Monday, October 23, 2006

Random Thoughts Monday

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I couldn't sleep , so after I stayed up until four am to watch the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, I turned off EVERYTHING, and started thinking about rambling thoughts. And then I turned the computer back on. I'm giving this to you, straight with no chaser, so without further adieu, here are my random thoughts:

  • Wendy Williams talks too much. She HAS to know that.
  • There is always one girl that always wins all the fucken games at the bridal/baby shower. What she doesn't realize is that we don't really care that she won.
  • Hotmail's email program sucks eggs.
  • I love Spinach. But I won't be buying that bitch no.time.soon!!
  • Boost and Nextel suck when people are noisily using their two way in grocery stores, restaurants, etc.
  • P Diddy gets on my nerves. I don't know why.
  • How come your jam comes on the radio right before you get out the car? And pre-ipod/download, didn't you drive around in your car until the song went off?
  • Who initiates the electric slide at weddings? And how does it end?
  • Dateline's "To Catch A Predator" is must-see-tv.
  • It's fun getting text messages.
  • Who is Deelishus' baby daddy?
  • If Obama runs for president, I am going to vote for him on GP
  • Speaking of presidents, why do we call former president Clinton "Bill", like we are on a first name basis with him?
    Does anybody remember Aspen soda?
  • Little children these days are the most no-going-outside mofos I've ever seen in my life!!
  • Is ICQ still around? If so, does anybody still use it?
  • I always seem to get behind the person at the ATM with multiple transactions and/or appears to have never used the machine before.
  • Remember how cool you thought you were if you have the words to Roxanne, Roxanne?
    What happened to Freaknik?
  • AND En Vogue? (Tam or Glam I am sure have some sort of answer to this).
  • What exactly does Mr. Star Jones DO for a living?
  • Remember the 'mini black power' movement of the late 80's, early 90's (african medallions, final call papers, etc)?
  • Why are the workers at the DMV so grouchy?
  • Remember when Video Vibrations on BET showed Lovergirl by Teena Marie
  • Where's the AIDS quilt?
  • Remember when erry-boddy was talking about the Robin Givens/Mike Tyson Interview: "He shakes, he pushes, he shoves. . ." LOL!!
  • How come when you think you looking hella good you get no play and then people are trying to run you down when you look like hell in a handbasket?
  • Does anybody think that Beyonce and Jay-Z's relationship closely mirrors the pimp/whore relationship?

Any concurrence? What are YOUR random thoughts?


T. Cas said...


Damn Video Vibrations! I forgot all about that.

As far as Mr. Star Jones. I would guess that dealing with her is a full time job.

Which one is the pimp and which one is the whore? I think B has Jay grabbing her pocket talking bout "Get on my single, HO(va)!"

The Wonderfulness Of Dr. Speed said...


As for my random thought:


Miss Ahmad said...

i thought i was the only one feeling kinda random.

en vougue was a put together girl group, and no one could work with dawn were it not for her they might have gave it one more go round for good times sake. even dre tried to work with her had to let that slide.

you know how i feel about Jay Z and my samebirfdayfriend.

True story my friends mom called the police on HERSELF at DMV cuz she thought she was gonna hurt somebody!

Lāā said...

Yes that heffa WW talks too much. I thought I was the ONLY one who was annoyed by Diddy. My sister and I used to hook people up with the lyrics to all the latest songs. I'm not touching the B/J-Z thing LOL

My random thought:

If I don't speak to you and you don't speak to me regularly, why do you want an invite to my party that you know you not coming to.

African girl, American world said...

gurl....I love it!

I too hate those nextel conversations...

the one I laughed hardest at was who is Deelishus babydaddy?? gurl!!! Tyra needs to interview him. LOL!

Girl I miss spinach too.

My random thoughts usually involve musicians or people on tv.

The Sarccastik Variable Why said...

lawd jeezus don't get me started about FREAKNIK...i was there in '93 (me and wifey was just talking 'bout this) where they (APD) had to shut down 75/85 because mofos (like me) was on the highway entering the exit ramp...that's right we TURNED THAT BITCH OUT!!!!!

Whirlwind said...

I was just in ATL and remarked about the Freaknik...too funny..

I miss spinach but you couldn't pay me to eat it...hell, after the strawberry e-coli incident I didn't touch one of those for 2 years.

Hotmail does suck...try Gmail from google, if ya need an invite I've got about 40 left!

My random thought.....
Why are the good things in life feast or famine... why can't that shit balance out into a steady stream of goodness!

Miss Ahmad said...

i forgot my to add my random thought

am i too old to not know the difference between good sex and love or am i finally old enough to know how to love and appreciate good sex?

The Phoenix aka ThatGirlTam said...


Dawn Robinson's CD is actually pretty good, but I think her stankness gave her a bad wrap (although it's MY opinion that her stank was caused by Foster/McElroy and that iron-clad contract).

Aspen soda, huh? Yo...who knew TAB was an energy drink? Was it always?? or was it just some weird tasting diet cola? Yo..DIET COLA...who says THAT anymore?

XL was just askin BL how come he doesn't play outside...street football...when was the last time you almost ran some fools over while they were playing ball in the street??

Wendy Williams has a terrible weave and her stylist should be shot.

I met a nice lady worker at DMV once...but that was only ONE TIME.

I miss spinach too...

I dislike Beyonce and Jay-Z for reasons unknown to me.

My random thought: How come kids gotta say, "Mommy" 500,562,987,548,235,458 times a day?

