Monday, May 15, 2006

Trois - Update on The Itch Is Here!

As mentioned in a previous post, "John" was interested in having a threesome with his wife and another woman from her job.

K-PAT FM has just received word that the itch has been scratched. Now I ain't one to gossip, so you ain't heard it from me, BUT I figured that all of you would want an update on what occurred with "John".

Like to hear it, hear it goes: (Black is "John" - Pink is K-PAT FM)

I did it over this weekend - what we had talked about

Hmm. And your thoughts? You want to talk about it? How is everything?

:) :) :) Everything was and still is lovely. I could not make it in yesterday. WORK!!!! MAJOR WORK!!!!!! We did not stop until Monday afternoon about 2 o clock. We started out on Sunday night!

Hmm. Thats interesting. And you plan on doing this again?

Might be tonight - her and the wife are going to Vegas for a few days so she is staying the night over our house tonight. Because they fly out first thing tomorrow morning.

Do you think that they are going to be doing a little something something while they are out in Vegas? Has the missus ever did something like this before. Has the girl?

Yea they are planning to do a lil something down there. Nah she has not done anything like this. Nah the girl has not either (that's what she says) Oh yea everybody enjoyed it. We all talked about it and she made a lil comment on how it was a long night!

Was it an anything goes kind of night? If you know what I mean?


Which one said what's up daddy? Do you think ole girl is going to come back to the house with her?

Baby girl just did - not the wife. She MORE than likely will. She likes what I kicking! Boy if I could tell you some scenes of went down you might even blush! J JUST NASTY! I COULD NOT LOOK MYSELF IN THE FACE AFTER THAT! Man we went through soo many bottles of water up in there! It was MAJOR!

End of Email. . .

When I talked to him over the phone, he indicated to me that they went out and listened to some music, and then went out to dinner. Then they came back and was just 'kickin it' on the couch watching a movie. The wifey went into the kitchen to get something to drink and by the time she came back it was crackin. And so the story goes. And he is right, some of the stuff he told me messed my little virgin innocent unexposed ears up, so I will spare you the details.

End of story, right? Wrong. . .Thing of it is. . .

The 'other' woman keeps texting him, saying they should hook up on the side. She works with his wifey. He doesn't know what to do. And she keeps raving about his performance.

Sidebar: While his wife was in Vegas, he kept calling me at creepy hours of the night (2:30, 3:00 AM). Negro, please, do not get me caught up in your Trapped in the closet, part V.

**EDIT, EDIT EDIT** Just got an email that the mistress, or whatever you want to call her, sent him a card and some flowers thanking me for a fun night! She came over to the crib and was just chillin yesterday laying all over their bed. She told him she feels REAL comfortable around them. Also, on Saturday Night, when he and the wife and lil mama was coming home she told his wife: "Just have 'John' drop you off at the house first since you are tired and then have him drop me off last… "and the wife was like “ is you crazy!?!?!”

What do you think? Do you think this will ride (pun intended) into the sunset? Or has Pandora's Box been opened?

Live, (and feeling kind of sordid) in LA, this is P, reporting to you from K-PAT FM, the Pattyopolis Network.


Msnhim said...

considering that home girl is trying to get some on the side..... Id say Padora's box id waaaaayyy open.

Lāā said...

Yeah, that box is open. Why won't he tell his wife that homegirl is contacting him on the sly. Is he contemplating doing it? Is he seeking your approval? Better yet, what's up with him calling you all times of the night? Is he trying to get you to join in?

J. G. said...

Damn the box has been opened and its gonna get ugly very fast. Maybe homegirl has something on the side with wifey so she thinks its ok to text MR. MAN. Damn that is some crazy ass shit. I can't imagine some chick all hugged up on my hubby I think I'd knock the bitch out. But that's just me to each there own. I'm not saying I was an angel in my past but never did any freaky shit like this.

Unruly Brown said...

Girl, that's some MESS! The match has been lit, the gasoline is being added in buckets, and their sh|t is 'bout to explode. Too much creepin' already. Almost feel sorry for 'em.

P said...

If I can borrow the words from Jamie Foxx, but oh, so immortalized by the great Miss Ahmad. . .

It's about to get unpredictable!

chele said...

That is crazy! I'm no prude, but damn. I think they have seriously put their marriage in jeopardy. It's bad enough that wifey and ole girl will be doing whatever in Vegas but now ole girl wants to break off the husband one-on-one?! I don't get it.

