Monday, October 30, 2006


"Cuz he ain't no different from you and she ain't no different from me, so we got to live out our dreams, like the people on tv. . ." - Alicia Keys, Unbreakable.

I am a sucker for romance, and the warm fuzzies associated with it. Not in the chick flick kind of way - more on an inspirational sense. In a state where relationships are threatened on a daily basis, and the measuring standard of love, for both men and women, is based on immediate feelings, and NOT the long haul, it is always refreshing to see a couple, older or younger, obviously together for a long time, holding hands, or looking at each other with the familiarity of one who can do that as a result of a long term relationship.

Now, with that out the way, I am going to give you who I think are some of my all time bomb ass couples that I enjoyed watching their relationships grow and develop. Yes, I know they are fictional, play along with me here. . . But I also know that life imitates art. . .

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Sam and Mollie - Ghost

This couple impacted me in many ways. It had only been a while since I had lost one of my very best friends in an auto accident, and the whole theme around this movie fascinated me. But the feelings associated with someone that you have a strong connection to, such as these two, are REAL - whether the person has left the earth or not - this is something I also understood. A tearjerker, and a couple who love had no limits. Not even death. :)

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Claudine and "Ru" - Claudine

Any-buddy who has seen this movie knows that this is a 'Man's Man' and Claudine is a 'Ride of Die' chick, even before that term came out. This love was sustained through poverty, the gub-ment trying to keep them down, children, and other influences. In 1972, it was hard enough, surely, for a black couple trying to sustain, but they did it, and made it, as Alicia Keys said, through the technical difficulties. One of my all time favorite couples, bar none.

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Forrest and Jenny - Forrest Gump

Love is simple. It really is. People make it complicated. We really do. But Forrest didn't. Forrest's love for Jenny was so pure, it was almost painful to watch. He loved her through and through, regardless of her actions and activities (which, eventually cost her her life), and, that, is what made her come back to him (and probably because she had nowhere else to go!) But anyway, I believe that her authenticity in loving him was true, too, and was one of the reasons why she was running for so long.

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Jason and Lyric - Jason's Lyric

Ride or Die at it's finest. You could feel the love throughout this movie. And when she was shot at the end, I felt like I held my breath through the entire scene. The love that these two shared was deep, true, sensual, and real. It made both of them grow and trust, and breakaway. And that's why it should do.

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Flo and James - Good Times

Sure, sometimes James yelled too much, and sometimes Flo was a little over the top with her emotional antics, but the fit together. Both of them adored each other and their kids, and until CBS television studios decided to act as if a buffonnish character was more important than a father figure, this relationship worked out quite nicely.

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The Supercouples: Luke and Laura Spencer (General Hospital), Cruz and Eden Castillo (Santa Barbara), and Nikki and Victor Newman (Y & R)

Being the latch key teenage child that I was, I was totally into Soap Operas back in the day and back in the day, Supercouples were what was hot on the streets.

Luke and Laura: I never watched GH, but I knew for dayum sure who they were. I was kind of creeped out when I found out he raped her, and then they ended up together, but I had to include them on GP because one, there was a song that was made after them, and two, EVERYBODY knows who Luke and Laura are.

Cruz and Eden: My personal favorites. I was a HUGE Santa Barbara fan back in my ABC Afterschool Special Tween years, and the relationship between these two (Played by Marcy Walker and A Martinez) was indeed special. There is a Santa Barbara web site dedicated to fans of the show, and the Cruz and Eden characters readily admit, that, although they never dated, they believed that they were real life soulmates, and that's how come their chemistry was so well on the scene.

Victor and Nikki: The song "I'm in love with a Stripper" would fit in quite nicely here. I havent' watched soaps in over a decade, but I know these mofos are still smelling up on each other - even after divorces, affairs, children, and anything else in between that fills in the soap opera drama gap. When I'm in the grocery store, and I see the magazines at the front counter they are still plastered on the front. . Hell, Victor and Nikki are like Luke and Laura for the CBS soap watchers.

So, who are your "Unbreakable Couples?" Are any of yours on THIS list?


Miz JJ said...

I love this post. Especially the soap couples. Although I like Robert and Kelly more than Eden and Cruz on Santa Barbara. How do I still remember that stuff.

