Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Five Heartbeats

The movie, the Three Faces of Eve, talked about the different personalities that people display. This movie, in particular, talked about it in the manner of personality disorders. But y'all know I ain't crazy. (Well, at least the VOICES tell me that I am not crazy). HEHE.

With that said, I think all of us have different 'sides', if I may to our personality. That's the beauty of being human. We can become chameleons without being fake. And there, is, often a need to have different sides of a personality to react accordingly to your conditions, circumstances, and personal and professional relationships. As you should. There is a time to be agressive, a time to be submissive, or kitten like, or even a visionary. And according to Michael Gerber, we have the ability to have many professional personalities, at least within us, we just have to learn to balance them out. So, here are my Five. . .

Tricia: She is the playful one. She is the one that is humorous, studious, mildly timid (in a careful way), and is open to trusting everyone. This is the one that doesn't take things too seriously, and always makes sure her i's are dotted, and her t's are crossed. Tricia is in everybody's business! Tricia's preferred profession would be an attorney.

Patricia: This is the romantic. The visionary. The one that can get caught up in the clouds. Patricia is the one that hears "Come Away With Me" and could totally get caught up into the song. Patricia is the one that loves chick flicks, believes in love at first sight, and is extremely vulnerable and emotional. (If y'all tell anyone this Imma raise hell). Patricia loves and loves hard. She could live on a boat with the one she loves shelling shellfish for the rest of her life. This is the girl that could sing "Midnight Train to Georgia" and mean every word of it. Patricia is a bleeding heart compassionate. Patricia loves to write. Patricia's preferred profession would be so over working. She would be a grifter.

Trische: (Prounounced Trish): Trish is the sexpot. The tri-sexual "I'll try anything once" kind of chick. The one that is bout it bout it, and pulls out all the bells and whistles when necessary. The one that likes it, likes it good. The sex kitten that comes out the box at the drop of a dime, and puts on a show and knows that "Tonight What Heights We'll Hit. . .On with the Show this is It" type of day. She's the sexpot that can take them or leave them, and leave them wanting for more. Trische's preferred profession would be to marry well and look cute all day.

Pat: Pat is a hot mess. But not in a good way. Pat's bark is actually worse than her bite. Pat's pokerface is on 24/7 and she is usually the one that comes out if things are not going right for Trische, Tricia, or Patricia. It's a barrier, giving the pretense that everything is okay. Pat is dependable and take charge. Don't play with her, but dependable. She gives it to you straight with no chaser. She is NOT warm fuzzy, but she's deliver the goods. Maybe not packaged the way you need them, but packaged nonetheless. Nobody knows Pat's business. Pat's profession would be anyplace where she can delegate. Not in a tyrannical way, but some where high profile where she would end up winning an Essence award or something.

P: P is new. P is a pop culture, history, political, spiritual enthusiast, who is laced with double entendre's, tongue in cheek comments, and hidden meanings in everything. P gives her two cents which turn into 25 cents. P is an entrepreneur that doesn't take anything too seriously (Just like Tricia). P is counted on to give good, objective advice, and opinions. P doesn't like her current job and is actively seeking another one. P would like to write or own a bookstore or be a historian on PBS. Looking like a teacher/whore with glasses on.

Have you seen any of these in me?
What are your Heartbeats and many faces?


The Phoenix aka ThatGirlTam said...


The Phoenix aka ThatGirlTam said...

So I'm tryin to figure out how come Pat is always crashing my damn parties...that bitch DON'T PLAY...always lookin all crazy in the corner thinkin ain't nobody lookin - but I see that heffa...I see her EVERY.DAMN.TIME!

I'm tryin to figure out when PATRICIA and P will know I have no use for Trische and Tricia sounds too nice to be hangin with

Ok, so here are my personalities (and btw, YES, I DID JUST BUST YOU OUT!)

Tammy: She's the young at heart one. She is fun to hang around, care free and playful. I became Tammy in high school when my stupid teachers couldn't figure out how to pronounce TAMRA correctly (go figure). Tammy is a bit of a rebel - because she CAN BE - and she doesn't care what you think. Her hair and nails are ALWAYS done because let's face it - image is EVERYTHING. She could turn on her "BITCH" switch in a heartbeat. If you don't like it, too bad...She loves to be in charge, but has an issue with people who are followers (go figure). Fake it til you make it! Her chosen profession would be personal assistant to someone HIGH POWERED...because that's where the FUN is!!

Tamra: This girl is all about business. She knows her shit and knows it like the back of her hand. She prides herself in having all the answers. She's a no nonsense kinda woman that has come full circle. Tamra grew up with dreams of being a dancer (think A Chorus Line or Flashdance). Tamra is the artist. She's the creative force behind all things "beautiful" around her. Always willing to lend a creative idea to those in need. She always knew she was gonna be in the arts - whether she was painting, drawing, singing or dancing. She keeps things to herself in fear of being judged. She's insecure sometimes, but she doesn't let it show. She seeks constant reassurance and validation. Her chosen profession: Event planner to the stars.

