Tuesday, May 30, 2006

K-PAT Songs of Seduction

I love music.

It moves me, soothes me, fills me, and also seduces me. There are some songs, that no matter how many times you hear them, they fill you with an intense desire to. . .participate in extracurricular activities.

What songs lull me to seduction? Glad you asked. Without further adieu, here are the songs that K-PAT FM enjoys listening to on the airwaves:

Don't Say Goodnight - Isley Brothers. Now, this is not Isley "Between the Sheets" or Isley Jasper Isley, or Mr. Bigg type of Isley Brothers. This is Isley from the T-Neck (what y'all know about that) years. These are the songs that many a child, I'm sure, was conceived on, present company prolly included. This particular song just reminds me of old school house parties that I was not allowed to attend, where folks was up against the wall grinding on each other. The way this song starts out just moves me to eroticism.

One In A Million - Aaliyah. What is it about this song that makes me want to get on a stripper pole, I dunno. But it starts off where you are dayum near taking off your shirt. I miss terribly the pureness of her voice and the fluidity of her lyrics.

Come Away With Me - Norah Jones. The lyrics of this are so haunting, yet so idealized, it puts you into a trance. It's a song that sings of a freedom that most of us do not have. She purrs about no one getting in the way of their love. They can live off the land, and she will write songs for him, and they don't have to worry about nothing and no one. You can hear in her voice the wanting, yet the knowing that it will prolly never happen.

No Ordinary Love - Sade. Now, I say this with a disclaimer. Picking one song from Sade is like asking a condemned prisoner to pick their poison. How can I choose? I love and breath Sade music like there is no tomorrow. But for the purposes of this, I chose this one. There have been many occasions where I have been frustrated, sad, and all I had to do was here the pulsating few seconds of this, and I was ready for anything and everything, usually at that point wanting to be seduced - that is what we are talking about, right, right?

Your Body's Calling - R. Kelly. I have always had a penchant for R. Kelly's music. But the yearning and longing in his voice that I hear when he sings sounds like someone who wants and needs to rescue someone from their agony of, well, being horny. This too, is a song that brings visions of wrapping my legs around a pole (pun intended), but definitely not around him, I'm like twenty years past his expiration date on females. By the way, doesn't R. Kelly look absolutely rithickulous on this picture?

Adore - Prince. Little known fact: This song was never officially released as a single. Was a B Side song that caught the ears (and captured the hearts) of MANY a fan, present company included. This song brings it to the table, you need not even deal with someone on this song unless you are ready to turn up the heat and be bout it, bout it.

I have hundreds more, (Lutha being one of them, but that was another pick your poison type of thing, and I got lazy) but these are the ones that come to my immediate forefront. But K-PAT wants to hear from you. I'm interested in what white chocolate soul is going to say.

What are some of the songs that heat up YOUR airwaves?


Cool AC said...


Marvin - Sexual healing
Janet - Anytime, Anyplace
Usher - That's what it's made for
Jodeci - The whole second CD!
So many others...but those stuck out in my mind at the moment.

Miss Ahmad said...

I likes me some Teddy Pendagrass, whom you don't hear much of anymore these days.

Also being a latin music nut, I go crazy for the sounds of Hector Lavoe, Rubin Blades, and Poncho Sanchez.

For the newbooty singers I gotta say I love me some Anthony Hamilton, Avant, and Van Hunt

P said...

Miss Ahmad:

I love Poncho Sanchez. And as for TP, that's the man.

The Sarccastik Variable Why said...

hol'up...i have to tell my lil'one...not too touch the isley's greatest hits...she knows...
"That's Dada CD"....yes sir..."Make Me Say It Again, Girl"...that's my shyt!!!!

Whirlwind said...

ahhhh.....see, this is where I lose my soul cuz when it comes to the "extra curricular" activities well, my music tastes change a little.... ok, A LOT!

So here we go......