Are husband and wife really that secure in their relationship or are they just out to have some freaky sex and damn the rest? I can't see bringing someone else into my relationship like that.

Seriously, why is dude calling you at all times of the night? Is he trying to subtly ask you to be down?

P said...

@ Chele:

He has NEVA been a prude, but I believe she once was. They have been married for four years.

As for that fool calling me, he says he was drinking too much, and he doesn't remember calling me, to that I say:

1. A drunk person speaks a sober mind, and

2. Why come I had to be the one that he thought about at 2:49 am, when we haven't EVER touched eached other? Eew to that, for realz.

They can keep me out of that Trapped in the Closet Fiasco!

Miss Ahmad said...

P, how very right you are, it's about to get sooo unpredictable!
I think that his calling you in the wee hours is telling of the tale/tail that's unfolding!

i find it to be human nature that people tell on themselves. men in particular do not like to carry the burden of their indiscretions on their own.

confession is for the confessor!

he knows that his life is about to get hotter than fish grease, but it sounds like he's drawn to the drama!

Better him than me, bi sexual wives is soo early 90's!

Blah Blah Blah said...

P, main! You need to make some money off this and write a book....this shit sells (unfortunately).....

That box is wide-the-fuck-open....and looking to tear it down and make a boigger opening.......and it looks like for Ms. P

da hell is goin' on in La-La land?

Carmell said...

Pandora's box is so wide open it may not be able to be closed! i see some troble brewin!

Cocoa Girl said...


J. G. said...

I just saw your edited section so see wifey will get mad if she finds out that they have something going on the side. Ok I think wifey is gonna get sick of her cause it seems like she is now chillin at their house for no reason. Does she think they are all dating or what? This is some Jerry Springer shit! LOL

T. Cas said...

It's about to be some sh*t going down there. She too comfortable from the jump.

Supa said...

Soo...(thinking: if I was the wife) I invite another woman into our bed/life, and you STILL gon' cheat on me on the SLY?

Greedy BASTARD!!

This shyt's about to go down. And why is he not confiding in HIS WIFE about the other chicks antics?? N*ggas, I say!

I've never heard of a menage staying within the "boundaries" of the original agreement. Tricky. Messy.

been.there.done.that said...

hellous nous!!!!! 1st off she does not need 2 be calling/texting him behind wifeys back!!!!! she shouldn't even have his number!!!!!

the 1st rule has been him behind my back!!!!! PERIOD!!!!!

2nd if they were just curious it should be a one time thing.......

They are headed for trouble!!!!!

just my 2cents

Miss Ahmad said...

that's just 12 kinds of wrong happening at the same damn time!

i hate to sound like a prude but I think there's a reason that type of behaviour is frowned upon, it leads to a bunch of bullshit.

if folks need to be stepping out to get some, maybe they need to be single!

Cocoa Girl said...

Hell yeah, Miss Ahmad!!!

Folks are crazy...just get a divorce already!

It won't be long now, anyhow...

Thoughts of a Southern gal said...

Box is wide open...

It's going down

"N" Search of Ecstasy said...

Wow, what a story! Yeah the box is open. I might need to go read that again, LOL.

NegroPino™ said...

THis is like the book i read damn i forgot the name sum'n like My Man's WIfe or some shit but the damn "mistress" started sleeping wif the husbang and the wife while sleeping wif everybody else. But she really wanted his wife, ended up pregnant by the husband, put somebody in prsion to bail out out her first girlfriend to make amends.......ONce I found out the name of the book Ill let u know....cuz this is wher its heading

Miss Ahmad said...

the book is by eric jerome dickey, and i can't for the life of me remember the title but it's a cold piece of work!

maybe old boy should read it!

Whirlwind said...

I called it....there is no easy way in or out of this! As much as you think you have covered all bases, one of them will be stolen!

My next prediction is Wifey is going to FREAK THE F%#K OUT!!!!!


James Manning said...

For some reason I feel like listening to NWA's Appetite for Destruction.

Anonymous said...

Lard Cheezits..when will people learn.

you cant just go around comingling the cunnilingus and think nothing is going to go haywire.

There is no way this can end well. No one's goals are the same.

Ima keep coming back if only to find out the end of the story.

Butta said...

The third party already sounds, as Martin would say, "Crazy. Deranged." Your friend has gotten himself into some ish. For his wife's and his health and well-being, I hope that this broad aint psycho but she's exhibiting some tendencies from Jump Street. I can't wait to see how this turns out.