Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The White Man Has the Power!

Or, so I thought. . .but at least I thought that's the deal was. Perhaps there was a double entendre going on, as least in my mind!

What, might you ask, am I referring to?

Well, I'm referring to the fact that often times, we recite words of a song, thinking we're precocious children, know it all teenagers, up on thangs young adults, and got it going on grown folks. Tam and I were talking about this the other day, so I decided to write about it!

I myself, have fallen victim to several re-wording of songs. Like to hear it, hear it goes.

Steve Wonder has a song, and I would sing this song all day when I was a child. I would say "You're the Only Woman, What's wrong with me, You're the only woman, baby can't you see?" Who knew that the song was "Boogie On Reggae Woman?" Who knew?

Atlantic Starr - If you're heart Isn't in it. I used to say "It's a bad time situation. . .It could fall apart at any time. . ." Well, it's a fragile situation and it's a bad time situation, isn't it all the same, anyway? :)

Doobie Brothers - What A Fool Believes - Well, how I was I supposed to know that he was saying "No Wise Man Has the Power to reason away". I would yell as a child "The White Man Has the Power, it's slipping away!"

Planet Rock - I don't know anything about that song except for Rock, Rock, to the Planet Rock, don't stop and it's the Soul, Sonic Force! Everything else about that song is a blur.

Good Times - I kind of get the impression that all of us knew the same words. I tell you what, I used to say "Easy Cradle Rip Off" instead of "Easy Credit Rip Offs". I also didn't know the last sentence right before "Ain't we lucky we got em, which is" "Hanging in a Chow Line (Good Times)", until I saw Dave Chappelle talk about it on his show!

Bennie and the Jets - First of all, this is one of my all time greatest songs, but who knew the words to this. But I guarantee you, that everyone here that knows about old school has sung this entire song, and loved every bit of it. I'm about to let y'all know the lyrics of the part that I KNOW all of y'all sing, so stop frontin: She's got electric boots a mohair suit You know I read it in a magazine (eeeh, oooh!). BBB Bennie and the Jets (Yo a$$ knew that part, didn'tcha!. (By the way, I just looked that sheeat up). Iknowwhatyoudoin, you're humming in in your mind trying to figure out what you have been saying all these years, arentcha! Isn't that one of the greatest live recordings?!?

By the way, I still don't sing Stevie Wonder and Elton John songs they way the lyrics are spelled out; too traumatizing. I would rather keep it safe and pure in my little childlike mind.

I could go on and on (you have no idea), but I won't. I know this much is true. . . I KNOW I am not the only one. So, readers. . .It is your turn.

What songs have you effed up, and, have you gotten it right, yet?


Jaimie said...

I've probably messed up too many songs to count. Its easy, if the lyrics aren't clear. It's funny the things we can come up with to write about on these dang blogs. You know I do it too!

P said...


Your post about the cereal was the bomb. As you can see based on my comments, I loved that one!

Carmell said...

too many to be writting about. funny thing is i prolly heard the songs more when i was younger...even wrote the lyrics down and understand them better now because i'm such a wise woman! ;) but yeah is a shame how bad i messed songs up. when i hear them now i'm like O that what they said! damn i've been saying the wrong shit all these years!

and on the Doobie Brothers... you can't help but mess Michael McDonald songs up. can't understand a word he says but that man can blow!!...have to put my plug in...we went to the same high school!

Lāā said...

I've messed up a lot of songs too. Like Popcorn Love by New Edition, my sister and I used to think that they were saying 'Want more love.' He even spells popcorn in the song and we still didn't get it.

Nowadays it's easy to get the words mixed up because they sometimes have 2 versions of songs.

Msnhim said...

GOOD Times- Thank you for clearing that up! I never new what the hell was being said in the line. Although I feel more confused now than before.Whats a Chow Line? LOL

Supa said...

My RR#2 (The Girl) would listen to Nina Simone's "Sinnerman" and for YEARS sung along saying "CINNAMON"....

I'll be back when I think of more..

That Girl Tam said...

I'm glad you posted this...saved me from having to do it...and since you already know mine, I'll share with everyone else...

The Hughes Corporation - "Rock the Boat"

The REAL lyrics were:

"So I'd like to know where you got the NOTION. So I'd like to know where you got the NOTION...(blah, blah, blah) LOVE AND DEVOTION!"

My version:

"So I'd like to know where you got the I'd like to know where you got the LOTION..."

I couldn't figure out what lotion had to do with "don't rock the boat, don't tip the boat ova"

And I'm mad that you said Benny and the Jets. That was the cut...and I'm still mad that you've never heard the ORIGINAL STEVIE WONDER VERSION of "You and I" - your cool card is gonna be revoked for that one....

