Thursday, March 02, 2006

Scenes We Love

Inspired by Supa, Mwabi, and D in DC, all this movie talk lately got me to thinking:

Whether you have a movie night out with your sweetie or the homies, or hang out at the spot with a DVD (doesn't 'video' sound better), movies are always relaxing, and enjoyable as a pastime.

I like movies and music. I think it's a good conversation piece, and it's always an excellent utilization tool to bring people together, particularly when referring to certain scenes.

Scenes we love. We can recite them, cry about them, laugh about them, rejoice in them, cheer for the victor, and boo the spoiler (even though we may secretly vy for them).

Here are some of my favorite scenes - some of which make the movie. Caution/Warning: If you have not seen some of these movies, and do not want to know some of the pivotal scenes in them, then pass 'em on over.

Glory - Denzel Washington. The scene when he was caught trying to get some food (which later turned out to be looking for shoes). When the Colonel ordered him whipped, and Denzel whipped that shirt off of him, the feeling is just, indescribable. And when they commence to whipping. You could feel every lash, every hit, and winced, uncomfortably so especially at first, at what you were witnessing. And Denzel's face, oh, that's classic. And that one tear. Unforgettable. He, himself believes that is what won him the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.

Claudine - Actually, this whole movie is full of classic scenes, but I had to choose just a few. . .The social worker scene ranks upon one of the BEST of ALL TIME! I grew up looking FORWARD to that scene. Just some classic negro MustSeeTV! The other one, when she beat her daughter with a hairbrush, well, at the time, as a child, I didn't understand why. I full on understand now the magnitude and intensity of her frustration behind that. By the way, Claudine is about the age I am now (she's a few years older), but dang if I don't feel like I pale in comparison to her. . . I sure am glad that I don't have six kids, though!

Gladiator - When Maximus is dying at the end, and he is trying to 'open' up the door to the next life, and he pushes the door, I swear you can feel it. Hell, I almost felt like opening the door for him! And that echo-y, operatic music is playing in the background, and then all of a sudden he is called back and he gives the directive that is straight from Marcus Aurelius. And then he is gone. Then, the woman comes out and strolls and gives her final spiel, then says "He was a soldier of Rome. . .Honor him". And she leaves the Ruler of Rome, Commodus (brillantly played by Joaquin Phoenix), right there! Just a bone chilling wonderful moment!

Boyz in the Hood - Two Scenes: Picture is associated with - when they were harassed by the police. Man, when Trey swings his fists in the air, and fights, and then collapses into Nia Long's arms - I think every brother at some point in time in the hood at least, could emphasize with his pain. Second scene is when Rickey is murdered, and he is hauled into the living room by Dough Boy. The next several minutes are painful - and riveting. Anyone who saw that scene in the movies on the big screen - well, your heart was in your throat. (or as we say it, Thoat!)

The Notebook - When she looks up and says "I remember now - It's Us" and he scoops her up in his arms and they dance and start communicating with each other again, and suddenly, out of nowhere, she experiences dementia again, and they cart her off and he his heartbroken. During that scene, aren't you?

The Color Purple - There was something in the air, and they could all feel it. What a wonderful camera angle, when we saw everyone who had came from Africa (Nettie and the children) and Whoopi coming down the stairs towards them. Then we heard that wonderful yelp of "Nettieeeeee!" And her sister was so overwhelmed, she could barely say her name. . .And so you know the rest of the scene, up to and including Mister watching. Didn't you feel like you were there. Classic Negro MustSeeTV!

Mr. Hollands Opus - When Mr. Holland retired, and he didn't think anyone noticed (or cared), and he went in the auditorium, and everyone was waiting, singing and all, and then at the end, when the govenor (one of his former students), asks him to conduct The American Symphony (the score he has been working on all HIS LIFE and the curtain opened and several of his former students were there!) When he started playing and he was near tears and his wife had the camera. Everyone realized, then, more than ever, what a talent they had. I CANNOT watch this scene without bawling.