Tam: Tam is a HOT FUCKIN MESS!! I like Tam the best! Tam is a big kid in a grown up's body. She lives by the seat of her pants. She lives for today, not for tomorrow. She is the nuturing type...the loving wife, doting mother and ever-concerned and optimistic friend. She loves to have a good time. She loves to laugh at herself, but mostly at OTHER PEOPLE! She talks shit and doesn't care what people think...FUCK'EM! She plays hard and loves harder. Once she's declared you a friend, you're a friend for life - unless you cross her...then you betta go hide cuz she'll "cut a bitch"! Tam is the one people call when they need a shoulder to cry on. Sometimes Tam doesn't realize that she's not as "hard" as she lets on...sometimes SHE needs someone to lean on too, but feels the weight of the world on her shoulders. You either love her or you hate her, there is NOTHING in the middle. She is completely open about EVERYTHING because she doesn't believe in secrets...and she's nosey as all hell! So she might even be all up in YOUR shit! She loves to surround herself with friends and family and is the ideal hostess with the mostess! Chosen profession: Housewife and soccer mom

Mimi: She's the phreak. She don't care about what YOU want, she's gonna tell you what you want and make you believe it. She's all about self - you got a problem with that?? Chosen profession: Stripper

Whispering Raven: This is the WITCH. Only people in my small spiritual circle know me by this name. She is all about harmony in the world and in her home. She's an advocate for all things regarding religous freedom. She dispells the myth that Pagans and witches worship the Devil or anything else EVIL. She's the one that will offer you a reading and not charge (because she doesn't think it's right to charge people). She's the one that people turn to when they need guidance. She's calm and serene MOST of the time. Chosen profession: Bookstore and NEW AGE shop owner. She wants to own a bookstore with P but at least 1/3 of the store would have to be dedicated to all things NEW AGE! I'm still workin on that

P said...

@ The Phoenix:

Wow. What an effing surprise. Tam gets all in your bidness?

Gee, how did you keep THAT a secret?


And PS: Who said PAT is the one that comes out at all your parties. YOU.SAID.THAT, not me.

P said...


You forgot to mention that Tam uses her feminine wiles to get extra presents and freebies and sheeat.

The Phoenix aka ThatGirlTam said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA...SO!?? And your point is WHAT exactly?? HAHAHAHAHA

Miss Ahmad said...

okay so lemme get this straight, if I'm not mistaken the oh so private one is opening up!

go on girl!

i dunno if i have myself figured out this well but here's a try.

miss ahmad: miss ahmad is the one everyone falls in love with. drinks hard, loves hard, plays hard and works hard. opinionated, flirtatious and fun. preferred profession-writer

Nicie: that's the loving niece, or younger cousin that always willing to pitch in a help cook, or clean up, or serve at family gatherings. the one who buys the perfect presents for everyone, and smiles lovingly when she feels like taking a valium and/or screaming!
preferred profession-housewife

nisababee: she's the rebel, the one who could be caught just about anywhere doing just about anything. she's the one who moved to LA with the pool shark, the one who went on holiday to Hawaii and stayed for four years, the one who will take a secret to her grave, and believes truly that self preservation is the first rule of nature..and if you fight her beware, she swings first, always!
preferred profession-gansta of love

nisa: she's the chick with a thousand layers, and a million stories. the one who keeps her eye on the prize and doesn't take no for an answer. she's precise and exacting, somewhat of a bitch althouh soft on the inside, but cross her once and you're on your own.
preferred profession: television executive!

rabbit: childish and playful, enjoys slumber parties, staying up all night gossiping, grilled cheese sammiches, hot chocolate and staying in her pajamas all day. loves her family more than life itself and is never more comfortable than when in the presence of all of her siblings. she starts shit, tells on everyone, and is spoiled rotten by her parents. (she's taking the trip to hawaii)
preferred profession: beach bum!

P said...

@ Nisa:

Re: The oh so private one opening up.

Um. Number One.


Number Two.

Even if I wuz, if you told anyone I would have to kill you.

That's Pat Talkin.

And as for your comments . . .You look like you have yourself figured out just fine. :)

The Phoenix aka ThatGirlTam said...

Oh yeah...Tam is also the RIDE OR DIE kinda chic - she'll have your back til the end and dig up whatever dirt you need! *wink* She will DEFINITELY "cut a bitch" - she don't play...and if you're smart, you won't play with her money, her man, her kids, her friends or her SHIT!!

J said...

I've become very good friends with the Tricia.
Seen the effects of the Trische...Damn that girl loves her Yuyo's!!!!
At work...definitely ALL Pat!
In her soul and writing...Patricia....

