Thursday, March 30, 2006

California Love. . .

I've had it.

I've had it from my in house California whiners as well as 'ex' Californians who have beef with the Sunshine State.

"California has a high cost of living"
"California's home prices are too high"
"California people have attitudes"
"Traffic sucks in LA" (Okay, well traffic DOES suck in LA)
"I'm moving to Las Vegas, Arizona", etc, (or any of the other 'hot on the streets cities' right now.)

I'm not talking 'bout folks moving because they want to move to another state for career purposed, or a slower paced lifestyle, or even for the aforementioned reasons.

BUT. Why do you have to badmouth my lovely state? You may not care for it anymore, but there are plenty of people who do (present company included). I certainly, considering that yes, I do find issue with some things that go on here, full on understand that Cali ain't for errr-body, and errr-body ain't for Cali. . .

Have I ever thought about moving? Sure: To Hotlanta, Denver (for some reason I'm obsessed with Denver and have never been there), New York (Manhattan in particular) Dallas, and New Orleans (that's out). Hey, and eventually, maybe I will and maybe I won't, but not because I'm fleeing the CA. Just because I want to.

Everwhere you go, you are going to take issue with something. I was not born out here, but I was raised here. In the city that I was born in, the houses are a steal, but the gas prices are sky high. My father's gas/electric bill was five hundred dollars for the month. (His house payment is only 400.00).

With that said, I'm about to give it to you straight, with no chaser.

Yes, there is a premium for living in California. I full on understand that. You are paying for many things, comparable to what you are paying for to live in New York City as well. Perhaps people bitch about that as well who live there, but I don't have to hear it.

Sidebar: This is for CA residents who understand this part, IN particular: So many people out here move to the sticks of California, so that they can afford a home. I'm not knocking, it because I don't own that kind of property, yet. But I will be dayum if I drive a hundred miles inland, EACH WAY, with wear and tear on my car, health, and livelihood (not to mention the small fortune in gas), just so I can say I have a three bedroom 2.5 bath with a foyer.

If you move out of California because you can't afford a house out here, just say so. But don't bad mouth it. Why. . .

Because California is home to so many important things, first of which are world famous authors , artists, political commentators, florence nightengales, behind the scenes movers and shakers, and teacher extraodinaires.

It is also home to:

La Jolla (and La Jolla Beach, near San Diego, California, one of the most beautiful beaches and locations in all of CA)

LA Slauson Swap Meet - The place where you can find anything and everything for your all too ghetto fabulous friends and family!

Rodeo Drive - Your own personal wish list, and if you do your money right, the place to go for style specific things: The LV, Gucci, Tiffany, Boss, DeBeers, Coach, Guess, Prada, all their own stores, how fun is that!?!

OJ Simpson Bronco Chase. Sorry kids, had to be there. If YOU think that it was exciting seeing it on TV, imagine knowing that this brother was passing through in your town. Talk about some NegroMustSeeTV!

Monterey, CA - A beautiful Central Coast community, full of quaint bed and breakfast inns, and an aestetically pleasing location for relaxing, and honeymooning.

West Coast Rappers! Snoop Doggy, Dogg. . .THE DAWG. Not to mention Dre, Tupac, NWA,

The San Fran-Cisco Golden Gate Bridge - A true San Francisco Treat! Mildy frightening to drive over, but hey, I'm a thrill seeker.

Home of Numerous Infamous Killers, up to and including:

Richard Ramirez, the Night Stalker, Erik and Lyle Menenedez and Scott Petersen.

AND, last but not least

Home of Melrose Place and Beverly Hills 90210 (Literally and Figuratively)!

We doing BIG THANGS out here in the Califor-Eye-A!

Live, from California, this P, reporting to you from K-PAT FM, the Pattyopolis Network. . .

PS: Do any of y'all get any beef about where y'all stay?


Miss Ahmad said...


I'm a California native and although I've left over and over I keep coming back and it's not because of the cheese!

P! It's the video, I think it's the video that keeps me from being able to log on to your site from home!

P said...

Miss Ahmad:


I am going to take it off, and that very well may be the problem, if so, then Music Jesus is going to have to go.

Msnhim said...

I live in manhatton and for the most part I love it... Now the Bronx thats another story. LOL

The Sarccastik Variable Why said...

gaaydddamnn...$500 for gas/electric...that's crazy...mine was damn near $200...and on top of that gas is $2.50....i can buy me a 6 of "Blue bull"...

The Sarccastik Variable Why said...

oh yea...denver is very nice...been there done that...trying to get the misses to go w/ me next time...

T. Cas said...

I stay just outside of Atlanta. So I get a few different beefs.

Beef #1 - Atlanta has too many DL brothers. This maybe true, but don't be looking at me like I'm one of them. I'm straighter than 6 o clock.

Beef #2 - The traffic sucks. It does thats why I live 5 minutes from work. You can always take MARTA (the train) to work.

Beef # 3 - Since I live in a suburb, people from the city think I live around nothing but white people. Sorry, we are everywhere. They can't escape us.

Beef #4 - Theres too many strip clubs in Atlanta. To which I respond: how is that a bad thing?

okay just kidding about the last one. Nobody's ever said that to me.

Carmell said...

i would love to live there but we prolly couldn't afford to. i would go anywhere with a beach and nice weather.
i think i wouldn't move anywhere because i have lived her my whole life and i KNOW it and know the critters and the climate, and everything so i am comfortable and set in ly ways. but let the hubby get to relocate somewhere warm...i'm out!!!!

jen said...

