Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Who and What I Love

Things I Love. . .

The smell of a Christmas Tree
The scent of a little (clean baby)
Craig's List
Charles David Shoes
My nieces and nephews
Cold Winter Nights
Leather Boots
Getting My Hair and Nails done
Gospel Music (not Contemporary Christian) - I said GOSPEL MUSIC.
Mars and Venus in Touch
Lancaster, California - Because when I'm out there, I've got a ticket to ride. . .
Shawshank Redemption
My camera phone
Spiced Cognac Cellophanes on my hair
Chipotle Mexican Food
ter (But not swimming. . .)


ddsprncs said...

OK we like alot of the same things I also,
The smell of a Christmas Tree
The scent of a little (clean baby)

Charles David Shoes= I don't know about these? but I would prolly love them

Cold Winter Nights- love the winter
Leather Boots- yes they look good with everything

Getting My Hair and Nails done!!!

Reading- I read about 10 books while I was pregnant cuz I knew it would be awhile before I could again. watch all day


Chipotle Mexican Food- Had it today!

Water & swimming
- haven't been to the ocean or swam forever!

Dal said...

P, Babygirl, I'm diggin your blog. Quick question, what do you know about Lancaster? I have two aunties and a grandmother in Lancaster. The rest of the fam is in Baldwin Hills, Carson, da CPT, and da ING on Manchester. They are in the Mortuary business. Get at Dal!! You have a beautiful mind, very interesting.