Monday, May 22, 2006

AMW - Artists Most Wanted

This just in: After several years of struggling and digging for clues, we are requesting help from our listening audience. These cases have transitioned to our cold case files, and most of the evidence surrounding their disappearance are locked away at the record labels. But we believe that are best resource, the listening public, can help us crack these cases. In fact, "you can bet your last money, it's going to be a stone gas" when we get a break in the case.

Karyn White: This Superwoman, as she was known as, was last seen conducting a Secret Rendezvous with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. With Numerous cassettes milling around in people's Nissan Sentra's, Blazers, and Hyundai Excel's we expect a break in the case at any time.
B Angie B: One of the more promising singers, from the MC Hammer/New Jack generation, this gyrating, flamboyant singer once ruled the airwaves with her remake of the Emotions Classic "I Don't Want to Lose Your Love". Men lusted after her, women aimed to gyrate like her. We suspect she may be traveling with Oaktown's 357 .

Gregory Abbott: This crooner came to the scene during a renaissance of R & B Music. With his clean cut Reggie Theus/Philip Michael Thomas look, coupled with that light-skin green eyed look that was the rage in the 80's, he captured our hearts and minds with "Shake You Down". Listening audience should know that he was last seen hanging out a Miami-Vice era reunion.

SWV: Known for the strong vocals of their lead singer, COCO, "Es, Double You Vee" were the performers of the women's anthem "Downtown". They may be traveling under the alias "Sisters With Voices"

The Rude Boys: These Cleveland Boys, with their strong voices and equally strong good looks, had a hit on their hands with the Gerald Levert Inspired - Written All Over Your Face. They were last seen hanging out with Portrait and Lo-Key, searching for a new record label.

En Vogue - Literally and figuratively, born to sing, these girls were our future. Our living womanhood. Looks, Body and Voice, these triple threat women stirred the loins of every man, the admiration of every woman, and were the forerunners of a group that they could run circles around, Destiny's Child. A reliable informant indicated that were last seen trying to get out of their contracts with Denzil Foster and Thomas McElroy.

Jodeci: So much crack, so little time. As the record sales stacked up, so did their popularity. One of the more sexually charged groups of the nineties, the antics of the background player (Devonte), created as much energy as the lead singers K-Ci and Jojo. They were last seen doing a little bit of everything.

Guy: Another leftover from the New Jack Swing era of music, Guy featured the likes of brothers Aaron and Damien Hall, and producer Teddy Riley. After tickling our ears with the danceable - "Teddy's Jam", and "Groove Me", they equally surprised us with more low tempo songs such as "Goodbye Love" and "Piece of My Love". At least one of the band members, Teddy Riley is on the run, as he has sought shelter with Wrecks N Effect and Blackstreet.

A reward will be offered leading to the re-sign and release that these artists will drop. For further information, Please contact Democratic Representative William Jefferson.

If you, or someone you know has any information on the whereabouts of these artists, or any other missing artists, please contact P at KPAT-FM, the Pattyopolis Network.


Supa said...


Girrrll, I loved me some GUY!!!!

And no you didn't pull out B Angie B.

But I'ma go waay back on you: 'member Conscious Daughters???

P said...

Dangit! I CANNOT believe you went back with dem. Yes, I do remember them. . .

They bout to be on our AMW List. . .along wif: Digable Planets!

Supa said...

"we be to rap/what key be to lock/'cause we cool like dat..

Loved me some Digable Planets too!

OK this might be totally off topic, but who did "we like the cars, the cars that go boom?"

P said...

LaTigre, or something like that.

Miss Ahmad said...

Okay I have spotted K-Ci numerous times cuz he record label is in my building...he looks a hot funky mess on all accounts.

If you see Gregory Abott tell him to holla, girl I used to love me some him!

great frigging post!

P said...


I know this is TMI, but you just made me up chuck my romaine lettuce that I was eating I wasn't expecting the K-Ci update.

You might be eligible for a reward.

Miss Ahmad said...

oh yea and my hair dresser went to a Guy concert not too long ago and said she almost beat somebody for selling her tickets...according to her them dudes can't dance nor sing any more and it was just a big waste of time!

hoping the new edition reunion tour brings more joy!

Anonymous said...

Guy, and SWV are touring TOGETHER...doing that old man set

bear in mind Koko is spending Eddie Georges shes not hurting.

Karyn White went into retirement to be either Jimmy or Terry's superhomemaker (really)

Jodeci...check your local crackhouse for the other two...KC and JoJo are off squawking on tour somewhere im sure.