I live in Alaska and we are very expensive compared to the rest of the country as well. When we went to Hawaii everyone warned us about how expensive food & shit was, but we were like 'hot damn, shit is cheap here!'. We have super expensive food. You know those great deals you guys get on KFC & BK? Add $2-3 to those in AK. And alcohol? Don't even get me started, I always get plastered when I leave the state cause I always start out with a dollar amount that I will spend that night. A dollar goes a lot farther outside of Alaska!!

NegroPino™ said...

BOrn and Raised in SOUTHERN CALI.........

But here in Mass...I complain, but I aint left yet...the gas is HIGH, INsurance is HIGH(the highest in the nation) the cost of living is HIGH(Higher than New York)TO ahve a car is HIGH(Parking,excise tax) Thank GOd ofr WEndy's $.99 menu.....I dont know what I would do.....DOn't get me started on our STATE Tax...Massachusetts ia WHITE mAN state..I swear they do that shit to drive what few black ppl live here, OUT.....Just when WE think WE made it(house out on the burbs), they find something to RAISE.....the one good thing is the ample job opportunies.....DOn't get me started on how much an APT cost here? Ill say what goes for an APT is some ppl's mortgages and then some.....

Whirlwind said...


You should come to Denver. I've been here 3 years now. Before that I was in DEEEEE-Troit! Way better here in Denver. We have over 300 days of Sunshine a year. It's awesome. Now, it does get cold in the winter...but just when you think you can't take it anymore we get a 80 degree day in December!

Traffic is bad....not that traffic is bad, but the drivers are baaaaad.....but it's cuz most of them are from Cali! tee hee....

If you want to come out to my new "D"...let me know, I'll give you the tour.


Dee said...

I have nuthin but love for CALI!!!! My birth city is the shit!!!! Everybody should visit chicago..............that's it just visit and come on back 2 cali!!!!!!

The weather!!!!! Can't beat it!!!!! It's BEAUTIFUL HERE!!!!! it doesn't snow!!!!! I don't own a coat!!!!!



Everytime someone in my family would buy a house, especially if they were younger than me, my grandma would call me and 'rub it in"!!!! Finally I said "grandma I don't care about buying a house!!! I want 2 just be happy and raise my boys"

so BUH BYE 2 all you dumb asses who move miles away 2 bum-fuck-egypt 2 buy a house!!!! You just spend all your money on gas and car way in hell i'm driving all the way 2 parris(sp?) or hemmit(sp?) 2 get a 250,000 house.........

good post!!!

Cocoa Girl said...

Hell yeah!!!

I live in NYC (Manhattan), more specifically I am in Harlem.

The cost of living has gotten out of control. When I moved in my one bedroom in Feb 04, the avg rent in my area was $1200-$1300.

As of November 05, the same size apartments were renting for $1600-the sky-is-the-effing-limit!


Cocoa Girl said...

Sorry, I meant to say that I moved in my place in Feb 05 (not Feb 04). So within only nine months, (November 05) the rents had increased by at least $400.

That Girl Tam said...

I was born and raised here. Los Angeles is my home...My dear husband had been trying to move me to Denver since we got married back in 1997 - but Nnnnooooooooo....I wouldn't hear of it. I finally got to see Denver last year (for a week). I LOVE IT!! The home prices are dirt cheap compared to here and you could live in a mini-mansion for the price of what gets you a shack on 59th and Broadway.

In the end, if I had my choice, I'd still stay here. Where else can you be for an 80 degree Christmas?? HAHAHA

"N" Search of Ecstasy said...

I agree that people (especially those that complain a lot) are going have issues with something no matter where they go!

LMAO @ you posting the pics of the infamous OJ Bronco chase. How could I have forgotten about that?
I must admit I’ve never been to Cali, but from the pics I’ve seen it appears to be a beautiful state.

The only beef I have with where I live is that I do not think that they pay people as much as they are worth here which is why once I’m done with school I will be moving to Tampa. But I’m sure they don’t pay people as much as they are worth a lot of places.

muffin said...

i absolutely LOVE la jolla and monterey!!! damn i miss home!

oh i bitch about living in atlanta ALL THE DAMN TIME. ain't nothin like home!

Miss Ahmad said...

Pat! Girl I was soo hoping to meet you this weekend. I mean especially after I figured out that you too were a Glamazon!

I hope that your conference was good, but we will have to have a meeting of the minds one of these day!

Supa said...

Heeeyyyyyy P!!!! WE MISSED YA GIRL!!

Good to come to your spot and get some CALI LOVE!

It's all about the Left Coast, baby. The more I travel, the more I realize and appreciate what a Cali girl I am. Wesssiiiddddeee

Thanks for the shout! And know u didn't go there with the infamous killers lol

Blah Blah Blah said...

Live in Harlem...moved a year ago from Oakland...lived in Denver and even did some time in Texas....

California will always...without a doubt, be my home 'til the day I die. Although, I don't plan on leaving NYC anytime soon...I still tell people I am still visiting. Wonder how long I can say that? You think it'll still be believeable in 15

Cool AC said...

I LOVE CALIFORNIA!!! I have never lived there, but everytime I visit I hate to go home. One of my favorite Biggie songs is going Back to Cali! (Which I will be doing in Sept! I can't wait!) You forgot to put up Roscoes and Pinks hot dogs! What!!! I love Cali!

Yeah, poeple always hate on DC. But I love it here too. There is so much to do all the time! And the cost of living here IS trying to catch up with Cali. But you all of course have the better weather! So you probably should pay more. HA!