Wednesday, December 28, 2005

I'm So Glad We Had this Time Together

'Tis another new year!

Good Days, Bad Days, Long Days, Short Days. Fun Days, Grueling Days, Panic Days, Relaxed Days.

The 05 brought us a myriad of new issues, responsibilities and charges. We lost friends, and gained new ones. :) Furthermore, we learned more about ourselves and what we expect and need out of our brief stay on earth.

We are reminded the importance of love and life, and that the support of family and/or friends is comparable to a mirage that springs to life in a desert.

There were births that made us smile, and deaths that made us mourn. But through it all, we are still together. . Some of us no longer on this earth; others able to read this and remember, what, in particular brought you joy and/or pain in the 05. (See, you're thinking, aren't you). So am I.

Let's make it happen in the 06. But before we do, let's say goodbye to those who will remained encapsulated in the 05. Let's drain one for the homies.

Ossie Davis - Thank you for everything. We'll take care of Ruby for you. . .

Luther Vandross - The Superstar, the Bad Boy. You know, there's "Lutha", and then there's "Luther". Lutha is "Superstar, Wait for Love, A House is Not a Home, If this World Were mine". Luther is "Dance With My Father", and all the new stuff. All in all, we miss you all the same. I tried to find a picture that was a cross between Lil' Lutha and Big Lutha.

Nipsey Russell - In truth, I didn't know the brother was still with us. He died on my birthday, too, didn't know that until i looked it up. (for future reference in case you want to hook me up, my birthday is October 2.)

Richard Pryor - Jo Jo Dancer. . . Your Life is Calling. . .

Shirley Chisholm - Y'all know I couldn't put nothing up other than this picture right huurre. She is working this Afro! I thought she was no longer with us as well long ago until my mother told me I was confusing her with Barbara Jordan.

Johnnie Cochran, Esq. - The man, the counselor, the legend. Legend long before OJ Simpson. Around long before the People vs. OJ Simpson, he had gained a spectacular reputation as a defender and counselor of civil rights issues.

Rosa Parks - The OG Representing!

For all those that the Good Lord has still on Earth. . .Have a wonderful Happy New Year. Blessings to you and yours in the 06. Let's be about it. Take care and I will see you in the new year, Lord willing and the creek don't rise.

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ddsprncs said...

I did not know nipsy russel had died. I enjoyed him.