Digable Planets also is alive and well and touring on the underground btw.

Anonymous said...

cars that go boom -L' embarrassed for knowing that.

P said...

@ DP:

You.Are.On.It. . .

See end of document on information on collecting your reward money.

nikki said...

i LOVED me some GUY! groove me was my JAAAAAM!

i loved karyn white's walking the dog, too.

whatever happened to troop? the system? soul II soul? next?

P said...

@ Nikki:

I think we are going to have to do an AMW, part II, ya think?

Yeah, THE SYSTEM was the.bomb! What you know 'bout Don't Disturb this Groove, Gurl!?@

Supa said...


Anonymous said...

just the adulation of my peers is enough...

da peoples..Davey Wayne does it for the peoples...

chele said...

Dang -- I still sing Superwoman at the top of my lungs while vaccuuming.

Also, K-Ci and JoJo were in my town a couple of weekends okay. They opened up for New Edition.

I miss SWV and En Vogue -- real girl groups.

Miss Ahmad said...

okay but tell the truth who had one of those Troop leather jackets?

*i did!*
with a bi level bob and biker shorts to go with it!

T. Cas said...

Great List.. I think we need a part 2 of this one.

Ladybug from Digable was in ATL a couple of months ago, she got a solo album out.

Whatever happened to that Coco solo album they been talking about since 1996?

I would pay for a Jodeci album without even hearing a single, please get them back recording.

Cocoa Girl said...

Girl, I like...
A piece of your love when you spend the night.
When you groove me everything's all right...

Where dat from??? Where dat from???

Dat would be that n!gga Teddy Riley on "Fantasy"!

Cocoa Girl said...

How about Sweet 'T'???

Why did it have to be meeeee?

BTW, you know T.R.O.O.P. wear was owned by the Klan?? Uh huh, sho was...

"Taking Rights Of Of People"

Check the first letter of each word!

BTW, you were on point with "eenie, meenie, miny, mo...come on girl let's start the show!" Gregory Abbott!

Great post!

"N" Search of Ecstasy said...

Girl you went way back with these artists. I used to be crazy about all of them and I had forgotten about most of them. How do they just fall off the face of the earth like that?!?!?!

Unruly Brown said...

Too funny that you mentioned B Angie B. I had one of my DJ buddies hunt down "Juicy Got 'Em Crazy" bout two weeks ago!! LOL!

And here's ya boy K-Ci, along with Al B and Tevin Campbell in a photo taken last year, I think it was. Gotta co-sign with Miss Ahmad on the hot mess that is K-Ci.

Jaimie said...

You're so funny.

The Sarccastik Variable Why said...

you got some classics...what you know 'bout "Guy"...and my boy "Nasty man" and ike hayes was inspirational in me getting the bald look....huge krush on karyn white, and b angie b....this morning i was jammin' to "Weak" by SWV...i think rude boys had 1 song didn't they...

NegroPino™ said...

Had me rolling over here :) Good post!!!!But what happened to Shai,Troop, Hi-5,and em

Carmell said...

i can do without a comeback from Greggory... but the rest were the shizzztic! those are some of my favorite groups that i will still listen to today! they were so much better than the people out nowadays!

Whirlwind said...

and Tony Toni Toné!, and H-town, and 69 boyz, and Tevin Campbell, and Silk (cuz ya know i loved some Freak me baby!)....OH, AND I want to know...who spent all of Kriss-Kross' money so that those poor boys didn't make another album!

Ooooh, did I just say album...Yeah, I'm old like dat'!

P said...

To All:

Yes, Yes, Yes, I know I missed out on some.

I will be doing an AMW, Part II soon!

I thought of all the ones that y'all mentioned. . .

Except for SUP's Conscious Daughters, she went waayy back on that one, big ups on DAT!

The Phoenix aka ThatGirlTam said...

Ok Wendy...what you know about SILK???? XL and I went to see Jon B. and Silk at the Vault 350 in Long Beach and one oft he guys from Silk was wasn't the same.

@ Nisa: LMAO @ the bi-level bob and biker shorts...damn, you really took me back on THAT one!!

@ Nikki: I own TWO Troop CASSETTES that prolly nobody has ever heard of! Their last two attempts to revive their careers...

@ P: You know I'm over here doing the B Angie B
"I don't wanna lose ya love! Don't wanna lose ya love! I don't wanna LOSE ya love! Don't wanna lose ya love!"

@ Supa: I HAVE that Conscious Daughters CASSETTE!

@ T. Cas: I miss Jodeci too...

