Thursday, July 06, 2006

100 Thangs About P

Since I have had to stand up to claims that I am a (ahem) private person, I decided to do this post. I was not tagged for this so I won't return the favor. Actually, I didn't think that I would be able to fulfill this task because I did-ent think that I would come across a hundred things without repeating how fine and sexy I am. So, without further adieu, here are 100 thangs about P.

I am the youngest of five children
I am allergic to raw tomatoes

I would like to be a philanthropist, and give most of my wealth away to good causes.
I am the victim of a crime
I love the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf
I love Crime Shows, Books, and Crime Audio CD's. My Favorite: "The Patient", by Michael Palmer.
I can recite Friday, Beverly Hills Cop, Boyz in the Hood, Kill Bill Vol 2, and Five Heartbeats almost verbatim
I do not have a very close relationship with my family. (Trust me, those that say that it’s usually THEM, but my family is crazy, you already know of one).
I am happily heterosexual
But I do occassionally have
girl crushes
I have lots of skeletons in my closet
I am NOT bi-curious or bi-sexual. Look up girl crushes you effen freaks.
I have irrational phobias
I never sit with my back to the door of ANYTHING.
I don’t really eat pork, the other white meat
Not into new age stuff
I budget my money VERY well
I get nervous around people who do NOT budget their money well (I feel like they are spending my money)
I have dated a few NFL players - but the black pilot was the most impressive.
I am a good cook
I am aware that I need to adjust three major things in my life which will remain nameless
I don’t eat TUNA of any kind, under any circumstances.
I want to run the Long Beach or Los Angeles marathon in the next two years
I love the obituaries
OJ and Rodney King cases turned me off from wanting to become an attorney.
But OJ and Rodney King cases defined my writing and journalistic skills
I have had several letters to the editor published in Ebony Mag, LA Times, and the Local Long Beach Newspaper
I would rather be a US Marshall with a Battering Ram busting into a door.
I would also rather be taking survelliance pictures, a la “Cheaters”
I just now feel grown up, in my dirty thirties.
I am in two magazine apparel books modeling and one hair book that will never see the light of day because I think I look ridiculous in them.
I was Little Miss Sugar and Spice 1976 (Little Miss Lynwood), and a runner up in the Little Miss California Pageant
An agent wanted me to do commercials but my mother intervened saying she didn’t want a drug addicted child star, or something like that. Geez.
I swallow gum (Yes, I’ve heard all the stories – I’ve been doing it since I was five).
Have been told that I am an excellent public speaker; and can speak impromptu or planned
I am terrible in math
My major was criminal justice
But I don’t think that’s what I’m going to get my grad degree in. I keep starting and stopping (Organizational Development, MBA, HR, Criminal Justice) – I really don’t know.
I photograph very, very, bad and have to pose myself and take a picture several times for it to come out right
I am an extremely private person (NOT secretive, PRIVATE).
I am planning on learning Italian
I played the flute for seven years
I have missed church service six times in as many years.
Not a fan of Beyonce, Halle Berry, Kanye, and bringing up the rear, Jamie Foxx, for no other reason I don't really like the whole overexposure thing.
I want a wedding but am not sure if I want to be married.
I have a dry sense of humor that some get and others don’t.
I work in a drama-filled environment that is never short of BS.
This is the longest job I have ever held.
P loves
the dark meat
I am a direct descendant from the line of Alexander Palmer Haley, and Nannie Helen Burroughs
I have a big mouth but a soft voice
I am a closet bleeding heart
But I’m not anybody’s sucka
I am huge on personal responsibility and get weirded out with people who point fingers at other folks
I have never gotten high
I do not smoke cigarettes, either
I don’t drink, but have been influence by peer pressure lately
I am obsessed with visiting the
Cayman Islands
I have never been on a cruise, but will be going in about a year.
I did not learn how to swim until I was sixteen
I’ve done “it” in the parking lot of my job several times.
I used to be a collegiate cheerleader (if you tell ANYONE I will kill you)
I went to Barbizon Modeling School in my teens. It was an interesting expensive experience
I wear heels all the time
I am very observant – usually NOTHING gets by me.
I have only had two REAL boyfriends. (But a lot of fun times in between!)
I care about black folks (everybody, really, but this is previous-post based)
My job really gets on my nerves
I want to own a bookstore.
My mother has an invention that can make her (and me, as her ahem, CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER) at the VERY least extremely well off and at the best the potential to make her a multimillionaire. Currently working on getting patented, etc.
I was a DJ in a former life, didn’t pay enough chedda
I would have liked to be a medical examiner (coroner)
I am a devout, backslidden (yes, I know that’s an oxymoron) Christian trying to find her way home.
A lot of people call me for advice, but I try to stray from that, because I have a tendency to get wrapped up in a Captain Save a Ho Mentality
I am unsure of what I want to be when I grow up.
I have been told I look like three celebrities, none of which I look like. Plus, I couldn’t take the credit these women are way too good looking
I can fight VERY WELL
I know how to horseback ride. I’m not on my way to the Olympics in the Equestrian events or anything, but I do okay
I love the Opera
I like Classical Music, but do not buy it
I buy all of my CD’s from
I was introduced to blogging by
That Girl
I think
My Space Sucks. It’s NOT a place for friends.
95 percent of my friends/associates are: Police officers, Attorneys, and Probation Officers.
I’ve considered a run for political office, but would prolly end up with a case for participating in too many fisticuffs
Latino men love me. Not sure why
I have a gag reflex that prevents me from putting foreign things in my mouth (Shut the “F” up,
Tam), and I usually have a very difficult time choosing toothpaste, mouthwash, and such. The dentist hates to see me coming, because they can’t X-Ray me like other folks.
I like all kinds of movie genres and activities.
I am a chameleon and can adapt to any set of circumstances
I had NO HR experience when I got this job
I am still trying to figure out how I got here.
Most people are intimidated of me (not in a “I am woman hear me roar, just like they thing I’m the boogie woman or something). Not sure why
I had sex with my friend’s husband on accident. (Aw, stop laughing and/or get that look off your face. Long Story, but it really was on accident)
I am writing a book (now whether or not I finish it is another story)
I was tossed (well ran out before the police came) out of a Burger King in Long Beach ten years ago. (Another long story but it wasn't my fault)
I didn’t get rid of my pager until 2002, when I was sure that cell phones were here to stay.
I will not be telling you anything else. Ever.

