Friday, December 08, 2006

All I Want For Christmas is Christmas

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Why is Erry-boddy so scurred and are so interested in being politically correct? People are breaking their necks, bending over backwards trying to find substitutions for the word Christmas, when in fact, nobody has really made a stink over it. Now the 'N' word, and 'Gay Marriage' - people ARE making a fuss over.

Oh how I long for the days of old where Linus from Charlie Brown mulled over the fact that Christmas was so commercialized, versus the actual holiday in itself it getting dizzolved into a maze of Season's Greetings, and Happy Holidays. All these ads, which are obviously targeting Christmas shoppers, are actually so PC they are bringing a hoard of attention to the fact that the word is being skipped over altogether. After all, stockings are not hung by the Chimney on New Year's Day, nor are visions of sugarplums dancing in your head on Thanksgiving. Cranberry sauce, yes, but sugarplums, no.

Christmas is a holiday, in which 95 of the Americans celebrate. So, why is erry-boddy's panties in a bunch over this particular day? I could go into my own philiosophicizin on THAT but that's not advancing the story. I mean, do you think that telling someone "Merry Christmas" is going to get them so worked up they are going to get the ACLU involved? Hell if it ain't broke, don't fix it. I could go on and on, but I will just summate here (thanks to a very special person who helped me with all of this - now this I knew but I didn't have many of the holidays straight):

Most holidays are result of a compromise that the Catholic Church (I am not Catholic I am trying to get to a point here) made with the pagans in order to spread the gospel. Christmas is a combination of the pagan festival of lights and the Catholic Christ-Mass and later combined with his birth. Easter was the pagan festival of harvest. . .Thus the connection of eggs and the bunny. St. Valentine was a pagan who worshipped cupid and cupid was a warrior and it is not have anything to do associated with love. Halloweeen was the day of the dead to honor spirits and keep them happy to they don't haunt you. . .Hence the connection of scary people dressed up coming to your house, and you giving them an offering for them to go away.

Come on, do you really believe that most of the people that celebrate Christmas the way Christmas is celebrated in it's fullest in our Western society (Black Friday, Christmas Eve, After Christmas Sales), are truly worried about anything that has to do with gold, frankincense, and myrrh?

If you really want to get specific and PC on all the holidays, then let's not stop there:

Change MLK to: "Happy Assassinate a World Leader"Day

Change Independence Day to: "British People Take the Land from the Native Americans, call it their own, and then have a Group of British People Claim it as their own By a Declaration" Day.

Change Thanksgiving to: "Happy Slaughter the Indians and Contaminate them with Diseases" Day

Change Kwanzaa To: "Happy Black People's version of Hanukkah" Day.

Change New Year's to: "Happy Another 365 days worth of Bull Sh**" Day.

I could go on and on but you get the point.

Most people KNOW how I celebrate Christmas and what it means to me from a personal perspective. I take stock in that, let people do what they do, and concentrate on me and mines.

My personal belief: No, the Messiah was not born on 12/25, he was born closer to the summer. Had to be said, enough said. . . but I DO celebrate Christmas, in the general sense of the world, and what value the day has FOR ME.

So, Bah, Humbug to anybody that sells Holiday Trees, Holiday Presents, and Holiday Egg Nog.

Merry Christmas!


TDJ said...

Great post! A co-worker and I talked about this yesterday. It's politically correct to include Hanukkah and Kwanzaa, but Christmas shouldn't die as result. I can't wait to buy my Christmas tree, hang my stocking on the mantel and put my Santa and sled in the front yard! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

The Best [ Ghostface ] said...

To P,

Jesus was not born on December 25 he was more than likely born either in august or September and was either a Leo or Virgo. Virgo is the sign or the virgin. And Jesus was born of a virgin mother. The sun in esoteric religion symbolizes the Christ, the sun goes thru a three day period of semi disappearing like an eclipse from the December 21 or 22nd (I think 21st), and re emerges on the 25, and this is called the Christ rising from the dead meaning the sun reappears on the 25 after being semi hidden from the 21st on.

The Sun symbolizes the Christ force which Jesus incarnated; Jesus and the Christ are not the same they are two different entities. The Christmas tree is the Christ-tree and it comes from Jewish Kabbalah, the Kabbalah teaches about the tree of life. Also, pagan religions had a Christmas tree also -- and they worshipped this tree but it is really the tree of life they worshipped. The tree of life (Christmas tree) represents all of the different planets and heavens in outer space.

When people have lost a major interest in a religion because it no longer satisfies them they start using a broader term like happy holidays. This is actually a good thing too. Christianity is filled with traditions that were adopted from pagan religions, and the expression merry Christmas is a pagan expression. Merry for the Virgin Mary, and Christmas for the Sun that symbolizes the Christ force. The Virgin Mary represent the constellation Virgo and Jesus was born of Virgo.

This that I wrote is all esoteric religious teachings.

The Best [ Ghostface ] said...