P said...


You are just classic for putting me on blast ain't cha.

And I gave you that nice compliment this morning, too! You is a cold sista.

Well, if someone is going to rock the boat is lotion involved in any way, shape or form, somewhere?

And anyway, what you know bout the Hughes Corporation?

And what I really want to know is, what you know bout Frankie Beverly and Maze? :P

That Girl Tam said...

Ewww...@ Frankie Beverly, Maze, that tired fuckin hat he's always wearing and that GOTTDAMN Silky, Silky Soul Singer....I HATE FRANKIE BEVERLY! And how gay is that name? (no offense to my gay brothas and sistas - but come on now...FRANKIE BEVERLY??)

I don'tgiveadamn WHOSE feathers I ruffle on that one...I don't like me no Frankie Beverly...ewww....weren't we just talking about this last night??

Cool AC said...

Ummm, The song by Michael Jackson, I still don't know the words. "mama say mamma son, my my sistah..." LOL!

Carmell said...

o i don't like Frankie Beverley either. i think they had 1 song that i liked..."After the Morning After"

Closet Owner said...

I mess them all daughter loves and hates it.

I will wait to the chorus and belt out complety wrong but resonable words.

My daughter screams "DADDDDDDD"

I happily continue with the words I like and she boos and complains.

Supa said...

Why ya'll beatin' up on my man Frankie Beverly? After all, he said "We Are One..."

P said...


I'm with you (even though I didn't start feeling him until my late twenties).

I don't think that Tam can get passed his hat and how he looks.

Happy Feelings,
Golden Time of Day
Before I let go (La, Ladadadadaa)
Feel that I'm Feeling.

I really don't think she can get past that hat and sandals and beard, because that was one of my issues at first, and then I so got over it!


dp said...

I always mes up that Stacey Lattisaw jawn 'Perfect Combination'. I be at the bulletproof tkeout jawn looking up at the colored pictures on the menu board (damn, why them pictures look so good?!? when I take my shit out the carton it never looks that good)

I be like...
Special Combination,
Lobster Cantonese,
a special combination,
with pork fried rice and eggggg roll

okay, yes I am retared like Rain Man

P said...


We've officially decided. . .

You are not well. . .

That Girl Tam said...

Ok're makin me sick here with all the Frankie talk...and then you list his damn songs! EWWW...didn't I say I can't STAND THAT MUTHA FUCKA? Girl you know my nerves are bad right now...why you playin?

Lookin like a gottdamn Monchichi in a hat....

T. Cas said...

I obsess over lyrics, so I hate when I mess them up. Do you remember that Guy song "Piece of My Love"? In the beginning, does he really say "dumb b*tch"? I downloaded and played like 50 times and I think he says that.

Cocoa Girl said...

I used to mess up Mariah Carey's "I can't live, if living is without you" song (ya see, I still don't know the appropriate title).

I used to think she said "No, I can't forget the SEMEN (correct words: 'this evening'), or your face as you were leaving..."

Please don't ask what I was thinking...

P said...


You have asked the 24 thousand dollar question. . .

I think erry-body has asked and pondered that, to which we all have no answers.


Cocoa Girl:

Have to ask? WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!?! Phreak!

nikki said...

i'm a huge doobie brothers fan and i still get the lyrics messed up.

i still get al jarreau lyrics mixed, but i know it's cuz of his vocal stylings. i can't think of any more off the top of my head, but you're list does a pretty good job of covering it.

Nichelle said...


"Ewww...@ Frankie Beverly & Maze"

Bite your tongue!!!!


I be like...
Special Combination,
Lobster Cantonese,
a special combination,


Dee said...

This will be in my head ALL day!!!!

I have messed up a few back in the day but my momma or brother would correct me on the spot!!!!! Sing wrong lyrics???? NEVER!!! LOL

Now I do have a bad habit of doing this hum/sing thing when I don't know the words to a song theese days!!!! Drives my oldest son CRAZY!!!!! He says "mom you are messin up a good song" That makes me want 2 do it LOUDER!!!!! Even when I learn the words i still hum/sing just 2 piss him off!!!!

The joys of parenthood!!!! LMAO!!!!
good post!!!!

Dee said...

uh Tam you just lost cool points!!!! How could you talk bad bout Frankie?????? hmmphh!!!!

Miss Ahmad said...

i can't even get regular run of the mill sayings correct, so i'm a flat out mess when it comes to songs..

you should hear me murder celia cruz in spanish!

it's awesome!

That Girl Tam said...

If I ever see Frankie Beverly, i'mma jack him for that TY-RED ass hat and I'm gonna BURN IT!!! Frankie Beverly with his MONCHICHI lookin ass SUCKS!