Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Living in the Matrix

I am a broke philanthropist.

I am a firm believer of giving. Always have been. Of recent, I have been inspired by Shaq and his desire to bail homeowners out of their mortgage crisis. Though I have my own theories about the adjustable rates and interest only loans, I do believe that his heart is in the right place. He is always thinking of others. Even in his adopted town of Los Angeles, he does his Shaq-A-Claus events, where he gives away hundreds of thousands of clothes and food for those that need it.

Most people, rich or poor, do not feel or believe in that.

When I was a child, before my parents separated, my father was good on that. He is an extremely observant and intuitive man who has a knack for identifying a need. There was MANY a day where my brother's friends would come over, and he would all of a sudden take off for hours with the boys, and then everyone would come back with a new pair of kicks (friends included). I believe, this is where I get my generosity from.

Generosity doesn't mean being a sucka. This is not about this conversation. But it does mean, that most people are in a position to alter the course of some one's life, by a simple gift in kind. Money is relative. Fifty dollars is a fortune to someone struggling.

But, alas again, most people are concerned about 'me and mine'. But that's not how life is. And for people that may say that my unmarried, childless self will feel different when my circumstances change, I say.

That's a dayum lie. Do you know how many miserable, unhappy married folks I know (as well as single). So that isn't a predictor for joy, so save that for the folks that take the blue pill.

Granted, you shouldn't be concerned about others if you're barely getting by yourself, but generally speaking most people at some point, have a surplus in their lives where they can help. And, it's not always about MONEY. If you don't have the tools financially to support someone, use other skills: Be a companion, a confidant. Use your skills (creative or otherwise), to give someone that shot in the arm that they desperately need. Use your love, or time, or support, or communicating. You may have a resource for someone, if in fact, you are not in a position to help in any way. That's call connecting. That's creating a support system.

There is a difference between a handout and a helping hand. And everyone needs that. In our Western Civilization and culture, we are not trained to develop our minds like such; being in the mode of giving, and creating your own communities to become interdependent upon each other. In doing so, we create a strong hand where all of us can utilize each others resources. The Mormons do it all the time. As Don Cornelius says, you can bet your bottom dollar that you will NEVER see a broke Mormon.

What about us? We have the ability and opportunity to do it ourselves. This is what creates your true family and community. What good is our lives and what we have lived to obtain (i.e., the AmeriKKKan dream), if we don't pay it forward, and use our resources to build others lives, as well as OURS.

Otherwise, we take the blue pill and are living in the Matrix. Going back and forth in our routines, making sure that we are set, that WE are okay, and that WE have what we need. And everybody else, well, just get in where you fit in.

Take the red pill.

Question for the day: If you had an abundance of resources (Time, Money, etc.), where/who would you give to?


The Love Collective said...

I'd give to the poor, straight up. Not necessarily the bum on the street that is begging everyone who passes, but the struggling family, or, widow, who is barely making it. Yep, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.
And, P, thanx for stopping by.

Terry said...

Well, now days, overabundance ain't the word. I'm on a tight budget myself. And although I'm not as good at helping others out as I should be, I have my charities.

Used to be an orphanage in Mexico until the pedophiles took it over. Now my small efforts come in the way of checks to help feed victims of the genocide in Darfur.

But because I send less in the way of money, I've found out that I can sort of make up for it by volunteering with youth programs. Volunteers are hard to come by anymore so what I can't do with cash I try and make up for with time.

But even then, I suppose you're right and we could all do a little more.

P said...

@ The love collective:

No, thank YOU for stopping by.

@ Terry:

T: It's not really about finances. You can help people with your TIME, with your LOVE, with your communication, or with any particular skill set that you have.

NOW. . .

That's making a difference.

Miz JJ said...

A couple of different spots. I think I would start in schools. Breakfast programs (so many kids start the day off hungry) and after school programs and then extend that to scholarships, but not just academic scholarships. I would have scholarships for those wanting to go into trades (i.e. plumber, electrician), or become nurses etc. I find there are not enough scholarships promoting those types of fields rather than the traditional four year college.

P said...

@ Mz JJ:

That's really a good idea. There are so many people that are skilled when it comes to certain things but are not cut out (for whatever reason) for the university setting.

My father is a skilled upholsterer and wouldn't that be fab to have those types of scholarships available for folks. And if they are doing a trade like so, they will, no doubt, probably need it most from a financial standpoint.

Tony OH said...

Powerful insight Luv... God gives provisions for the vision and not for the Man! We must share..The Blessings are a byproduct of the vision.

Thanx for the Luv also!

Rashan Jamal said...

I'm all about the kids.. I would love to adopt (not literally) a boys and girls club and help them out.

smoothie said...

id fly my inlaws out of zimbabwe..
its the top priority in my family's life..

1.2 million dollars for a loaf of bread there as of friday the 25th..

Erica C. said...

I'd give to the National MS Society. My mother suffered from this disease for sixteen years before she passed.

Mike T. said...

My dream is to give people jobs. That's how you help people. People don't want charity -- having to take handouts kills your self-esteem (having been there). I want to (someday) run a business that creates jobs.

Anonymous said...

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