Jesus’ last name was Pandira, in Hebrew it was Yeshua Ben Pandira. Ben means son of in Hebrew.
The name Joshua is the transliteration of the Hebrew name, Yeshua, from which the Greek transliteration of Jesus is derived. Both mean “God saved us." So Jesus’ real name is Joshua Pandira. In Hebrew there is no letter J, so a why is used. Example Jerusalem in Hebrew is yerusalem.

Anonymous said...

Change Thanksgiving to: "Happy Slaughter the Indians and Contaminate them with Diseases" Day

I have always said that thanksgiving was a cover up for messin everything up for the indians...knowin damn well we didnt all sit and eat together. You mean to tell me they took african's for slaves but they sat and ate with indians...the hell??

i LOVE CHRISTMAS in every sense of the word. I will call it christmas i will buy a tree, wreath , mistletoe (whatever) and buy presents. I LOVE IT. People are so freakin sensitive and petty these days. IF YOU WERE BORN AND RAISED IN AMERICA chances are you celibrate Christmas. IF YOU SWAM OVER HERE and got citizenship...DEAL WITH IT.

Holloween, valentines day, easter, all got turned into a big candy conspiracy.

P said...

TDJ: Again, I have my personal reasons for celebrating it, as do all others, so why does everybody get their panties in a bunch. .

The Best Ghostface: Yes, I indicated that the Messiah (who he is to me) was born closer in the summer. I also know that there is no J in Hebrew; am aware of all the translations as well, we could go a hundred miles and running with that one, and the reason why I didn't is because I was trying to advance the story, and let people know that I celebrate it one way, and some others don't. . .But the fact is, that they do, and they call it Christmas.

Religion is manufactured. Belief in the Living God is NOT. (And I do go to church, fortunately at a place that expounds on text and realizes that the interpretations have been lost, but that the spirit of the law remains. However, I'm not making this a spiritual post.

@ Peach: Girl, LMAO @ the fact that you know good and well they wasn't sitting across from each other laughin and passing the mac and cheese. And got the nerve to place Indians on reservations.

Oh, and re: Candy conspiracy. . LMAO you are in rare form today!

The Best [ Ghostface ] said...

To P,

Yes, I know you indicated that the messiah was born close to Summmer. But I only added all of that for the readers and commenters who may have not been aware of it. And they may have found your opinion strange so I added to it that's all. When said that the messiah was born close to summer, I knew that you had read some other opions of scholars and picked that info up from some where. So I was aware that you are aware but for those of us who are not I posted these things.

But I am sorry!

The Mistress said...


I am so over all this "Happy Holiday's CRAP. Christmas is what the majority of people here's how the cookie crumbles. i am not all wrapped up in *when* Jesus was born. Celebrating his life on ANY day should be acceptable.

And this is coming from someone who is not even remotely religious. Spiritual but in NO WAY am I religious. Believe in God but not into the business of church.

Anyway, people are such bitches these days over this topic.

P said...


No need to apologize.

There is a PARTICULAR reason that I celebrate it, which may not be the same reason why they celebrate it, but that is not my concern, bottomline, if I had went down that route, it would have turned into another kind of post, and I, just like Michael Richards and the N word thing, think that the whole Happy Holidays thing has gotten out of hand.

:) Have a Good weekend. . .

Mizrepresent said...

Nice post. I hear ya P. Celebrate as you will. It is my favorite time of the year...childhood memories abide and for 2-3 days, me and the family, celebrate and enjoy one another, we try extra hard not to look for faults in others, but appreciate and elevate the good in others...whether Jesus was born on this day or not, doesn't matter, least not to me, it's his message that we celebrate, and i think in not just giving of gifts, but of ourselves...something we should be doing all the time...

African girl, American world said...

And there we have it!! Education P-style. No truer words have been spoken....

I know you're a closet CSI fanatic but you need to be teaching :) professor P

Anonymous said...

MERRY always get something interesting when i stepped thru KPAT....

The Phoenix aka ThatGirlTam said...

So do I get that great new phone for Xmas??? :)

Ummm I really wanted to make that face you love for TBG's comment...but instead I'll let you imagine that famous look on my face! HAHAHAHA...

Miz JJ said...

Lol. I love Christmas and I do not see a need to be politically correct and use a different term for it.

Cool AC said...

Dang, why you gotta be mad at the egg nog too? LOL! I love that stuff and I swear I get hype when it comes out. LOL!
Merry Christmas! I'm with you on that!

Isha said...

Cracking up! I work with a lot of individuals who celebrate Hanukkah and it's funny when THEY find it necessary to correct themselves when they say Christmas Cards, Christmas Tree and Christmas Party. You get errrruuuuhh Holiday party.

Funny on my post last night, I said Happy Holidays and then corrected myself and put Merry Christmas! That's what it is!

I loved your alternate days. How about rather than Happy Birthday, we get.

Happy Child Support Justification Day!

or in my case

Happy You're here cause the foam did'nt work day!
Was just swinging through to say HI, but got so much more!
Be blessed

Anonymous said...

This post was on fiyah, P!!!!! I love, love, love it...

Yeah to Team Jesus!!! We're a dying breed...