Thursday, April 13, 2006

Turning Up the Heat

It's not the pale moon that excites me That thrills and delights me, oh no
It's just the nearness of you
It isn't your sweet conversation That brings this sensation,
oh no It's just the nearness of you
When you're in my arms and I feel you so close to me
All my wildest dreams come true I need no soft lights to enchant me
If you'll only grant me the right To hold you ever so tight And to feel in the night
the nearness of you
- "The Nearness of You", by Norah Jones

Considering the fact that my hormones are raging right now, I decided to think about the things, that move and get me going. There are so many of them cuz I'm all over the place, but anyway, I'll narrow them down.

Holding Hands: I'm a sucker for that. I love when a guy (that I like) touches and rubs on my hands. I believe that's it's a very intimate act for me and brings us closer. I love to see couples of all ages holding hands. Little children, young adults, seasoned adults, and older folks. I don't smile, but that sure makes me do it.

Rubbing My Back: Love it. It relaxes me, makes me feel warm, and special, and puts me in a state of semi-consciousness. You can can always get away with bloody murder if you do THAT to me.

Rubbing My Feet: I'm all yours if you do that. (NO, I don't have no ugly, crusty, feet, either, I think their kind of purty).

A Nice Bath, with Music Playing: Okay, all you Claudine movie lovers, I probably had this embedded in my head long ago, when Claudine went over Ru's house and relaxed in the bubble bath to the sounds of Gladys Knights "The Makings of You". (Sidebar - If ANYONE has not heard that three minute song, download it. . . One of the best love songs, ever). Even though miss Claudine Price fell asleep in the water, I love it, whether I am anticipating the visit, being bathed by my significant, or reminiscing.

Cradling Me in Your Arms: Well, what better way to get me in the mood then to let me lay on your chest, or in your arms as you sit up on the couch, or between your legs, in your lap, just ANYTHING to make me feel safe and protected, and that's a hard fait accompli to do with a six foot tall woman (that would be me thankya).

Movies: You know what movies. . .Hey, I like them. Y'all can say what you want, but if you get the movies on the right position, at the right time (sometimes I will even re-wind if I am on one), and during the right mental moment, I'm a happy camper. I'm willing to make it a blockbuster night at any TIME! With or without him. HAHAHA, Just kidding.

(Talking to myself) I am kidding, aren't I? Yeah, kidding.

So, readers: What turns up YOUR heat?

Live, this is P, reporting to you from K-PAT, FM, the Pattyopolis Network.


nikki said...

first, let me cross my legs cuz your list got me thinking about my own needs. LOL

i'm with you on all of yours. i'll add:

1. kissing me on the back of my neck. damnit, but that's my SPOT.

2. holding me from behind. i love that kind of thing like when we're watching a sunset or looking at a beautiful view...*sigh*

3. rubbing my butt. especially if i'm laying down or something. you wanna get a girl started? start right there.

4. spooning. okay, i really, really, really love this. so much so that i can't do it all the time because it always gets me worked up.

5. play with my locs. this is one of the most sensual experiences for me. a brotha with his hands in my hair is gonna get jumped.

i could go on, but i'm gonna stop here. it's already long enough! evidently, i get turned on easily.

P said...

@ Nikki:


I forgot the hair action. Girl, I love that, THAT LULLS ME TO SLEEP.

Yes, I like to spoon too, It makes me feel so gooood! :)

Supa said...

Oooh, P. No you didn't take it there with the infamous Claudine Price. :) You know she's my hero!
I love the bathtub move, too.

Uhhh...I like it when a brotha whispers in my ear. Especially when it's something good 'n nasty, like what he wants "to do to me.." Oooh. Shit. Somebody's bout to get hurt.

And hands. I love great hands...

And yo - Why you so horny? lol

P said...


Yeah, That whispering gets to me, too. Yeah, I'm done when they do that. (Haven't I said "I'm done on other things on this post, well, yah, I'm pretty much "done" by the time we get started). But those words, girl. . .

See, here's da durty: (no pun intended).

All this stuff, y'all like, I like. I just had to narrow it down.

See, now I'm getting dizzy.

As for that final question, ask That Girl Tam.

Carmell said...

taking the trash out

doing the dishes

mopping the floor

cleaning the bathroom

caring for the kiddies while i nap

fixing lunch...dinner

allowing me to sleep in


P said...


Hey, we all have our price. And for a busy woman like you, that is the thing that relaxes you, no doubt.

Have you seen Claudine? You would like that movie!

nikki said...

p - thanks for telling me about "the makings of you"...downloaded it and LOVE IT.

it definitely puts one in the mood for making love. i think the horny bug has bitten a bunch of folk 'round here.

Supa said...

I'm lovin' Kool Breeze's replies! Hell when I was married, those were my turn-ons too!

Well..they kinda still are, but you know...

'Aint NOTHIN sexier than a man holding the baby, fixing dinner, and askin "baby what u need, don't move, I got it.."


That Girl Tam said...

