Monday, September 17, 2007

Bet on Black

Modern Day Jim Crow. Any town that still uses the word "Parrish" versus town (which, Lou-see-anna is the ONLY state that continues to do this) is borderline suspect, anyway. Though the appeals court has spoken, reversed the decision on one of the boys, Michael Bell (and the prosecutor suddenly refiled with some other trumped up charges), it's not over.

You can't throw a bone to dogs that are looking for prime rib. Bow wow wow yippe yo, yippe yah.

People get ready. We're on our way to Jena, Louisiana.

We are coming by the busloads. Ready. For JENA. And we're ALL coming. . . .Older people who witnessed the disparities of days gone by, who will NOT let this continue to happen; Younger people who cannot believe that this STILL goes on (they don't call it the 'dirty' south for nothing). Wealthy people who are putting their money where their mouth is, donating their time, efforts, and YES, money for buses so that those who are unable to pay, can come along for the ride. (PS: Oprah: WTF re: Jena. You have Fred and Kim Goldman on your show talking about some "If I did it" BS where the bonghead you got hiding somewhere?

Jena, this will not go away. You can't pick and choose what you want to proscecute. Stuck in a time warp no more, we are coming to polarize, mobilize and immobilize all that your community emcompasses. WE DON'T CARE that you're trying to pull a Jedi mind trick on us, vacating Mychal Bell's case thinking that we won't continue in our quest for justice. You are NOT about to throw our black, brown, and even our white boys down the drain who are socio economically disavantaged, under the premise of the good old boy network. Kiss our ass.

You're NOT going to to distract us with breaking news on THIS ONE, with his foiled attempt at a so called 'sting' operation in Sin City. Nope.

You can play all the games and put all the cards on the table you want, Jena, Louisiana. But guess what.

The get out of jail free card has already been pulled.
We are about to Go Fish.
I Declare War.

As for me, I bet on black.

On Thursday, September 20, 2007, join everyone nationally who support the Jena Six by wearing all black, as they will, as a show of solidarity.

See link for additional information, and how to support these boys, please visit the Justice for Jena Site

This post is dedicated to the Jena 6.


smoothie said...

Sometimes I find it hard to believe that this stuff still goes on. Being from the souf, you hear it here alot where people say " its always been that way" or "thats just how them people are". I think its time we stop allowing people to hide behind those excuses. There old

If there is a revoloution and it does start with Jena-6 IM ALL FOR IT. We as people need to wake up and realize that this old mentalitiy of letting hate crimes go unpunished and get downplayed in the media is getting way out of hand. If the shoe were on the other foot, this story would be in your face so much you would know everything there is to know about it. Re: Duke Rape.

P, great work...e
Ps. Maybe if one of the Jena-6 suspects mixes in a B or an H in a conffesion Oprah will fly the set down to Louisianna

Aunt Jackie said...

I am loving you for this. Especially the photo which appears on my favorite tee shirt that was jacked by my brother his first semester of college.

About the Parish's having a die hard Roman Catholic Family from Lousiana I understand the whole Parish thing. I mean that's a place where church and state never really separated.

I would like to be surprised at the recent events but then again they almost let a whole city die in stagnant water and squalor so I'll just say that they should be shamed...again!

P said...

@ Smoothie:

Might be hard to believe that it goes on, but from a generational perspective, in a town of 2500 hunnert, give or take a few thousand, where the have's (from a relative perspective) versus the have nots (again relative based on environment) run the entire town based on fear and intimidation, it'e easy for us to say that we would never live that way, when, it wasn't even a century ago that many of us was. . .

And, I'm co-signing with you on the revolution. Hmph! And they said that it would NOT be televised. . .

@ Aunt Jackie:

YUP, YUP, and YUP, dem good old Christian boys down there hold a bible in one hand and a flaming cross in the other. And YES, shame on them all over again. . .

Sha Boogie said...

AMEN!! Aint this some shit? I was further pissed of today when the Jena 6 actually got play in our local paper BECAUSE David Bowe donated money. WTF? They didnt deserve coverage before? {{shaking my head}}..

LoveMyselfFirst said...

i've been hearing about the jena 6 for that last couple of months, yet today was the first day i saw a tv news program broadcast about them.. so sad