The entire "She wants revenge" CD
Nasty girl -Prince
Lover - Lords of acid
Closer -Nine Inch Nails
Firestarter - Prodigy
Rough sex - Lords of acid
Darling Niki - Prince

Anything by Olkenfold or DJ Dan...just to wind things down!!


chele said...

Prince - International Lover (forbidden passionate sex)
Marvin Gaye - Let's Get it On (stripper sex)
Stevie Ray Vaughn - Riviera Paradise (hot sweaty sex)
India.Arie - Brown Skin (romantic sex)

Just to name a few ...

chris said...

Boys to Men

The Phoenix aka ThatGirlTam said...

Ok...I tend to like the songs they DON'T play on the radio (plus I don't listen to the radio my DAMN self)

1. Inside - Jon B.
(slow sensual love)
2. Secret Garden - Barry White n'em
(romantic love making)
3. The Suite Theme - Maxwell
(sweaty slow, but HARD love making)
4. Seems Like You're Ready - R. Kelly
(stripper sex)
5. When Love Has Gone - Rick James
(break-up sex)
6. Gotta Make Love Tonight - Surface
(make-up sex)
7. Get Mine, Get Yours - Christina Aguilera
(straight FUCKIN)

P said...

All Y'all nasty.

I don't want to hang around y'all no more.

Supa said...


The Isley's, Prince, & Marvin are my staples.

And I'm ashamed to admit the "Forever My Lady" by Jodeci usta get me all bothered....

I love all your picks, btw

P said...

@ Sarcastik: Man - Isley Brothers are.the.lick (pun intended). I want to play Make Me Say It Again, Girl at my wedding. Yes, I know that's ghetto, but I'm just sayin.

@ Whirlwind: What gets you in the mood is a song called rough sex? Likka said, y'all nasty, I don't wanna play (no pun intended) with y'all any mo.

@ The Phoenix: LMAO @ Barry White and 'nem. What was the name of that group anyway? And @ The Suite Theme by Maxwell: Dat is some let's air out the room type of sex. You're right.

@ The Phoenix & @ Chele: What's stripper sex? Could y'all please stop burning my virgin ears with your lewd and lascivious comments.

@ The Sup: Don't trip, you know how Jodeci was back in the day, they were the cat's meow back in da day.

T. Cas said...

you got a tight seduction mix here.

You can never go wrong with them Isleys and Prince got some songs too.

I know they were already mentioned, but Freek'n you by Jodeci and Uh Aah (the sequel) by Boyz II Men are hot.

and the R. Kelly remix to Anytime Anyplace gotta be in the mix. Hell just about any R. Kelly remix can make the cut.

Finally, maybe this is TMI, but "One in a Million" is the perfect strip club song. When that beat drops, you gotta find the closest "dancer" and break out ya ones.

P said...

@ The Cas:

Yup: I'm feeling you on the One in A Million song. I think that's what it reminds me of.

So, I see you like having those one's on tap so you can swipe the ATM, and I don't mean the machine.

Likka said, y'all nasty.

nikki said...

that "one in a million" by aaliyah is gold stripper material. i've actually done a strip tease to that for an ex. uh, i was not a pro. LOL

songs that get me going:

prince - darling nikki...my name's nikki and i like to masturbate. this song was made JUST FO ME.

isley brothers - sensuality (pt. 1 and 2.)...ron is seducing sista like a pro in this one.

ludacris & twista - freaky thangs...the beat and the lyrics turn me on here. they some nasty asses...just like i like 'em!

joe - all the things ya man won't do...i think this is a personal favorite cuz a brotha actually seduced me to this one. he worked it...*sigh*

and anything from the 'let's get it on' album by marvin gaye. i'm partial to "you sure know how to ball"...

Mizrepresent said...

Oh man, Isley Brothers, Sensuality will always be a favorite. I danced my first slow drag dance, with a man 4 years my senior, in a dark basement with blue light...i was in love. Prince, Intl Lover is so hot...makes me sweat. Maxwell....ooooh can't pick one. Usher, yeah cool ac "Thats what its made for." D'Angelo - the nekkid song...oooh!