I will cut a mutha fucka know't get me started... ((rollin my eyes))

I ain't gonna put your shit on blast, but I know October ain't cummin fast enough for you! HAHAHAHAHAHA

That Girl Tam said...

Ok, I didn't respond to the post, but rather your little "ask Tam why I'm horny" thing...

So here goes...

1. Kissing ANYWHERE on my neck...damn, that shit makes me weak..

2. Playing in my thing about having long hair, there's something about the hairs along the nape of my me the tingles ALL OVA!

3. Sensual massages...that shit always leads to sex! YYYEEEAAAH BAAABBBYYYY! Especially when he rubs my upper...well...nevermind...

4. KB's entire list! Hey, I'm married...I LOVE it when Mack does all the domestic shit for me!! That's sexy as hell...and he is WELL PAID for his work! *wink*

Carmell said...

is that that movie with James Earl JOnes and ...the black nurse... i forgot her name?

Msnhim said...

Kissing on the neck, rubbing my feet, and blowing kisses at me from accross the room does it for me all the time!

Oh and I just love KB's List!!!!

T. Cas said...

I almost didnt post b/c I didnt want to be the only man, but...

1. When a woman looks at me seductively and licks her lips

2 when she is just chillin in a t shirt and panties.

3 rubbing my head, no not that one LOL

Me said...

ohhh i like list :-)

Back of my neck FORGET ABOUT I! HELLO ! thats the spot.. makes me behind cock up like when a cats in heat..

slow sensual wet kisses..tease my lips baby ..yes both HAHA

i love it when a man plays with my hair too..

Hey what ever happened to the art of seduction anyway ....sigh

Nichelle said...

My friend sent me a funny little email with four little things a woman loves to hear from her man:

1. I'm praying for you.
2. I love you.
3. You're beautiful.
4. The bills are paid.

That's all I'm sayin...

Miss Ahmad said...

umm lemme see...this should be easier but it's been soo long..

Making out, plain old making out and necking gets my engine going!

One hand in the small of my back or the back of my neck while we're out and about...

Southern drawls...

Blue Black skin (next to mine)

Gentlemanly acts in time my Ex stopped and picked up and old man from the bus stop and took him to church on a hot Sunday morning when the buses were on strike and the poor man didn't know. He got it that night!

Dee said...

I HATE kissing but I LOVE 2 be kissed on my neck and my shoulders.........oooooooohhhhh weee!!!!!

I love to spoon!!!! not afterwards but wakink up in the morning and feeling his "manhood" on my ass!!!!

whispers in my ear!!!! YESSSSSS but don't stick your tongue in it WILL ruin the moment!!!

Dee said...

oh yea,,,,,,,,,I forgot the hair rub sometimes pull it a little!!!!

Dee said...

Shit!!!! It just started rainin and i'm home alone....all this talk got a sista horny as hell!!!!!

What da hells going on in OCTOBER?????

That Girl Tam said...


LMAO @ waking up to a hard dick up your ass...oh didn't say said ON your ass! OooopS!'s still a phreak!~

Miss Ahmad said...

P~ You just told the truth and nothing but the truth right there!

I wanna add something else to my makes me horny! take me to a football game (preferably box seats) and I am yours.

A good basketball game, or baseball game will do in a pinch, but football puts me over the edge!

P said...


Just talking about sports arouses me.

One of few women, I suppose.

A good night.

ESPN Sports Center.

Talk about making it a blockbuster night!


Anonymous said...

What turns up my heat?

Kinda go with the "Rubbing my feet" doing the rubbing of course....the foot play thing .....

Jaimie said...

I like my hair being rubbed and smoothed down. It makes me feel very safe. I don't really like anyone near my feet, and I hate when they're by my ears. Yuck!!!

Cocoa Girl said...

The neck spot and it's only on the left side....

Whirlwind said...

Ohhh, I wish I could have read this sooner!

1) When he pulls me in and kisses me like he hasn't seen me in weeks but it's only been 10 minutes

2) When we are in public and we can't keep our hands off of each other and there is all this grab ass action going on.

3) Hair: Pull on it hard to make me hot....stroke it or run fingers through it to make me melt

4) Showers even if it is just to do regular shower things. The fact that we are both there makes me love him so much.

5) When it's already HOT and he feels that I've been a "Bad girl" and needs to unleash furry! MEOW!

Ok, that's all I can talk about here!


That Girl Tam said...

Ok, Wendy is a PHREAK too! HAHAHAHAHA!!!! All these nasty heffas! HAHAHAHA (notice I leave myself outta that) hehee

Anonymous said...

Hmmm thank u for stopping by...You page is packed with great info....

I love it!! Oh and don't be a stranger either ms long beach!!!lol

Blah Blah Blah said...

1. Kissing the tops of my shoulder.
2. Caressing the inside of my arm (forearm)
3. Caressing the inside of my thinghs
4. Sensual massage.

Man, it's been a minute for me....I need to get bsy! lol
Thanks for the list, lady.