Thursday, May 11, 2006

Who We Be

Mother: 1 a : a female parent b (1) : a woman in authority; specifically : the superior of a religious community of women (2) : an old or elderly woman2 : 3 : maternal tenderness or affection.

Mother's day is not just for the obvious. It's also Happy Mother's Day To:

- Women who have given birth, either by natural, or caeserean

- Mothers whose children will never live to see the light of day

- Mothers who will never live to see their children in the light of day

- Women who have lost children through spontaneous abortion (miscarriage)

- Women who are barren with bodies unable to support children - Children that exist only in the heavens & their imagination

- Sisters who have stepped in an become mama-an adult in a child's body

- Babysitters/Nannies, and Child Care Workers

- Surrogate Moms

- Ladies that drink the babies (hehe)

- Childless by choice women who have made other children their priority

- Grandmother's who have taken in their grandchildren because of drugs, death, etc

- Girls who play with their dolls daydreaming of a happily ever after life

- Women who have escaped from the nightmare that was once a dream come true

- 'Step' Mothers who mother those children as if there are no steps

- Aunts/Sisters/Other who step in where the mother left off - or never was

- Mothers who are disabled and cannot have full charge of their children

- Nurses who stay up and hold the children that are terminally ill

- Volunteers who hold the children at orphanes when no one else will

- Women who ache for the child they lost long ago, through death, natural causes, or abortion

- Childless women who caretake and give advice to her friends and family on an on call basis

- Co-workers that take on a mentor to help them out

- The WCBH - and the X-Chromosome Factor

- Mothers who have lost their children to the streets

- Women of the spiritual order (Nuns) who have given up their material lives for others

- Mothers who are incarcerated

- Mothers with incarcerated children

- The teacher that gave the child money to go on the field trip, because their mother couldn't afford to

- Fathers whose children have no mothers

- Mothers whose children have no fathers

- Godmothers who spoil their godchildren

- Teenage mothers who don't know how the hell they ended up that way

- Mothers in Iraq unable to be with their children

- Mothers with children in Iraq

- Mothers of the civil rights movement

- Girls scared (and smart) enough to turn their children over to adoptive parents who will love them forever

- Women who are brave enough to adopt the child that a woman did not care for

- Women in law enforcement and other public sectors who look out for the best interests of children (Officer, Judges, Social Workers, Attorneys, Politician, Pediatrians)

- Women who have chosen to care for the health of a child (Pediatrians/Obstetricians)

All of that means:

Happy Mother's Day to YOU!

All of you, who have made a difference in someone's life!


Carmell said...

P! you did not have to corrupt this beautiful post by putting in women who drink babies!!!! lol

chele said...

Thanks for the Mother's Day wishes.

I also went back and read the X-Chromosome post and I loved it. It also made me think. I have one girlfriend that is not related to me. I hang with my two sisters and I have two very close male friends ... best friends. I shy away from female relationships for the same reasons that you stated. I tend to believe that women bring too much drama and I cannot abide drama. I often wish I had a group of girls that I could just chill with but I don't know how to make that happen.

P said...


HAHAHA! You know how I do. . .

@ Chele: The only way to make it happen is to create the possibility for it to happen. Considering you are fearfully and wonderfully made, there are other women who are like that as well. Looking for the same thing you are. And it's (sigh) important, even as I (still) constantly resist it.

Whirlwind said...

Happy Mothers day to all of you. May your day be blessed with joy and love.


The Phoenix aka ThatGirlTam said...

LMAO @ Kool...yeah, I just sent her an IM about that!!! HAHAHAHAHA that shit was just WRONG!!

Thank you for the Mother's Day wishes!!

Msnhim said...

Thanks for the mothers day wishes!!!

Cool AC said...

That was beautiful P! File me under the godmom who spoils her godchild and loves it!

Cocoa Girl said...

I'm not even a mom and I had to smile, P:)

P said...


That's why I wrote this. It's not for moms biologically only.

It's for everyone who has made a difference.

Dee said...

Thanks!!!! Great post!!!!!

you are a nut!!!!!! Glad I don't swallow babies............LMAO!!!

Thoughts of a Southern gal said...

That was nice!

J. G. said...

P this was a great post but women that drink babies....why o' why!! LOL

I am a mommy, a step mommy hoping and praying to have a baby of my own!

T. Cas said...

LMAO @ drinking babies... Happy Mother's Day to all ya'll.

Miss Ahmad said...

love love love love love you for this on P...I think this goes down as legendary shit right here!

thanks for acknowledging all of us on this day!

and hurry up and get your fine ass to my house on Saturday!

The Sarccastik Variable Why said...

happy mother's day to always p good post...

Whirlwind said...

Natural Blonde...just got the drinking babies reference!

So I guess I qualify for the blessing now! Whoo hoo! Thx


Supa said...

Thank you boo!!


You stoopid!!! (drinking babies. OMG)

nikki said...

dang@drinking babies. i have nothing to add after that. LOL

Blah Blah Blah said...

Thanks...and back atcha.

Cocoa Girl said...

Um, could drinking babies qualify as swallowing babies?

If so....ewww, girl you dutty!

Or, maybe just I am...hehehe

P said...


I find it highly interesting that the most intriguing part of this post is about the drinking babies section.

Y'all nasty.

Cocoa Girl said...

It wasn't! However, I didn't get that one the first time I commented. So, after reading the dutty minds of everyone else via their comments, I did...


Jaimie said...

Thanks P. As a mom, I appreciate that. You are an amazing writer. How can you think of all of those different examples of moms? My mind isn't that vast.

TTD said...

LMAO @ Ladies that drink the babies! HAHAHA

"N" Search of Ecstasy said...

LMAO @ those who drink the babies! Girl you are a trip, hahaha.

This is a good post and there are many listed here that did not come to mind. Thanks for listing those who are not the obvious.

bunny said...

Super late here but awww, I'm a godmommy that spoils the crap out of my doll face baby!