Friday, February 02, 2007

Blackout Ad Nauseum

28 Days overloaded with jam packed festivities, documentaries, dashikis, annoying office celebrations where you, the resident black girl/guy, is treated better than a field slave, a dash of kinte cloth overdosing, and links to various Mr. & Mrs. Who's Who in Black History has descended upon us.

Truth be told, I like this month, if for nothing other than all of the useful information that I get out of it - most of which is provided for us via internet, TV, radio, print media and all things where we can disseminate information provide some entertaining, and often thought provoking history into the Black Culture, and what has happened over several hundred years.

Without going into a history lesson, the purpose of what was initially supposed to be Negro History Week, was developed to bring insight into what Black Folk have brought to the table, often information which was ignored in history books. It was eventually broadened to extend through the month. Mind you, I understand the initial purpose was to inform and educate, and I truly believe there was a SEVERE need for this, and not too long ago.

However, even though I respect that media outlets that take the time to come up with creative new DNA techniques to determine what tribe you came from in the motherland, and/or providing us with a live slave narrative starring Angela Bassett, and Samuel L. Jackson, why limit it to the month of February? Why are any types of events relegated to the shortest month of the year, torturing others to participate in outside celebrations that they dare not decline for fear of being branded at the very least, racially insensitve, and at the very most, downright intolerant.

365-28 equals a whole lotta other days where all things black have happened, and are equally and important part of the fabric that makes up this country. Personally, I actually benefit from reading online many of the historical, scientific, and entertainment 'firsts' that have occurred within history; but I would prefer that this information be readily available at all times, not just relegated to the front page feel good section of "Today in Black History" on, and then remain virtually ignored (sans Sports, Scandal, and Entertainment) for the remaining portion of the year.

Do I think there are still some discrepancies and some funky things that go down? Hell yeah! Do I believe that people still have racial sterotypes and profiling. You dayum straight.

But I also believe that it's not just Black History - It's history. (I stole that from a Coca-Cola commercial).
Sidebar: Here's some history for yo Azz: Here is a report on the State of Black California - from the California Legislative Black Caucus.

What do you think?


Peach said...

Okay, without sounding racially insensitive (lord knows im not) I think that black history is part of American history and should not have a "month". I dont care either way, it doesnt bother me. But I think that we as Americans should stop setting black history apart from american history. After all, NONE OF US WERE HERE TO BEGIN WITH. The anglo's (lmao i hate that word) all came over here from somewhere else. None of us are truly American. I am Irish, French Canadian, and Italian. The only difference is that blacks were brought here against their free will. I know that for black people it is EPIC that they have this month, so that everyone in America recognizes their importance to the country. But so are asians, mexicans, italians, french, spanish, blah blah blah. Because none of us were here to begin with. I think we should add more black history to the history books. At the same time people have to understand that there is a great amount of back history to the history books, long before blacks were intoduced to our country. I say that because a lot of people argue that there isnt enough black history in those books, but there is a loooooong time in our books before blacks were brought to america. Keeping black history month, is A O K with me, I'm not affected either way. My son is mixed so I look forward to the both of us learning a lot about his culture. I just think that blacks are so much apart of our history that we should be learning that history all year long. Honestly, I look forward to the day, that mentiong someone's race with their accomplishments are no longer needed. Like for example ,"So and so yadada helped are country to yadaya....and he was black...or he was asian" I look forward to the day that it doesnt matter someones race. SO AND SO DID THIS AND BETTERED OUR COUNTRY. Soon everyone is going to be mixed anyways lol

P said...

@ Peach:

I understand what you're saying. I do believe that most people could care less about any other history except European history. This was supposed to be the place of Anglo Saxon destiny. That has been the case, up to and including the present.

As for all of us being mixed, well, that's neither here nor there, either, we already all are, though I have no problem identifying myself as black without blinking.

Personally, I think that diversity is good. All of us looking the same won't do us any good. So people that are authentically Chinese, or Indian, or White, or Black, or Spanish and there is nothing else. Then that's great.

smoothie said...


There you go again makin' fun of my childhood..I remember when they use to run Roots this month on whatever channel would allow it..Now, not so much. As ive argued with a coworker about this b4, Is it just me, are is there a conspicay set to totally eliminate the first 300 yrs out of this countries history in regards to People of color?

It seems to me that main stream media has tried its best to bleach this Month down to just a "AVG MONTH" without even acknowledging its exsistence...So i'm actually happy we even have this month.
(Though I woudnt turn away any legislative measure that would allow more months)

The ghostface said...

Eli Whitney the man who invented the cotton gin was white -- but many blacks say he was black this is not true. Eli was white but in black history many blacks are taught he was black. Some blacks will prolly say they new this but often they are not being honest. They say that because they feel shame that they did not know.

About being mixed I know a lot about that it carries certain advantages and jealousy. We are all humans. I could say more about certain things but I will police my words, at this blog because of certain factors.

Take care, people

Patricia said...

@ The Ghostface:

Re: About being mixed I know a lot about that it carries certain advantages and jealousy.


The Best [ Ghostface ] said...

To Patricia

You wrote?? Did you have a question?

Miz JJ said...

I agree that black history is just history. Period. However, I am not sure why people get up in arms over it every year. Saying stupidness like there is no white history month. That would be every other month. Black history month is a chance to highlight our achievements. I think that is a great thing.