Kill Bill, Vol. 2 - Of course, we have fantasies of pulling some bomb a$$ stunts, like 'the Bride' executed flawlessly by Uma Thurman). There are many scenes to choose from, but one I like to think of is the one where she was buried alive, and she finally drew from within, remembering her teachings from Pai Mae, and she gets going. Everytime she hits that casket, you feel like that is you, while she gets herself out of that grave. I'm kind of morbid, I've even watched that scene over and over fantasizing about it. Of course, I would prolly end up dead from screaming and crying so loud and wouldn't have gave an eff about Pai Mae's teachings. The accompayning music blends in perfect with the exhilarating, feel good, engrossing moment. Love it.

Crooklyn - When the matriarch of the family passes, the spouse and the children are devastated. It takes the baby (and the only girl, boy-ishly named Troy) awhile to break down, but once she does, she realizes that her mother was in a lot of pain, and she says, very bravely, that she is glad she is not in pain anymore. Then "A Mighty Love" by the Spinners, starts playing softly in the background, and the progresses louder, where you see people talking and laughing, and just moving on in life. It shows that even in the deepest darkest hours, life goes on. . . Love it. Oh, I also like when Troy goes to visit her great aunt in that fancy house and she loses the dog. Gotta see the movie (and know a lot of older stuffy black women) to understand the hilarity (is that a word) of it!

The Five Heartbeats - Who can forget when Eddie Kane Jr. came to the concert after he was replaced by Flash. Weren't you embarassed for him when he was standing there looking (more) slender than usual, with some outdated clothes. And then when he opened up his coat?!? Once again, a classic Negro MustSeeTV moment! And everybody who has seen that movie KNOWS what song he was sanging. . .

Who makes the scores for all these movies, because they are the bomb!

Okay, I know it was a long post. So, do you agree with any of these? I have more, but hey, I could go on and on. . .What are some of your favorites?


Miss Ahmad said...

Kill Bill Vol 2-When Uma breaks out of that coffin! I saw that movie three times in the theater just to relive that scene! that was woman power to me!

P said...

I tell you what. That's my favorite scene. It's just riveting.

T. Cas said...

ok, so I'm a typical man, but my favorite scene is in "Scarface" when Tony Montana is all coked up and says "Say hello to my little friend"

Also that moment in "The Sixth Sense" when Bruce Willis realizes... I wont say it just in case somebody hasnt seen it.

In Mo Better Blues when Denzel comes to club after getting his lip busted and can't play his trumpet no more. I felt his pain.

Damn, you are right there are too many movie moments to mention

P said...


I guess I did name a lot of chick flicks.

But all of those are my favorite.

And thanks for not giving away the very best part of the sixth sense!

The Cocoa Lounge said...

The Glory scene that featured the one tear rolling down Denzel's cheek has GOT to be Denzel's greatest cinematic moment--ever.

That tear should have gotten an Oscar nomination! LOL.

Dee said...

There are soooo many!!!! You covered some good ones!!!!

I have never seen did I miss that??????

The Sarccastik Variable Why said...

the misses love the 5 heartbeats and can recite backwards and forwards...i haven't seen the whole thing..but i do remember her saying "Eddie Kane"...

D- said...

I love the movie Claudine!!! You've inspired me to hunt it down tonight so that I can watch it this weekend. Oh, and the soundtrack for Claudine is the bomb!!! If u haven't heard it, check it out. If u love Gladys Knight and old soul music you will luv it.Great post!

P said...


Gurl, I gots the Claudine Soundtrack, Oka.

BTW: The Claudine DVD is online for target for 6.99, which means they prolly have it at the store.

Georgiapeach said...

What Claudine?!! Great post. You were on pont with all of these!

That Girl Tam said...

Ok, I'm a cornball...but I LOVED Eddie & The Cruisers lol...ummm Carlito's Way and about 15 movies from Ryan's Disney

Georgiapeach said...

Oh no, I've seen Claudine a thousand times. I was super shocked that you had it on this post. My mother made us watch all the "mustsee" black movies.

