Monday, February 27, 2006

Thanks, for Holding it DOWN!

As we wrap up black history month, (so to speak) it's time to send the shout outs to those that have made it possible for us. Those that have held it down, both nationally, personally, and in blogland. You all know the basics in black history - the loves (King, X, Wheatley, Drew, Tubman), and the embarrassingly (Clarence Thomas, Simpson, Jackson (Jesse, Michael), Sniper, Whitney, etc. So, like to hear it, hear it goes.

By the way, this is only a sample. We are so brilliant in what we do, I had to stick some GP stuff in here. After all, it's all good in blogland. . .

Isaac Murphy - He won the Kentucky Derby three times. His winning percentage of 44 percent in all races that he has won, has yet to be matched. He also earned, during his time, ten thousand dollars a year, which was ten times the annual salary for white men. They only began to disappear because of resentment of white racers. Also, did you know that blacks won the first 15 of 28 Kentucky Derbies (Yeah, that's right, we rode horses). That was one of the first skills that we learned as slaves, how to manage and maintain stables. Isaac, thank you. Without you and your trailblazing, we would not have a Marlon St. Julien.

Friday: The Movie - This is some Negro MustSeeTV. Cube: Thanks for giving us a movie to watch, whether it's a date movie, kicking it movie, bored movie, or even being down. We know that this is a place that we can go for some real talk, for some hella laughter, and classic performances by all involved. For that, we thank you.

Madame CJ Walker. My She-Ro. My sista, my sista, thanks for hooking it up! A friend to all black women in need. We can't say enough about her. The woman who revolutionized hair care products. First black millionairess. But most importantly, how in the hell would we be looking without your vision!

Ebony Magazine - The beginnings of being in the know with black celebs. Our blog versions would be Crunk and Disorderly and Dallas Penn . By the way, Crunk and Disorderly is the winner of the 2005 Black Web Blog Award for Best Entertainment Blog. A true guilty pleasure! And DallasPenn, well y'all know those are a group of Crunk and disorderliness on their own right. Theirs is not so much of a guilty pleasure more than it is they are like family. At least hear at K-PAT, we luvs them. But, we would have never been able to serve up the dish without the Beloved John H. Johnson of Ebony Magazine. No Vibe, Vixen, Source, XXL, Dallas Penn, Essence, or anything in between would not have been possible without this trailblazer paving the way. See that picture of Pam Grier (AKA Friday Foster), well that was when the Ebony Magazines were REAL Big (dontacklikeyoudontknowwhatimtalkingbout)

Lorraine Hansberry - A modern day playwright. Wrote the screen play to A Raisin in the Sun. . .Another Negro MustSeeTV movie. . .She no doubt had obstacles in her way, being both black and a woman 40 plus years ago. But she made it happen. She no doubt had support along the way. But she was the initiator. Now, without her and those behind her (considering I KNOW there were many black women screenwriters who tried and failed, not because of their merit, but because of the sign of the times), we would never know and love SupaSista, brilliant author extraordinaire, screenwriter, humorist, future Oprah book of the Month author, and fellow blogger.

Lutha: Lutha, Lutha, Lutha. Somebody on here has slow danced to him, done tha durty durty to his, chilled to this, got blazed on this, stopped what you were doing to this, amongst others. I'm not talking about LUTHER. I'm talking about Lutha, and you know the difference. Nothing compares.

Malcolm X - Not so much for his deeds - but for who he was during the time we needed him - A tall glass of water in an oasis. A breath of fresh air. The man that would talk about the pink elephant in the room. The one that would let us know what the deal was, whether or not it was positive or popular. From that, we get much needed voices such as DPM's On the Verge of Dating White Girls. . . A respected, honest, fresh insight into what a brother has to deal with, realistically, on a daily basis. This, too was also a featured as a noteworthy blog on Six 24. Brother, we need you. Keep it coming, and keep it moving.

Romare Bearden - He developed an artistic reputation that probably surpasses any other modern African American artist. He loved being an abstract expressionist. And abstract art and creativity is difficult to task. He has an exceptional talent for mixing colors, particularly with abstract art. Everyone has gifts and talents, all are not the same, but when we are fortunate to experience bloggers such as Tamra, showcasing art that delivers three dimensional, color blended spectrums tailored to your specifications, then we have truly dived into the world or Artsy Fartsy Creations.

And as for all of you. You all have something to contribute. You have to me, and for me. So, in the immortal words of Al Green "Let's Stay Together"

Live, reporting to you from Los Angeles, this is P, from K-PAT FM, the Pattyopolis Network.


"N" Search of Ecstasy said...

Now this was a GOOD post. I really miss Luther. He was one of my all time favorites.

Come check out my latest post. I gave you a shout out!

Supa said...

Hey, Pat. You be the bomb, yo. This was a great wrap-up, especially showcasing our pioneers alongside our Blogworld contemporaries.

YOU would be the blogword's equivalent to Cathy Hughes (Radio One), a sharp ass "Encyclopedia Brown" black woman holding her own on the airwaves (hence,K-PAT)

Much love, sis!!

Dee said...

Great post!!!!! I often wonder what we would look like if Madame Walker had just said "fugg it"

J. G. said...

I like this post very well put together!

dpm said...

Word P! Thanks for the shout out! I feel so honored to have my site coupled with some appreciation and a pic of Malcolm X.
On another note, you are KPAT The radio staion. Much like the one in "DO the Right Thing."

Every day I pull your site up at work to listen to the music in the back ground (I love the 80's mix).
Thanks for the theme music and blog observations.

Whirlwind said...

P, that was an awesome post. Thank you.


That Girl Tam said...


Well what are we supposed to say to all that? Wonderful post dear...thanks for the shout out! OK, I'm gonna throw up the next time I see "TAMRA" written out completely (if it's not appearing on a check). I worked had to make a name for myself..."TAM"...ok? ain't my momma...

Oh...workin on something speshul for you for all your hard work marketing my products!

Miss Ahmad said...

ooh Lutha!

I got to see him in concert only once, down in Anaheim. It was a warm summer night, Angie Stone opened for him, and did he put on a show. Little did we know it was to be his last tour!

He sang A House is Not A Home, and I cried....

damn damn damn, you gonna make me put my Lutha on tonight!

dallas said...


I realize that I am way late on the thread for this post but if I said nothing then I wouldn't feel right.

You found some great points to mention here that transcend Blackness. Great artists, great personalities. You are right when you make the connection to how we stand on the shoulders of greatness.

Thank you for showing your love to the work we do. I will try to return the favor ASAP.


P said...

The Dallas:

You don't HAVE to return the favor; You do that daily when we get a daily dose of the PENN every Day!