So, what are some THANGS that you want to share about us? OR, any comments on the above in question?


The Phoenix aka ThatGirlTam said...


J. G. said...


The Phoenix aka ThatGirlTam said...

Ok, I'll just drag my comments from

1. LMAO @ not into new age stuff!! shit??

2. Fuck that - YOU ARE SECRETIVE!! and this is coming from someone who KNOWS YOU (and your other personal friends have already confirmed what I know to be true).

3. I didn't know you played the wonder the boys like you best!

4. "I don't drink, but have been influence by peer pressure lately" - HAHAHAHAHAHA...sorry...did I do that?

5. "I've done "it" in the parking lot of my job several times." Translates as: you's a nasty heffa

6. I wanna own a bookstore too...can we have a NEW AGE SCETION??

7. "I have a gag reflex that prevents me from putting foreign things in my mouth (Shut the "F" up, Tam)" - Whaaaat?? What did I do?? gotta admit that's a good one...I even LAUGHED OUT LOUD for like 5 minutes on this one!!

8. I wanna know why you got tossed outta BK...

P said...

@ J to the G:

It really was an accident. I know I sound like a Jezebel, but the truf is it wuz an accident. She still doesn't know.

@ The Phoenix:

1. Yes, I know you know this. So stop cut-ten up talking bout "No shit?"

2. I just spilled my guts on this post and YOUR post and you're calling me secretive?

3. Once again, shut the eff up.

4. Man! I did-ent say it wasn't fun, but I've had more likka in six months than I've had in fifteen years, and I'm not kidding and it's only been like ten glasses.

5. First of all you don't know what "it" is. "It" could be taking a nap, doing homework, whatever.

6. Well, if I own the bookstore, all we have to do is put your pretty little self ova in the corner with one of your T-Shirts, and that's the new age section.

7. I don't care what you say heffa it's true.

8. No comment.

Nexgrl said...

Your love of obituaries is SCARY!

How can you say that you're terrible in math? You said that you can budget your money very well. Excuse me, but that is accounting/math right there.

P said...

@ Nexgrl:

Like Calculus, Geometry and sheeot. Logarithims, base 10 and all that confusing stuff.

Miss Ahmad said...

ooh black pilots..

I had a fling with one of those when I lived in Hawaii, he was soo hot! But he was a cheap mofo and that kinda was the end of that!

i like your list, I don't think I could come up with 100 things about myself!

or rather I don't think I want to!