Miss Ahmad, I have seen every single old school Pam Grier movie as well as the Cleopatra Jones movie series. My mother didn't play that. We got to see those movies when we were younger, even with the sexual content scenes. :)

Thank you for the compliment on my posts.

Carmell said...

girl you got one movie on there that didn't bring a tear to my eye when i saw them!!!
i got your email and looking forward to the bokk. thanks a million!!!! i'll let you know when i get it.

Myrah said...

ahhh those were all so good!!! Love the MJ video too!

Supa said...


When Cuba yells out Ricky's name, then the slow mo starts, and fine ass Morris Chestnut starts running, then gets blasted in the back...

OHMIGOSH I have to call in sick to work the next day whenever I watch Boyz in the Hood...

You named some damn good movie scenes, ma! And I'm with you and Ms. Ahmad on the Kill Bill.2 scene when Uma breaks outta that coffin...POWERFUL

AND, in Claudine, when James Earl Jones hugs Lawrence Hilton Jacob's character in the bar - I start bawling like a big ass baby.

The Notebook does it to me, too. Crooklyn, too...

Jaimie said...

Those are all good P, although some of them I haven't seen (Opus and Kill Bill). Crooklyn is one of my favorites. I cry every time I see it.

I loved Carlito's Way. The scene where he breaks into the door to be with his girl. Sexy.

P said...


Man, when Rickey is walking and scratching off that lotto ticket, you just KNOW something is about to go down, especially with the music, and then Cuba yells, as you says, and he drops that cornmeal and starts running. Okay, hit in the leg, we saw that, we were like "end of football career", okay, but when that fool shot him again?!? Oh, be still my heart.

Remember Dough Boy dropped his gun when he got there? That to me showed how devastated they were.

Jaimie: Girl, you as a teacher, should treat yourself to Mr. Holland's opus. You would love it, or at least I think you would. And Kill Bill - make sure you see Vol1 before Vol2 to get the whole picture of it.

Msnhim said...

I love the Five HeartBeats... I've seen it a million times and the scene you mention always breaks my heart. said...

its Mwabi - new blog, long story

and here you all had me feeling like I was watching too many chick flicks :) Gurl...The Notebook, lil Troy (Ladybug) taking care of the fam once her Mama dies, Olivia, when Leon's character introduces his son to Robert Townsend's character and he is named after him...gurl you got me going over here but I needs to go to bed so I'll be back with more tomorrow!

ooohhh oooh in LOve & Basketball when she says I'm playing for your heart....damn!

jen said...

I agree wholely with The Notebook (the whole movie was emotional for me, I love it), Boyz N' the Hood, and Mr. Holland's Opus.
Another movie I love and always gets to me is Fried Green Tomatoes. If you haven't seen it, watch it. The parts with Kathy Bates are pretty lame, but it's all about friendship between 2 women, I love it.
Another movie that gets to me is Blow, when Goerge is looking out on to the prison yard and sees his daughter and it's all an illusion. I felt so bad for him, even though he was a big time, real life drug dealer.

P said...


I agree with you about The Notebook. I had heard a little about it, so I was bawling all the way through it.

Might of been near my cycle, but still dramatic, nevertheless!

nikki said...

my favorite scene of all time is at the end of the color purple when celie and her sister are playing pattycake as the sun sets behind them. that scene and the score are just heartwrenching. man, i'm tearing up just THINKING about that scene.

another scene from that movie i love is when celie finally stands up to man and does her speech about "until you do right by me everything you do goin fail..."


i love the end of the five heartbeats when the guys are at the cookout and they're about to dance and they put their hands together and then look at eddie...then he says "you sure you wanna hang with ole eddie kane?"...i cry every time i see that scene.

the one you mentioned makes me cry, too. he just looked so downtrodden!

nikki said...

oh, and how can i forget the "god's tryin' ta tell you somethin'" scene???

now THAT scene is tied for first as my favorite of all time.

"see daddy? sinners have souls, too!"


P said...


You are RIGHT On in those scenes, especially when Shug went busting into her daddy's church, and he finally embraces her.