Saturday, May 05, 2007

Diva, Interrupted

With the grace of a ballerina, and the voice strength that matches the physical strength of a Sumo wrestler, Shannon Pearson is THE one to watch. This diva in question has a melodic voice that captures and enraptures everyone in it's vicinity. Moreover, Shannon Pearson delivers the goods in an equally soulful and classy momentum, that has her destined for superstardom.

In frequent demand with many mainstream artists for both studio and live performances, she brings sass, class, and jazz into every note. I recently sat down (read: emailed) and talked with Shannon Pearson, AKA the Sangin Diva for some 1 on 1 "in the know" regarding her professional endeavors.

P: When did you first realize that you were interested in a singing career?

Shannon: I actually think my career chose me! Singing has always been an intricate part of my life. At six years old I had a dream of me on stage singing to what looked like MILLIONS of people. I always had a "pull" towards being a singer/actress/entertainer; however, but society tells you it is an unrealistic dream... I'm glad I didn't listen to that crap!

P: What do you consider was your first ‘big break?’

Shannon: I treat EVERY opportunity to sing, work with another artist, or perfect my craft a "big break". I can't just point to one incident because they ALL are steps that carry me to the next stage of my journey. I try to learn and take something from every experience. There is always an opportunity to have a "BIGGER BREAK" so I won't limit God to just the breaks I've have had so far.

P: You have discussed with me before the difference between working with new booty entertainers versus entertainers who have carved out a solid niche in the business. Can you expound on that, and the benefits to working with the groups that you do?

Shannon: Most times when you work with a newer artist, the record companies believe you should feel privileged to sing with this "big named star that is hot right now" - BUT they don't pay you any money. So you'll be singing with this "big star" but living at home with your mommy and daddy because you can't afford anything but lunch with your friends (meanwhile, bragging about WHO you sing with). Furthermore, a new artist can't TEACH you much - they are still learning themselves. Older artists have been in the business a long time and can teach you lessons that have kept them around 25-30 years. There are MANY things I can say about this question/subject and could go on and on for DAYS, but I will just leave it at that!

P: Many people are unaware that you are a college graduate; please tell us about your collegiate experience and what career profession you were in prior to becoming a singer.

Shannon: Although a good education is EXTREMELY important, I'm not going to pretend like I loved school! However, I am good at ANYTHING I put my mind to so grades were not a problem. (I received scholarships for both music and academics). I became a teacher because "society" says you need something to "fall back on" if you choose any route that is not traditional. And, of course, what do most people do when they get out of school? TEACH! For myself, I think I loved the social aspect of college more than anything. . .like this one time at the Alpha house. . . (HAHAHA!!)

P: You now have a my space page. How is the traffic going on that?

Shannon: Yeah. . . myspace. I will be honest and say I RARELY use my myspace page. I haven't uploaded much music on it. I keep saying one day I'm going to work on it. . . but I'm lying. If anybody wants to help me out with that I would SO appreciate it. Hit me up!

P: We all know about the glamorous aspect of your entertainment career: Tell us about some of the challenges of having a life in that industry.

Shannon: I travel. . . A LOT! Which means that relationships suffer? It's hard to make plans because if a show pops up. . .well you know how that is; if I don’t work, I don’t eat!! Traveling constantly on the road is hard on your body as well. You eat a lot of junk on the road because fast foods are really the most available options. The plane rides are VERY long and hard on your back and joints (pressurization) A first class seat is just not always available- sometimes first is full. And coach seats SUCK!! In truth, I could go on, and on (and on) about the challenges but LIVING a REALITY that was once only a dream, will ALWAYS trump any small stuff. God is good and I am grateful.

P: What advice do you give someone who is interested in having a career such as yours?

Shannon: I'd say surround yourself with people who are doing what you want to do. Learn as MUCH as you can and PRACTICE. I practice EVERYDAY.

P: How can you tell the difference between someone who is enchanted with the industry versus someone who is willing to pay their dues, often longer than they may expect?

Shannon: A person who is enthralled by the glitz and glamour of it all will quickly lose interest. There is sooo much more than the performance you see on stage. It really is hard work and if you don't TRULY love it and it isn't your TRUE passion... you will tire and fade very quickly. Most people think artists are over night successes... but if you ask ANY of them they will tell you it was a long road of no's before they finally got the chance – that “YES”, they needed for the world to hear them.

P: Who are some of your favorite artists?

Shannon: Wow, I have too many to name but here are a few: Nancy Wilson, John Coltrane, Lalah Hathaway, Luther Vandross, classic Whitney Houston, Ella Fitzgerald, Eric Benet, Chante' Moore', George Duke, Jeffrey Osborne, Aretha Franklin Oscar Peterson and Joe Sample. I feel bad because this isn't even a FRACTION of my list!)

P: Are you a songwriter?

Shannon: Yes I am! Songwriting is very important. No one can tell about you and your experience like you can. And if you went through a certain experience - someone else has too. The human experience (told through music) is universal. Here is a song I wrote and posted on my blog: Blogger Fam - Lend Me Your Ears!

P: What's next for Shannon Pearson?

Shannon: I honestly can't say what is next-I'm looking forward to all of the exciting and wonderful adventures that will come my way. I already know my destiny, so the journey is my gift. I am so happy and thankful to God for this experience. I love my life!

P: Anything else you'd like to add?

Shannon: I just want to tell everyone to go after your passion. Don't worry about the money- if it is what you LOVE to do, the money will follow. People will see the passion in your work and support you. Your talents won't lead you any where you are not supposed to be. Don't be afraid-if you believe it -it can happen.

There are those that can sing, and those that can SANG. . .we are bearing witness to one who can SANG - Shannon Pearson. This, is S.O.S. The Sounds of Shannon Pearson~ aka The Sangin' Diva, located at

For further information on Shannon Pearson, you may check here out at - or take the scenic route through my page.

So, sit back.relax.marvel.enjoy. - Fall in love with the sangindiva's voice - as we do over and over again, those who call her friend.


The Phoenix aka ThatGirlTam said...


Dang, I haven't been able to say that IN A MINUTE!!! Ahhh...that felt good...

Ok, THAT was a fantastic post! I have come to the conclusion (a long time ago I might add) that there are two people living in that tall body...there's Sangin Diva and then there's Shannon. That post right there...was definitely about Shannon.

I'm so blessed that she's a part of our small circle of sistagurl-friends. Fab job P!

Sangindiva said...

This was such a fantastic post!!
I sooo appreciate this. Everything flowed together so beautifully:)
You are SOOOOPER talented!

*Hi tam!!*(waving)

Miz JJ said...

I love the article. I was wondering what sangingdiva was up too.

Miss Ahmad said...

Team Shannon in the House!!

Yaay...go girls!

WCBH Represent!!

Aly Cat 121 said...

wow that was a good interview. it reminded me of the ones you read about in the fashion magz of the next new hot artist. (I really did feel like I was readin a magazine while at the hair salon)

smoothie said...

Great interview, ya gal has a really good sangin voice...E over at bgdboom reviews music and loves to do review on indy artist. She's solid to me..

Now excuse me while I try to nail down an interview with a black french canadian.....

Andrew The Asshole said...

She sang that song, great interview though