Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Maybe the Parakeet Will Tell Us

Did Baretta do it? But based on a Verdict reached in Robert Blake case by Bonnie Lee Bakley's family and relatives, he is liable for her death.

I know that the criminal courts go by "Reasonable Doubt" and that civil courts abide by the "Preponderance of Evidence" that's not my concern.

It appears that everything is being traced and linked back to the OJ Simpson Case. . .

The OJ Simpson case is a by product of society. On a literal scale, the OJ case is about the People vs. Orenthal James Simpson, for two counts of violation of Penal code 187, murder in the first degree, a felony. But on a figurative sense, it shone a spotlight on racial relations, interracial dating, domestic abuse, crime and justice, cameras in the courtroom, and anything else in between.

The fury that resulted from that trial still permeates the air of our society today. It made heroes of almost all the frontline attorneys, (though the defense attorneys were more villified than the proscecutors), and virtually exonerated OJ Simpson from any professional endorsements for life. (Lizzy Borden anyone?). It doesn't matter what I think about the case (For the record, I do believe OJ had something to do with it. . .I just don't know the specifics), but I do know that these cases parallel each other in terms of motive, opportunity, and means, but lack the glitter, flash, and bling of the OJ case, (with the pretty white damsel in distress, to boot!).

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