On a side note: I also miss Blackstreet, Chuckii Booker (and his sexy lips), Miles Jaye, Alexander O'Neal (BEFORE drugs), Chapter 8 (AFTER Anita Baker), Bobby Brown (BEFORE Whitney Houston) and Atlantic Star (circa Sharon Bryant).

P said...

hahaha! @ Phoenix:

1. Figured you would have the conscious daughters CASSETTE.

2. Yes, I can see you doing the B Angie B dance and I know that YOU.ARE.TOO!

3. I read something where they said that Alex O'Neal was a former alcoholic. (Like that's the strongest thing he's using, or sumpin who are they kidding?)

4. HAHAHA@ Bobby Brown pre Whitney, and Sharon Bryant Atlantic Starr - For those of y'all who ain't knowin, y'all ain't KNOWIN!

chris said...

nice post.

Brown Suga Chell said...

Love the post. You went back with this one. I LOVED the song by L'Trimm- Cars That Go Boom. That was my jam!!!

My sister had just got her car and we bumped that all summer. We thought we were TOO cute. Great post...brought back alot of memories.

Cocoa Girl said...

brown suga chell...

"It was me and the posse with Bunny T.
We were cruising in a jag or the Lamberghini.
When low and behold...there appeared a mirage.
He was hooking up a car in his daddy's garage.

I stopped short, did a double-take.
He was looking so fine I thought I wasn't awake.
He was obviously hooking up bass I assumed.
But then he turned the little button and the car went 'boom'

We like the cars; the cars that go boom...we're Tigra and Bunny and we like the boom!"

I loved them too!!!

Cocoa Girl said...

Should I be concerned hat I remember all the lyrics to that song???

P said...

@ Cocoa:

Be Afraid. . .Be Very Afraid. . .

nikki said...

@p - yeah, i anxiously await part two to this one! i love taking trips down memory lane!

and i used to rock THE SYSTEM pretty hard! anybody know what happened to scritti polliti? they kinda reminded me of THE SYSTEM. same synthesizer-heavy sound.

The Phoenix aka ThatGirlTam said...


Ok and I secretly loved Tears For Fears, The Eurythmics, the Go-Go's, (((cowering in the corner))) AIR SUPPLY (hehehe), The Bee Gees, Andy Gibb (r.i.p.), Culture Club, Duran Duran, Adam Ant, Billy Idol, Thompson Twins, FULL FORCE and Sheena Easton (Sugar Walls was my JAM!)

And can I get an AMEN from ANYBODY for the Beat Street Soundtrack?? That shit was HOT!!

The Phoenix aka ThatGirlTam said... got a GANG of comments for this post!!!

:::doing the cabbage patch:::

Go P! It's ya birfday! Go P! It's ya birfday!

:::doing the troop:::

Go P! Get BUSY! Go P! Get BUSY!!

Uh Ooohhh...

:::doing the robocop:::

Whoop! Whoop! Party ova here! Whoop! Whoop! Party ova there!

P said...

@ Phoenix:

Can't believe you did the Robocop.

PS: I think your secret crushes and enjoyment of the Euro-80's were all of our joys.

Who would have thought that Video One would bring so much pleasure?

Sugar Walls was your jam? Nasty heffa. (So what I liked, it, too but you was the fass one, though).

Whirlwind said...

I have to chime in one last time...

In regards to the "Euro 80's"....

I knew it...I knew it...I knew it...White boys in make up does it for all kinds don't it?!?!?!

*mmmmmhmmm, I knew it!*

Sangindiva said...

Yall are going sooo far back!
(Some of the groups I don't remember though-
*ducking down*)
Envouge was in Japan when I was there in Feb/march
and it's only 3 of them Terry, Maxine and (a new girl)
the one who was on the Jamie Foxx show-at the ad company. ANYWAY- I'm waiting on Part 2 P!!!

African girl, American world said...

girl why did I download SuperWoman and The Way you Love me just the other day?!!
My kids are going around the house singing oh oh oh oh...oh oh oh oh
And my girl broke it down with the numbers in that song

African girl, American world said...

ooh ooh and since Troop was mentioned, what about Potrait? Shai??

Cocoa Girl said...

Mwabi...I was singing it the other day, too!

"Cuz when I think about the lovin' that ya giving to me.
I get excited from the feeling that it's giving to me..."

Dal said...

that coco album was HOTT. It is still in rotation at the Dal House and in the DalPod.

For real I am looking for Father MC. I'm mad that he turned on Puffy, Jodeci AND Mary J Blige and noone can find him since he tried to get Puffy to pick him up from the dentist LOL!

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