T. Cas said...

Just a question. If you take bad pictures, (which I don't agree with judging from the WCBH flicks I've seen), why did you go to Barbizon Modeling school.

Glad I got to know more about you. I did this a few months back and it took me over 3 hours to come up with 100 things.

P said...

@ Nisa:

Why come you don't just put fine ass and brillant fifty times apiece? :P

@ TCas: Thanks for the nice compliment but trust me I take fhuucked up pics I hate those WCBH pictures and they know it.

As for the Barbizon Gig, my mother thought it was a good idea b-cuz I was fifteen and five-ten (I'm six feet now) and thought it would do be good for my self esteem, which by the way, I never had a problem with my height, it's fun. But ShE is tall as well and it wasn't fun for her growing up.

It was interesting. They showed you how to do your makeup, walk the runway (and I can do that, i won this little Star Search sheeot in the eleventh grade one year out of Barbizon), and a whole lotta other etiquette fluff. When I'm at my best, I put on "the show", but I'm usually preoccupied with a chipped nail or something. :p

Yeah, It took me about an hour to figga out all of those, I kept going over them because I thought I was repeating something.

Supa said...

LOL! That's why I dig ya P, youse a cool ass chick!

Sex on accident, hunh? Just slipped and fell on it, hunh? YEAH RIGHT

And hey, you can always have a fake wedding. Sometimes those are betta than the real ones.... :)

Girl. You can get past that gag reflex stuff. Thass for punks. Woman up. :)

Great post!

Carmell said...

i wanna see these pagent pics!!!!!

Unruly Brown said...

Aw dayummmmmm!!! (@ Phoenix on that flute comment) LMAO! OMG! *ctfu*

L-O-V-E-D reading this post! Had to read it a few times, mattafact. Man, do we have a lot in pork, hetero, good cook, budget well but terrible in math (how odd is that combo?), got turned off attorney career by external forces, love dark meat, never been high--for just a few. This was veddy veddy in-ter-rest-ting!

chele said...

I love these lists. I did one about a year ago ... there are so many things I could add ... but won't.

Obituaries? My mom is like that too. I always get these phone calls from her telling me that such-and-such died.

um, how do you accidentally have sex with your friend's husband?

Miss Ahmad said...

okay P, I'm trying, right now I'm currently stuck at 35, but I swear I'm gonna work thru it and dedicate it to you!

and by the way don't think I didn't notice you said you weren't gonna tell us nothing else ever!

I'm mean mugging you right now!

Msnhim said...

Great list but I really want to know about this

I had sex with my friend’s husband on accident. (Aw, stop laughing and/or get that look off your face. Long Story, but it really was on accident)


Cocoa Girl said...

I love-ded reading this one, P.

BTW, amen to the New Age!

BTW, 2 - You MUST post about the accidental sexing of your friend's husband.

Was that before or after they were married?

Yeah, I'm nosey, but Supa started it...

Miss Ahmad said...

damn P, it took me two days but I did it. Just 'cuz you can you fight good don't mean I'm scared of you!

P said...

@ Glam:

I saw it and you have upsurped my list. It's GREAT!

bunny said...

Woah your list is awesome and interesting as hell! It makes me wanna think up some stuff about myself.

Thanks for sharing with your "private" self.

bleugod said...

Peace Goddess P

Just wanted to follow up with you about that project.

We emailed you back on the 29th. I don't know if you got the email or not. Just wanted to say if you didn't make sure it didn't end up in your junkmail folder or spam.

Thanks P


Sangindiva said...

Aiight private P!!! :)

This was SUPER informative.
And get to the Caymans- it's the BIZ-NASS!!!
I'm going to need you to help me with the whole budget thing... help me NOT spend my much :)

The Sarccastik Variable Why said...

no tuna at all...damn...what are the two magazines..THANK YOU JEEEZUS!!!! somebody agrees with me that myspace is takes about 15mins to load a damn page...thank you've made my day!!!

Cool AC said...

Love, Love, Love Alex Haley! Wow! That is an honor. I am just proud to say we share the same service! But look at you with the blood running through the veins!

P said...

@ Cool AC:

Thank you, it does make me feel special.


I don't know him from ADAM.

But I AM a direct descendant.

I WISH I knew him.

African girl, American world said...

I want to open a bookstore too :) And um that would explain why I'm not one of your myspace friends since I requested an add weeks ago!!!!

