Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Big Move

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Three years.

Three years with two wonderful supervisors who:

- Cared About Their Employees
- Made sure that Christmas and Thanksgiving parties were a blast
- Randomly bought lunch and/or dinner in for the crew
- Could go to them and get a loan for any reason, interest free, taken out of your paycheck in convenient bi-weekly deductions.

Laid back. Jeans atmosphere. Most of us shared the same spiritual background, beliefs and principles.

All was well in the world, and a good time had by all.

Until the Big Move.

We moved into a building that was twice the size of our former building, complete with a state of the art breakroom, (really - I mean leather couches, mounted televisions, the whole nine). All the principles had their 8 ball in the corner pocket offices. Life was good. But the mortgage was not. It had doubled.

Sidebar: I did not participate in the weekend company move, because I, too was in the process of moving from one location to the other, the same weekend, so I was given a free pass.

So, when I came back from the move, I attributed the fact that I wasn't able to locate my desk to fatigue from my own move.

Perhaps I didn't look hard enough. Perhaps, in the disarray of the move, some of the desks were not assembled yet. I chalked it up to that.

Until I went into the receptionist area. In the lobby. With all of the phones.

And there were my boxes. And my nameplate.


WTF? Click on this link to view the EXACT desk, company, and location (I was on the right hand side).

According to the principles, I was to answer the phone for the receptionist if it went over three rings (the receptionist by the way was a lazy son of a *&$#% who never came to work on time, and totally took her time answering the phones)


I was supposed to do the marketing for the company (I designed the silver sign you see), put out the company newsletter, plan special events, pull data queries and reports, analyze data, AND answer the phone saying "Welcome to Nelson & Associates, your source for PVC Pipes" on the third emma effen ring? AND sit with my back to all the Mr. Charlie's that come in the office. Um, Hell no. Strike One.

Second incident: I am nodding in the breakroom (Not laying out on the couch, feet up like Rick James on a Dave Chappelle Episode), but just sitting down on the couch, with my elbow on the arm of the couch. One of the principles came in here and said "No sleeping in the break room" I was like "On the couch?" He was like "No, in the breakroom".

He might as well told me No Parking on the Dance Floor. Strike Two.

Final Call: I was at my desk, helping the file clerk (who reported to me, who sat in the left chair) do something mundane, and in the process of it all, I was trying to take some adhesive off the back of a magnet. The principle passed by me, saw me picking at something and then called me in his office.

He asked me was I filing my nails.

At that point I could care less. I actually moved around to the side of his desk, and told him "You thought I was filing my nails? You thought I was filing my NAILS? I have worked here three years, never call out sick, always on time, and you are harassing me like I'm on parole. Why would you say something like that to me. AND anyway, I have acrylics, I don't have to file my nails." :P

He turned beet red. Strike Three.

But he wasn't mad as me. We moved in there in April, 2000. By August, I made the big move my own self; with 10K more to boot. I myself was raising the bar. I attributed the fact that their mortgage doubled could have attributed to the stress and/or weird behavior, but I don't have to partake in that.

Have you moved on, or are looking to make that big move? And tell us why!


Unruly Brown said...

Okay, you know I'm LMAO @ no parking on the dance floor. LOL!

But now back to the matter at hand. You GO!!! See, that's one of the things I like so much about you! You ain't takin' nobody's sh*t!! You know your worth and you require everybody else to respect yo' gangsta. *dap*

I haven't moved on yet, but warm it up Kris cuz I'm about to!

P said...

Me? Re: No parking on the dance floor.

YOU?? Talking bout "warm it up Kris cuz I'm about to"

Terry said...

Warning: Boring personal story ahead!

Why yes “P’ I have moved. To form my own company to be exact. But then I moved back again. Running your own company is hard damn work.

Cool thing is, when I moved back, they missed me, the needed me, they wanted me. I was treated like the long lost lover that got away. I ran around with the attitude that I was the bomb and they were my bitch. But as the old saying goes, pimpin’ ain’t easy. So now I just sort of blend in. It works for me.

See I figure every once in a while a souls got to get out and test the waters. I mean lets face it, there’s bullshit in every job, it’s just a matter of to what degree. So a bodies got to find out what it’s willing to put up with.

As stupid as it may sound, if one ain’t happy with the happenings, then it’s time for one to move on. Life’s too damn short.

No one should put up with that sort of stuff. I'm glad you pulled the plug on 'em.

