Sunday, January 28, 2007

100 Bottles of Beer On the Wall

This is my 100th Post!!

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Y'all thought I was well past a hunnert, huh?

Thank you to everyone who has been a source of inspiration, guidance, and even suggestions. I think all of you write in your own way, and everything is colored with your unique personality, and that's what makes your blog important to YOU. Not because we read; not to titillate our interests, but because that came from your heart, and out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.

All of us have gained new bloggers, lost a few, been privy to their tragedies and losses, joys and pain, and hell, even seen some folks resurrected from the dead.

Thanks to the regulars, the formers, the lurkers, and, everyone else in between. Here are links to some of my favorite ones: I mean, truthfully, I like all the posts; if I didn't like them I wouldn't have posted them, but you know what I mean - Kind of like your favorite outfit.

Where In the World is My Bluetooth? - Something that would ONLY happen to me!

A Bloggers Tale - Specially cooked up, just for YOU!

Turning Up The Heat - And NO, I'm NOT talking about G. Garvin.

Corporate AmeriKKKa Jargon - A Day in the life of our jobs.

August Old Skool Joint - My first official one.

The Itch is Here - What do I Do? - Some of my friends are phreaks, too.

Mac and Cheese - What Would Life Be Like Without A Little Family Drama?

You know what? Forget the beer, and the Cristal. . .Pass THIS!

Holla At Your Girl. . .


Anonymous said...


Congrats...As a self confessed blog addict, thank you for maklng work fly by with your post. 100 probably came quicker then you thought huh?


Anonymous said...

I woulda thought you were at 200 at least. I been reading you and your long on point comments for about a year I guess. You always come with the thought provoking topics. 100 more at least P.

chele said...

Congrats on 100!

Anonymous said...

Happy 100th!

It does seem like you have written way more then 100 LOL

Anonymous said...

Congrats on 100 posts!

Now I am going to read your faves.

Anonymous said...

dang i thought you had more than 100!!! I love reading your blog though, you're a very smart, strong, WOMAN lol Congrats on 100!!!

Miss Ahmad said...

go girl!

congrats on this accomplishment. i have been enjoying your brilliant reads, social and personal commentaries for a while now and hope to see at least 100 more!!

Cool AC said...

Congrats on the 100! You know I'm a fan of your rants! Can't wait for the next 100. :)

Anonymous said...


Who knew you'd have so much to say? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! personal favorite was the post where you named your whole family..that shit was HILARIOUS!!'s my girl Rose Colored Glasses?

P said...

@ Tam:

She is a hot mess as usual, old school style.

Anonymous said...

La Raza,

She only blogs on Sunday or some week day, and she only blogs once a week. So how could you have thought she was past 200 post? Also the more intellectual a blog is the less the black blogger will blog. Most black goggle bloggers on goggle are not intellectual bloggers, so it is easier for them to post, because it requires no intellectual stimulation Vato, Que pasa. They talk about stereotypical black conversations, so they blog more frequently just look at miss P’s blogroll. And, look at the blogs she visit they are common black blogs with no superior mental stimulation. She is not that far above them, but many of your post are more interesting P. If it was not for you all being on google blogger most of you blacks would not even waste time with ach other. Plus what else could be expected when something is free (sounds familiar). When one is on blogger one does not need to blog a lot during the week because the same people will always continue to check in and see did you post. It is when you are not on blogger and you have to depend on others to find your blog that’s when your true measure is compared not on blogger. But blogger is kool tambien! Translate for them P because you us and associate with our kind.

Time to go rollin down the calle, headed for the bolo.

simon tu sabes, me P see U.

La Raza

P said...

@ La Raza:


Your comments are welcome, but a stereotypical slam are not. I am a proponent of free speech to a point, so I will not remove your comments because I don't believe it was your authentic intent to slam some of the black blogs.

However, we have some exceptionally intelligent, tongue in cheek, pop culture, angry, and anything else in between people who visit EACH other's blogs and enjoy them.

As equally as you might believe that you are reading some other element that is unnecessary and idle chat, I could also point you to "Pink is the New Blog" and any other randon "Next Post" on blogger that will have any of our minds rattling like marbles on the inside because you don't really know WTF they were talking about, and these do not come from my peoples.

Re "Most black google bloggers are not intellectual bloggers" I beg to differ. That's just like saying "Most pastors are corrupt" No, most pastors that are worth their SALT, you might not see them on television, or garnering major contracts. You can do to Raw Dawg Buffalo, or Free Democracy anytime for some philosophicizing.

I'm not about to say where we can go back and forth on here, but the important thing, as I mentioned in my very first paragraph, is:

Blogging is a forum to do whaddeva anybody wants to do. Rants, Raves, One every two months, or not at all.

Time Magazine's Person of the year was "You". You meaning: ITunes, Blogging, and other things that are designed to enhance and showcase and exhibit who people are, in the forums and mechanisms custom made for them.

So, in essence, it is all love, and all appreciated. Anything else to me, would be considered elitist and classist.

And for the record, the reason some people believe that there are more posts is because at the beginning, there were more posts, but then life happens, and in life, you have priorities and responsibilities and you adjust accordingly.

Thank you for your comments.

The Wonderfulness Of Dr. Speed said...

So there! Hah!

Back to the business at hand . . .

Congratulations are in order.

Anonymous said...

congrats...i could've sworn it was more than 100....

Sangindiva said...

I had to come by and tell MY friend-
Happy 100!!!
(I know I'm late but hell- YOU know what I'm doin'!) hahaha! Like I tell Glam all the time-
girl, I lurk more than I comment or blog my dang self! But I love your blog annnnnd I LUV YOU!!!

I hope to see 100 more. Thank you for blessing us with just a small corner of your sweet, smart, witty, funny , FANTASTIC mind!!!