Friday, December 30, 2005

Kobe Has Lost His Mind

Kobe is losing it!

Kobe got into it with Lamar Odom, his teammate, up to the point where tv's and lights were smashed near the visitors locker room. Kobe’s frustration with teammates grows

Let's recap:

1. Kobe gets into it with Shaq, and says that Shaq has childlike jealousy and is selfish. Kobe on Shaq: 'Childlike selfishness and jealousy'

2. Kobe gets into it with Phil Jackson and snipes with him back and forth off and on the court.
Former Lakers coach Phil Jackson details clashes with Kobe Bryant

3. Kobe and Karl Malone get into it because his whorish wife accuses Karl Malone of trying to hit on her, when in actuality, she was cozying up to him, calling him cowboy. The phreak. Bad pass: Kobe-Karl rift over Vanessa Bryant

4. Kobe gets into it with Lamar Odom and his current teammates, up to and including saying comments that shock people within earshot. It is also reported that Mr. Odom (who at this point, probably wishes that he had landed elsewhere besides Days of Our Lakers), was escorted by security guards back on the bus. Kobe’s frustration with teammates grows

Can you name that tune in one note? The common denominator in all of this is Kobe. He is also not allowing others to exercise their talents in the triangle offense, which has been operated successfully with the Chicago Bulls franchise, and, most recently, the Lakers, who have nine championships between 1991 and 2002.

What team is this? The Lakers or the laKers? I remember when Shaq left, I made some lyrics up that match "Under the Bridge", by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Like to hear it, hear it goes:

Sometimes I feel like we don't have a center. .
Sometimes I feel like, Kobe Bryant. . .
Screwed up the LA Lakers, in the city of Angels
Lonely as I am, together we'll cry. . .
And I don't ever want to feel, like I did that day. . .
Take to the place I love, take me all the way
Kobe needs to go. He is a cancer and a pain in the behind. Ya think?


That Girl Tam said...

Uh huh...I found you heffa!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! You have a blog too!!! We just need to get you some readers!! Stop making me do all the hard work! Speaking of hard work, why I am I here today? The only day that I'm working...just to pick up my damn paycheck! And my boss ain't even here...she wasn't here yesterday either! So who's slackin now?

I'm lovin my verification word:
tukooe = TOO COOL!

Carmell said...

bout time you got a blog!! i love reading your comments! i agree with everything that you said. i hate having distance with my mother but i can't take her negativity anymore. she is and has always been negative. oh well i get through it. as for cutting folks off. i cut my father off when we found out he was cheating on my mother and liein to us most of our lives about stuff. i was real close to him. we are sort of back to where we were but i don't go over to hang out with him and he new wife that he married a month after the i know that was the woman. i cut my sister about 2 years ago when i moved out cause shes like my mother but meaner. and she started being mean to my kids and i don't play that. you can be mean to me but when you start on my kids you're playing with fire!!! anyway i've rambled enough. thank you for your words. they are much appreciated!

ddsprncs said...

I never have like kobe, I am a 76s fan anyway.

Brian said...

I am not leaving you no fucking comments on your damn log. You have had this mutha fucka up all this time and you did not tell me. You know I would have been interested in reading it. I ain't leaving shit in response to nothing. Dang Heffas with no manners, I tell ya.

The stalker (Thanks for the name Tam)

That Girl Tam said...

see? Girl, where did you find him? Please take him back! Brian is a

Jaimie said...


Cool picture of your legs on the desk like that. Artistically creative.

Thank you for finding me and visiting my blog. Please come back and visit often. I always like to welcome new readers.

Kobe's an idiot.

You have a stalker? And you just started...wait until people really start hating on you!

African girl, American world said...

The brickhousae has a blog...YAY!!!

P said...

H2BN: Yes, I am in the hizzouse. I've had it up for a few, but you know I'm not as up to speed as you blog-ites, so I had to at least fill it up with a few thangs, cuz I can't keep up - y'all be doing the dayum thang for real.

Jaimie: You are welcome. You have a great site and some interesting things to say. Looking forward to blogging with you. Peep this, though, to add fuel to the fire. . . the stalker is my **sigh** dare I say it. . .A guy I used to date in another life if you tell anyone I'll kill you though.

Breeze: I love you chirren, and your drama, I know this is sick to say, but I do.

DDS: How can I come up on that doll's outfit, for real, I'm loving it.

Brian: What da hell?

Tammy Tam: Big ups for adding me to your troll list. . Heffa, like I said, I know you saw the little hyper link and was like ooh, clickity click, clickity click just HAD TO SEE. . .

BossMack said...

I feel ya P!

The Sarccastik Variable Why said...

i guess kobe has lost his damn mind....i wished i was there...i would have been odom's hype man...."you gonna take that from that lame ass dude"....i hope odom swung on his b~tch azz.....happy new year...