Anonymous said...

lawd jeezus...did he really try and put you on front street about "nails"? oh hell naw....

Anonymous said...

yep i moved on...i moved from "big blue" to PSTI....at "big blue" they reward you for being clueless and no aptitude for working...at least now at PSTI...i'm about 25 to 30mins from home!!! but now we got bought out by MCK...lawd jeezus what us gon' do!?!?!?

Koolbreeze said...

does finally saying enough is enough and kicking Loser to the curb way back when count... other than that nothing much has happened major around these parts!
i think they told you that you didn't have to come in cause they knew what they were going to do to you.

Diva (in Demand) said...

That's the kind of move I'm talking about! If you're going to move then make it a big one. That's what I'm trying to do now. I'm meeting some people on Friday and if all goes well I'll have more money and be on the east coast where I want to be.

The Best [ Ghostface ] said...


Clint, Andy, Nelly, Steven, and the rest Careers and Jobs

Yes, sometimes you have to make that move in life one can easily become angry and frustrated if you don’t. Sticking around at a job you don’t like will make you negative and mean spirited towards your co workers.

I have plans in my life that are very promising, sometimes if one has career it can keep them from progressing towards greater things. Sometimes it is better to just have a job meaning you are not going to be doing it as a career. A career demands a lot of you like being a Doctor, Fireman, Police Officer, Layers, Accountant, etc. Actor Harrison Ford was a carpenter and when his break came with Star wars movie he left that Job, it was a job not a career. Actor Andy Garcia worked at the Beverly Hills hotel as a waiter for 5 years; it was a job not a career, and when the big break came for him it was the movie the GOD FARTHER 3, he took it. And left his day job it was a job not a career.

Actor Clint Eastwood had a day job installing pools and when he got his big break he took it -- and left his day job. It was a job not a career.

Writer Steven King had a college degree (bachelor’s degree) and he worked in a donut shop because he did not want to use his degree to get a good paying job. He felt that a good paying job would take away from his free time writing. Because a good paying job is demanding of your time.

Steven King wrote the book Salem’s lot in the early 1970s and was given I think if I remember correctly 300,000 dollars for the book to become a movie. When that check came in he left his donut shop job, it was a job not a career.

Actor Samuel L. Jackson was a crack addict he smoked a lot of crack constantly. But when his break came with the movie schoolz (A Spike Lee film featuring Tisha Campbell and John Carlo Esposito) he realized that he really could make it. And then more work as an actor came Sam put the pipe down and moved on to fame. The Pipe was just a temporary habit not a career like some people have made it out to be.

Eve the rapper actress was stripper but when her break came as a rapper she gave up the stripper life. It was just a job not a career.

It all boils down to what is it that a person wants to do.

Rapper Nelly was a drug dealer when the big break came with the song country grammar he gave up being a drug dealer on the street corner.

Some people need careers and some of us need only jobs. But like young M.C. said: Bust the move you -- know you got to make that move, and get to what ever it is that you are trying to get to.


Miz JJ said...

I moved recently. I received a similar raise, but dealing with the new assholes can be a headache all its own.

P said...

@ Ms. JJ.

You are correct. All money ain't good money, and the price you have to pay when you start stomping with the bigger dogs can be equally stressful.

Fortunately in terms of supervisor and job that's fine.

But the client group. . .Hot messes all day long.

The Best [ Ghostface ] said...


Yeah money is good as a supervisor, it becomes a problem when reach the level called salary. Meaning you still deal with all of the head aches and nasty clients and negative always putting too much pressure on you upper management (not all people in upper management are negative) but you still get the way money (salary). What do you do then? Move on? Stay? Who knows? It is better to keep it hourly unless you can leave and show up any time of the day you want.

Anonymous said...

i'm not making a "big move" but I will be upgrading my income real soon. and in that picture of yours...i would be the receptionist in the front LOL. welcome to my world hehe

J said...

My blood now flows red not orange.... ;)
That's all I have to say.....but I do miss our antics Miss P

Miss Ahmad said...

as a freelancer i move around allot but at least once a year i try to make sure that i am securing a position up the ladder of success.

in this cut throat mess of an industry i wheel and deal in i do find that there are supposedly less opportunities the higher up you get.

i don't believe that at all, but i think it's a lie that is perpetuated to make sure that people stay in an aggravated state of mind and try to out work eachother for no over time...