I would probably add Love Jones to that list. When you can go through the drama and come out and still want to love each other. That is unbreakable to me.

chele said...

George and Weezie

Edith and Archie -- did you see the episode where he almost cheated on her with a waitress?

I really liked Paul and Jaime on Mad About You, too.

And since we're discussing fictional couples, I can't leave out my favorite cartoon couples:

Homer and Marge (Simpsons) & Peter and Lois (Family Guy)

P said...

@ Miz JJ.

What you know bout Kelly on Santa Barbara? (That was Jenny from Forrest Gump). But, was Robert is his name.

Oh, Hellous Yeah to the Love Jones crew. That's a bomb soundtrack, to boot. That's the first time I knew what steppin was (as in Step to the Name of Love) when I saw them do it.

@ Chele: Girl, YES, I did see that episode. . .That one, along with the one where she (Edith) was almost raped, was VERY intense. . .

African girl, American world said...

All 3 couples on Soul Food the series...especially Maxine and Kenny.
Don't laugh but I loved Nick & Jessica...that man loved that girl and wanted the best for her no matter what. He loves fame but knows how to balance it whereas the Jessicas and Beyonces of the world live for fame.

Gotta give blue collar love a shout out with Zora and Franklin from Dissapearing Acts.

The Sarccastik Variable Why said...

what happened to hope and bo brady? lawd jeezus i can't believe i still remember them and weezie

Phil said...

Love Jones. Darius and Nina. I need not say more, but if I were to, I reference everyone to that hug at the end of the movie when they realized that their love was just as strong if not stronger 365 days after last seeing or speaking to each other. If you couldn't feel the way they missed each other and had grown past the bullshit that came between them the year before in that one rain-drenched hug; you need help...

P said...

@ Phil:

LMAO @ Darius and Nina: you need help...

Very true.

The whole last 20 minutes of the movie was very, very emotional.

I forgot all about those fools when making the list. One of my favorite movies, as well as the soundtrack. . .

Mizrepresent said...

I love Sanaa and Omarr Epps in "Love and Basketball", Sanaaa worked her azz off to prove her love to this man..that scene when she played him, had me tense and in tears. Billy Dee and Diana, "Mahogany", okaaaaay! Okay, this might sound strange, but the strange love triangle between, Miss Celie, Sug, and Mister, think about when both Celie and Mister were jealous of Sug's new man, and how they anticipated her coming...classic (lol). Yeah, Sanaa and Wesley in Disappearing Acts...i real love and drama. Fred and Wilma, my favorite cartoon couple.On Soul Food, i pulled more for Byrd and her man, more than the others...they had that ride or die, live thru some shit kind of love. I loved Claudine and the soundtrack.

Miss Ahmad said...

i'm all about Diana and Billy Dee in Mahogany!

That is my shit right there!!

P said...

Mz Represent: Re: Love and Basketball.

Dayum if my heart wasn't beating during that Mechelle N'Degee Ochello Song, "You Made a Fool Of Me", and Dayum could I not see his soul in her eyes, and in that basketball game. Hell I felt like I was playin.

Miss Ahmad: "You Want My Arm to Fall Off?" CLASSIC SHEEOOT BABEEEEEE!

PS: Am I the only mofo on here that hated Disappearing Acts (the movie). I think I was thrown off with the whole Wesley Snipes playing Franklin. I had someone else in mind for it. Now I love Wesley and his acting, even after the whole Asian fiasco . . . I just didn't have him slotted for that. And the movie just didn't work for me. Dunno why. :(

African girl, American world said...

A lot of people said that about D.Acts but I loved it!
My favorite line is when Sanna/Zora says Fuck Vinny to Franklin/Wesley when he is all up in arms about his boss. I love it because he sees that she has his back no matter what!

P said...


The Sarccastik Variable Why said...

i didn't read disappearing acts but i thought it was a good movie...

Jaimie said...

Corny as it was, I loved Leonardo and Kate Winslet in Titanic. What were there characters names again?

And of course Larenze and Nia in Love Jones.

Supa said...

#1: Rup and Claudine

#2: Darius and Nina

Hey P!!!