I'd like to say I see a bit of myself in some of these.....but I'm sure I have multiple personalities of my own as you have seen :)

T. Cas said...

I don't know if I have 5, but I can identify 4.

1 T. is the outgoing one.
2 Jamal is the anti social one who just wants to be left alone
3 R.J. is the nice one who will do anything for the people in his life
4 Then theres the unnamed azzhole whose mission in life is to piss people off with his smart mouth.

The Sarccastik Variable Why said...
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The Sarccastik Variable Why said...

i'm trying to see how i can break this down....

SARCCASTIK - is the socially, politically, spiritually conscious umbrella (i like that analogy) that prevents (i'm freestyling here) others from trying to rain on the parade...AHHH YOU LIKE THAT ONE DON'T YOU!!!! lol...

WEST END MEAN MUGGER - He's the Gator, The Hogg....he believes in poppin' his collar at everybody at a traffic light...DEEBO people first then tell them why you did it...just to let them know what's going on....He can be drunk ass a skunk, threw up everywhere...but he'll compose himself...(while everyone's looking) POP HIS COLLAR...and casually walk out the door like WHAT!!!!

SARCCASTIK BILLY OCEAN - (in my bachelor days) He'll date you for a couple of months...and try to hit your soror....he'll tell a chick to come thru to celebrate her b'day but in the meantime already have another chick on the bed...he'll play the bestfriend role steadily 'hittin the skins....

SARCCASTIK is the one that keep all those cats in order....

Dee said...

I REALLY have 2 think about this one........I feel i'm the same all the time!!!! I'll have 2 come back!!!

Sangindiva said...

Well I have seen-
P- She's mah dawg!
Pat-she stayed for minute, saw I was cool
and out came
Tricia- we kicked and laughed
Patricia- has only poked her head at me once or twice
TRISCHE- yeah... I think everyone should have the private sexy girl to themselves!

Being a gemini- I have a few but I only have 2 pegged.

Sangindiva- Is the me the world sees. She's sweet poised, confident, fun, sexy... a siren.
She's the social butterfly, man magnet, a superstar.

Shannon- is meloncholy, intoverted, reflective, romantic, VERY honest (blunt) and optimistic.

Msnhim said...

Mrs T – She is the responsible one. Does what she need to do and keeps everything moving, she is the “ doesn’t always like it but she’ll do it” kind of girl

T- She is the one that likes to have fun and wants everyone to have a good time… she is going to make you go out even if you don’t want to. She is the comedian and all out party girl

Tanya- She is a MOMMY all the time and can do it all with a smile on her face. She is about her kidsand children in general. She is the one people come to for advise. She keeps it real. She is going to tell you how it is but it all comes from a good place.

Ms. Diva- She is the sex kitten. She is in charge of her sexually and isn’t afraid to say so ( I must admit she’s become my favorite) She is the natural flirt and loves attention. She mostly comes out at parties and nights out.

I loved this post!!!

bunny said...

Wow I never really thought about this, interesting.

Bunny is the one the family calls on. She is the cousin, niece, sister, friend that everyone can depend on because she is loyal to a fault and pretty reliable when you are in a bind. She's goofy and silly and pretty fun to be around. She loves the Rolling Stones and did something outrageous to get backstage at the Stones 'Back To Babylon Tour'. She love, love, loves to travel and has been to some amazing places.

Huffy is Brandon's (TS) guardian and godmother for life. She is the one who wants to see the best in him no matter what and is very protective of him but had to learn to let go and let him learn from his mistakes.

Donna is the good girl. Labeled the good daughter, the responsible one. The one who never does anything out of pocket. She is the one who is extremely shy and is scared of the dark (for real)I hate this heffa she needs to break the hell outta good daughter mode. Although, she keeps some aspects of her life a deep, deep secret. Secrets only her therapist knows about(shhhhhh)

DL, now she's the bossy (Kelis) bitch who doesn't take shit off of nobody and will cuss a mug out in a minute. Don't believe it, ask her Lt.(old boss) at the Navy base. She's still a loyal friend and will stand by your side til the very end but will snap when she feels confronted. She's moody but crazy and serious but funny and she worries all the time. She's cool as hell in spite of her moodiness and easy to talk to.

Auntie D.Brown is the meanie play auntie who takes no crap from her play sisters (the R girls) little kids. She keeps their little asses in line when their parents look the other way and let them run around like little banshees.

Godmommy is the dollface baby's puppet. She pulls strings and makes me do all kinds of crap but not unlike Auntie D. Brown she will check dollface when needed. Although e'rybody says dollface is a spoiled brat due to the godmommy. It's all good though cause she's the sweetest kid on earth :-)

Cocoa Girl said...

Trische's preferred profession would be to marry well and look cute all day.


I love that one;-)