Koolbreeze said...

my kids are always outside. i be trying to keep them in cause all the crazies running loose. but they always asking "can i go outside?"

chele said...

my kids play outside too

I think Mr. Star Jones, Steadman and KFed all work for the same company: Marry a Rich Woman, Inc. (you can't tell me O and Steaddy aren't hitched)

B, JZ, Diddy and Wendy Williams all bug the crap outta me.

Miz JJ said...

I think people don't want their kids to play outside because they watch too many of those Dateline 'To Catch a Predator' shows. You need to be worried about someone in your family or a friend of the family not some random dude.

Random thought: Is my hatred of Fergie (current reason for hate: using JJ Fad's SuperSonic for her terrible song Fergielicious) in direct relation to how much I loved the song SuperSonic growing up??

Love Miss Ahmad's random thought!

Isha said...

Freaknick - Lived in ATL for 5 years, avoided it for 4.

Kids & Outside - Nintendo was the start of it all! Now X-Cube-Station 3 is the debil!

ATM - I often yell at folk. "You can't apply for credit here...just push Yes"

Random Thought - Why does coke make a Diet, Black Cerry, Vanilla Coke flavor (too much going on) and why do I like it so?

Shai said...

LOL. Good random ponderings.

I think Bey and Jay mirror her mom and dad. Get a u-gly man who looks like he got money and the cute sidekick. LOL.

Remeber when you had to wait all day to hear your jam? Now wait an hour it will play again on the same station. LOL.

Sangindiva said...

You are KILLIN' me with these thoughts!

I'd vote for Obama too- he is soooo cute!
I miss spinach too- The Gub'ment is the debil!

My random thought-
why do I get bored at midnight when everyone else gets sleepy?

Anonymous said...

I had spinach yesterday.

I think Mr. Jones is/was an investment banker of some sort.

I think the whole Bey-Z relationship is a case of mutual accessorization;it doesnt suit either of them to run around unattached.

Wendy Williams knows damn well she talks too much. She also knows thats why she gets paid

Who is Deelishus' baby daddy is will be common knowledge by the end of the year....just a matter of time.

It is 2006, there are NO secrets anymore.

I submit to you if you put Barack Obama, Tennessee Senatorial Candidate Harold Ford, and Massachussetts Gubenatorial candidate Deval Patrick in a line-up, white folk would not know who was whom.

I think the AIDS quilt is in a museum.

Working customer service sucks already and the DMV is ALWAYS busy and aint no one particularly happy to be there. Its just a confluence of bad vibes.

En Vogue STILL owes Foster and McElroy money, I think. They must have gotten their contract from the Hall and Oates/Tommy Mottola template.

Freaknik died the a horrible death due to too many black folk in the same place at the same time making the local chamber of commerce nervous.

The only thing that stops the electric slide is that the damn song ends. I always thought if you kept playing it, folk would keep doing it.

Unruly Brown said...

Bwaaahahaha! Girl, I cannot STAND to hear WW talk at all. When her lil' 2 minutes of commentary comes on the radio, I turn that shit off.

My kids will go outside and DISAPPEAR! Can't even chill and watch CSR cuz I have to watch they lil' asses and make sure they don't go over the hill and nobody snatches 'em. So unlike my mama 'nem, when my babies go outside, I have to go too.

I love text messages too--most of the time, but that brings to mind a random thought: if we've never met and have only talked on the phone/e-mailed/texted a few times, do you really think texting me that you want me bad and asking if you can lick and suck me is gon' get you some action!!!?! WTF!

Diddy doesn't get on my nerves half as much as certain dudes with no clue whatever, but he does irk me too. I cannot STAND seeing his lips, for one thing. EW

I'm still pre-ipod, but I'm also into gas preservation. I park and STAY in the car till that joint goes off! lol

Unruly Brown said...

Oh yeah, I had spinach yesterday, too, with my red beans and rice. mmmmmmmmm ;)

Mizrepresent said...

why is it when the cable man, telephone man, gas man says they are coming between 8am-12pm, 1pm-5pm, they never show up until 5 minutes before the ending time? And what are they doing for the other 3 hours and 45 minutes?

I luv texting, my kids luv texting, but i wish they hated it.

Why is it when you are celibate, everyman you meet is explicit about Sex, how they want it, how you are it? Am i sending strange signals that i'm in need? Is there a banner flashing on my head that says "sex starved"?

Diddy looks like he stays in the mirror too much....and that would annoy me.

Girl i really miss spinach, but i won't eat it no more, in fact i'm scared to eat any kind of lettuce..and i used to love salads.

Freaknik - the beginning of the end for respect of our black women and young girls....

A woman on the move said...

Lol about Wendy Williams, she’s famous for being nosey (go figure)

I put Diddy and Trump in the same category.. Full of shit and themselves.

Little children these days are the most no-going-outside mofos I've ever seen in my life!!

Yet they wonder why american kids are fat.

Osama is the man! I would start my own Vote Demo or DIE rally on his behalf..LOL

Rose said...

Why is Wendy so popular anyway...and who does her weave?
EnVogue was the hottest group...

Jaimie said...

I guess my random thought (since I just got off work from teaching):

Why do women keep having kids that they can't really take care of?

I'm frustrated at a particular parent this year, so she puts me in a bad mood.

Whirlwind said...

ooooh, Jamie...I was thinking that same thing this weekend. I watched a thing on Lou Dobbs live and this family was bitchin' about the system not taking care of them, and how they had to not pay the mortgage so they could buy food, etc etc etc.....and they had 5 kids....5 of them things!!! No wonder you don't have any got 5 kids.

(I know I'm gonna get bitched at for that one)