIUS?? They had one in the Hawthorne Mall (hehehe @ the Hawthorne Mall) - which incidentally was the first mall my mom allowed me to be "dropped off at" with my friends - and brunch at the Cockatoo Inn on Sundays...and hell, back in them days, going to Sizzler was like really GOING SOMEWHERE!! HAHAHAHA Dang I feel old...and you two are older than ME!! HAHAHAHA

Dee said...

Glad you guys had a great time!!!! I have never rode any of the lines while I lived in Long thanks after YEARS of riding the el(subway) in Chicago.........I will pass on the public trans.............hell if I would have been going with you guys I would have paid for parking.........LOL

I "fake" cook all the time!!!! The 17 year old eats at work a lot and the 13 year old is not a big eater........shit as long as its hot and has SOME form of nutrients.........

African girl, American world said...

I see this is a Cally conversation :)

I'm glad you and Tam had a good conversation - I love those!

Shawn said...

Since my family moved to back east and I don't know how to drive (yes, I know, I know. Can I be more pathetic?) I have become familiar with public transport. I know how to get to and from work. Which is a good thing, since sometimes it takes forever to get a cab here.

Supa said...

TAM- OMG - The Hawthorne Mall. That was the SHIT. First mall my mom usta drop me and my girlies off, too, and we'd run wild. Postin' up at the Sega Center. Shopping @ Patrini's. Hawking and gawking. And, they had a movie theater, too! I was so sad when that mall went under...childhood memories!!!!

Yes Mwabi - This is a CALI conversation!! :)

P said...

Tam and Supa

This is all Cali Style right huure!

Remember when the Hawthorne Mall changed the movie to the 'dolla fiddy'.

How about: The Wild Pair, Merry Go Round, 5-7-9, which turned into I forgot which store, Leeds, all that stuff.

Aaah. This is the life!

jen said...

Your sweetie sounds like a pretty nice guy, but, I would be pulling back too. But, that's just what I do. I start getting close to someone and liking them, and I pull right back. Why do we do that?
But, I hope you give this guy a chance, he seems really nice.
You and Tam out on the town hitting the bridal expo! Watch out!!