J. G. said...




chele said...

((Clearing my throat))

Stripper Sex is when you perform a striptease to a song and then have sex. DUH!

When you hear the opening notes to "Let's Get It On", don't you just feel like ... stripping?

Cocoa Girl said...

Let's Stay Together, Al Green
Anytime, Anyplace and Funny How Time Flies...Janet Jackson
Secret Garden...Al B, Quincy, Johnny Gil
One in Million...Aaliyah
If Your Girl Only Knew...Aaliyah
Peaches and Cream...112
Pleasure and Pain...112
Freak in You...Jodeci
Living for the Love of You...Isley Brothers

I could go on forever...

Great post, P!!!

Cocoa Girl said...

Oooh! How about songs you could SKRIP to:

Peaches and Cream...112
Nasty Girl...Apollonia 6 AND Notorious B.I.G.
Darling Nikki...Prince
Sexy Muthafugger...Prince

Okay...too much info about Cocoa...LOL!

Lāā said...

I don't think I saw anybody mention them, but H-Town's first CD...Knockin' da Boots. That was the ish!

Unruly Brown said...

Ah, hell, I can't think of no love songs right now. I got this one song playing in my head that I'm KILLIN' my boy with in this old school jam battle we're havin'! hehehehe It's on my myspace page. Killin' him!! bwahahaha (What y'all know 'bout THAT cut, Miss P and Miss A!!)

Miss Ahmad said...

See Storm, why is your Myspace page so pimped out?

You know I can barely handle linking:-)

Unruly Brown said...

Where yo page at, girlfriend? I'll hook it up. I just did my DJ's page yesterday. Don't take much. :)

Anonymous said...

Moments in Love-Art of Noise
Straight Fuckin - The transitions (this isnt for seduction purposes..this is for already seduced purposes)

Say Yes - Floetry
I Want you - Marvin Gaye
Honey Love - R. Kelly
Down For Whateva - Monica

Blah Blah Blah said...

"Wake up everybody...no more sleeping in bed"...

"Everytime I comb my hair, thoughts of you get in my eyes"...

"Summer breeze...makes me feel fine"...

"I still really really love you, Love is stronger than pride"...

"hese buildings could drift out to sea, some natural catastrophe....'cause nothing even matters to me"...

I could go on and on...too many songs...

Msnhim said...

The Isley's - Between the sheets
Janet- Anything
Jon B- They don't know
Floetry- Say yes
Kem - Love calls
Force MDs - Here I go again
Ready for the world- Love you down

I could go on and on..... is it hot in here? LOL

jen said...

Here are some of the songs that just 'get' me:
NIN - Closer (Hot...)
Ben Harper - Sexual Healing
Paula Cole - Feelin' Love
Ben Harper - Whipping Boy
Prince - Erotic City
Eminem - Superman (I'm white..)
Khia - My Neck, My Back
Lil' Kim - How Many Licks
Those are just a few of the many... :o)

Phil said...

I've had some "success" from this one...

Toni Tony Tone's- "Whatever You Want"

mrs.tj said...

I'm a rap head...i can't think of anything good right now.

bunny said...

Yall been jamming with the hits here lately. A few folks picked some of mine but I remember being 16 and on my spring break in Austin,Texas with my cousins and falling in love with this fine ass PR dude named Rico, right and The Isley Brothers Between the Sheets had me wanting to grind all up on him! Ooh so nasty!

Of course Janet's whole janet CD was the bomb and I remember parking at the lake (the rocks for you Chi town homies) playing that CD over and over again. Throb, That's the way love goes, You want this (big smile)and the ultimate Any time, any place.

Just a chill out afterglow song for me is Patti Labelle's, If only you knew. That song tears it up for me.

Dal said...

What Up P? Waz Good in Da Wood?

These songs hit me off..

T-Shirt and Panties - Adina Howard (love it when I come home and wifey is dressed like that)

Sparkle - Cameo

Lady - Remix D'Angelo

Twisted and Make It Last Forever - keith Sweat

Player - 112