Dee said...

cool ass list!!!!!

I as far as the whole gag thing......practice makes perfect!!!!

I can't swim!!!! I cna't float or dog paddle none of that ish..........

But I can fight!!!!! LOL

P said...


As for the gagging issue.

That pertains to mouthwash and toothpaste. I even have to close my eyes when I'm brushing my teeth, the whole toothpaste frothing in the mouth is really sickening, I'm getting ill just thinking about it.

I've tried everything:

- Tom's Natural Toothpaste
- Colgate makes me sick
- Certain Crest brands sicken my stomach.
- Almost passed out using Rembrandt.
- I'm suspicious of Aquafresh. I think it's more mint than clean.

Is all I'm sayin.

Y'all stop laughing, does anybody have any toothpaste suggestions?

Cocoa Girl said...

Can you try an unflavored toothpaste? BTW, turn away from the mirror versus closing your eyes (do you ever really keep them closed?)

Also, try too use just a dab. Studies show that Americans use too much toothpaste (way too much) when brushing our teeth.

Good luck!

P said...

The coveted information has been disclosed:

Re: I accidentally slept with my friend's husband.

See, what had happened wuz, I met him at a gas station okay. At that time, I remember this girl that I had worked with a LONG time ago had a son the same name as him, and turns out that was his little boy. At that time, we wasn't kicking it, she just worked at my job. So me and dude kicked it and were cool for a minute but he got on my nerves I couldn't verify his W-2 Income.

Then when I started working for my company me and her became good friends (our tie was the previous job) She had a picture of her family on her desk. Sure enough, that fool was on there grinning and sheeat.

They are still married, too.

I was tossed (well ran out before the police came) out of a Burger King in Long Beach ten years ago. (Another long story but it wasn't my fault)

See, what had happened wuz, I was going through a really difficult time in my life. My mom was laid off I had to leave school and work another job my car was tripping, I was temping, just major drama. So my mom came and got me to pick up my check from the temp agency (this was pre-direct deposit, y'all), and I took her to get something to eat (and me, considering it was MY lunch) at Burger King. She got a salad and I got one of the specials.

I noticed she was picking over the food and she commented that there was NOTHING in there but lettuce. So I told her I would go up there and get her another one.

I asked for the manager, who was also the owner and I asked him for a replacement, to which he promptly said no.

I didn't think I heard him right so I asked him again.


I said, well then I will take a refund.


Then I asked why and he indicated that all the salads looked like that and if I didn't like it too bad. He brought some of the salads from the cooler and showed me that all of them looked like that and that he had some other things to do so I could 'go on'.

I told him I was not leaving until I got either another order of SOMETHING, or my money back.

We were getting louder and louder and I could see my mother looking over there.

He said he wasn't giving me jack.



I had the salad in my hand. I put my hands under the salad container and lifted it so all of it fell on his shirt, jumped on top of the counter and said.

"This is Burger King and I WILL have it my mutha fuck-en way. Somebody is going to give me my goddamn money or it's on right th fhuck now"

Meanwhile, I feel someone tuggin at me, and it's my mother, trying to get me off the counter.

The owner yelled out for somebody to call the cops.

My mother is still tugging at me.

I stood there with my hands on my hips. Then I jumped off the counter, and I told him that I wouldn't be back, but somebody was going to blow this joint up.

Yes, I know I could have gotten in trouble for making terrorist threats but that's not what you're thinking when your life is fulla pressure.

I left.

bunny said...

Damn for real?! Super private, super observant P is an undercover thuggette LOL!!! I'm having it my mf way or it's on up in here, up in here. I'm cracking the hell up at the visual! TOO FUNNY!! Hell I know where to go now if folk start ackin' up, to you and Ms. Ahmad

Organized Noise said...

I always love reading these lists. I did mine a while ago and I"m tempted to do another 100.

Jaimie said...

I'm afraid to drive on the freeway. I have panic attacks and feel like I'm gonna die.


NegroPino™ said...

sORRY TO HEAr about you being victimzed....(((HUGS))))

Girl crushes are the best...

xp said...

Girl, Its just ridiciulous how much your list sounds like it should have been mine... I am glad I didnt see your list first cuz everyone would have thought I stole it. I did my list to do it and forgot alot of things, but reading your list was like damn K when did you write this LOL... I am feeling you on the wedding, myspace, so much!